Right Solutions Ejakulasi anticipate Early

So now you berbangga maximum heart with the ability Mr P satisfying desires sex couples. Be careful-if not in maintenance, a valuable asset loyo and this can not be more of.

Ejakulasi early disfungsi sexual problems is the most common. However, this is very difficult discussion among the men, because this is a disgrace for him and the strike price ketidaksempuraan themselves.

In fact, many studies prove, if only more men who want to discuss this issue, they will be more easily accepted and know that they are not alone. Likewise cited Health24.

The average male takes less than three minutes since Mr P to its entry to the Miss V ejakulasi. According to the technical definition, ejakulasi early early going of the time that he wanted or too quickly during intercourse. Ejakulasi early on is the ability to control the process ejakulasi and releasing when you're ready.

Meanwhile, from the point of view of reproduction, early release is not the main problem. Survive longer in bed for a genetic function is something that must be understood, rather than simply enjoyed. The most important is you understand what's happening in the body when ejakulasi.

Ejakulasi early is not a disease that medicine has not been found. In fact, as much as 80-90 percent of men with early ejakulasi problems can be treated through therapy. The first step to solve the problem you are comfortable with your body. Feel comfortable allowing you to enjoy the sensation to orgasme. Therapy following a few steps further:

Breath rate

Many people do not care about this one thing, but breathe well to help you control ejakulasi. Breathe in and help you calm when rileks inflame tensions and set during ejakulasi. Pull the breath in, rilekskan body, and feel each stream of the entire body.


Communication is another important key to long-lasting sex. Let you know when couples approach ejakulasi, what can and can not you kendalikan. Words such as "Stop", "More," "Come," and so on have sex during akan easy for couples to understand the next action.

Understand each other and comfortable

One of the causes of early ejakulasi are feeling anxiety, fear, and inconvenience to the pair. Ejakulasi early will not be easy going if you and your partner understand each other, feel comfortable with each other, even the contraceptive usage are well discussed.

Cream and condoms

Pain is less sensitive that the sensation felt by men during intercourse and can not survive much longer. We suggest you spread cream on the areas vital for intercourse. The problem is, many men feel cream make intercourse less satisfying because of lack of stimulus.

Tools such as contraception condoms also reduce the quality of the stimulus during the make. Many men find that condoms make them difficult to pass the end of the romance as a result of a lack of stimulus.

Position Missionary

The position also make effect on the ability of men stand in the bed. Style missionary position is not the best man to try to control ejakulasi. However, it does not apply to all men. Some men find, with these positions, they are more difficult to control oneself when couples already are under.

Kegel exercises

Pelvic muscles trained with both allows you to control ejakulasi the better and increase your awareness of the vital organs. Pelvic musculature work out as the entry-urin. Latih with muscle contraction for three seconds, rileks for three seconds, and repeat the movement 10 times. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

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