Sex or Love, Which One is More Important?

Discussion about sex and love is always interesting. Both can be seen from various points of view. Many of us consider sex and love as two different things. Some will say that love is often seen as the heart issue, while sex was limited to mere lust issue.

In general, there are people who believed that love can trigger great sex. However, it is seldom that people use sex as a way to gain love. In fact, as expressed in the book "Guide to Sex" almost every couple who longed for great sexual relation also believe that good relationship as one of the foundations to have a great sexual relation.

Therefore, according to this book (written by Anne Hooper) if you really want to be close to someone and enjoy a great sex life, it is better if you started with a good friendship. So, although it seems that love and sex are two separate object, these two variables are actually closely related. Good relations will lead you to an extraordinary sexual experience.


Gynecologist: "G-Spot" is real!

Woman G spotControversy about the existence of the G-spot was rolling. The experts from France denies what British scientists claimed recently, which states that the most erotic spot on the female organs did not exist.

As reported by The Times, Sylvain Mimoun, France's leading gynecologists, emphasized that the G-spot is real for most women, which reaches about 60 percent.

"Research UK experts were mistaken in directing their attention," Mimoun said while speaking at the conference "G-Day" in Paris.

The statement was agreed by Pierre Foldes, one of France's leading surgeon. "Research conducted research at The King's College showed a lack of respect for what was revealed by women. The conclusion was wrong because they are BASED on genetic observations. It is clear that the woman's sexuality is diversity. It cannot be narrowed down to 'yes' or 'no' or being on or off, "Foldes said.

Scientists from King's College British study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims to the G-spot can not be ascertained. In another study, a total of 1804 women aged 23 and 83 years were included to fill out questionnaires. All these women are identical twins and non-identical.

If the G-spot is real, Scientists from King's College British study expect that the identical twins, who have the same genes-will report a sexual point of this. However, in one case a pair of twins reported the G-spot, the researchers did not find a pattern that emerged when the others also have it. In fact, identical twins tend to not always have the same G-spot compared to the non-identical twins.

Do women enjoy oral sex?

To some of them, yes! But not every single woman like to have oral sex with man. They have some reasons but most of them who didn't mind to share spoke boldly about the thought of men went into the bathroom to pee and did not clean his Mr. P! Another reason is about the smell of sperm. While on the other hand man loves and enjoy it. If you find out your loved one tends to avoid for this one activity you should try the following tips:

Make your Mr. P visibly clean! It is Very understandable how uncomfortable your spouse have to deal with something that smells bad. Things you can do with your loved one is both taking shower and let her do the cleaning. Let her decide the level of the cleanness she wants. Another thing that also supports this sex activity is to create a very comfort zone. Make her to feel as comfortable as possible as sex is a matter of both, if she feel comfort, you will get what you want.

About the smell and taste of the sperm itself, avoid excessive consumption of garlic, onion and seasoning with strong smell. Consume food such as vegetables and fruit, try watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries, berries are proved very useful to eliminate the stinging smell of sperm. You can also add some flavors such as grease your Mr. P with honey, chocolate or even whipped cream! Depending on your taste and hers! On top of all these tips, do not forget to give sincere appreciation; this will make her willingly to do it again and again, but always keep in mind that you do not force if she still feel not comfortable after all your efforts!


Bagaimana membuat wanita lebih menikmati seks oral?

membuat wanita lebih menikmati seks oralSebagian wanita malas melakukan seks oral dengan alasan karena mereka membayangkan pria sering ke kamar mandi untuk buang air kecil dan tidak membersihkan mr. p! Alasan lain yang dikemukakan kaum Hawa adalah saat membayangkan rasa dan bau sperma. Sedangkan disisi lain pria menganggap aktivitas ini sebagai salah satu permainan seks yang sangat menyenangkan. Berhubung Sari Rapet sudah menjelaskan sedikit bocoran mengapa sebagian wanita masih kurang menyenangi aktivitas yang satu ini, maka bagi pria yang masih ingin mendapatkan aktivitas yang satu ini dari pasangannya sebaiknya memulai dengan acara bersih bersih.

Sangat bisa dimengerti alangkah tidak nyamannya pasangan anda jika harus berhadapan dengan sesuatu yang berbau tidak enak. Hal yang anda bisa lakukan dengan pasangan anda adalah mandi berdua dan biarlah pasangan anda yang membersihkannya, kelanjutan dari acara bersih bersih ini tidak perlu Sari Rapet teruskan disini. Hal lain yang juga mendukung adalah kenyamanan. Buatlah pasangan anda senyaman mungkin, manjakan dia karena seks adalah masalah rasa anda berdua, jika pasangan anda merasa nyaman, anda juga akan mendapatkan apa yang anda inginkan.

Mengenai bau dan rasa dari sperma itu sendiri, hindari konsumsi berlebihan dari bawang putih, bawang merah dan bumbu dengan bau menyengat lainnya. Perbanyak makanan seperti sayuran dan buah, cobalah semangka, strawberry, kiwi, dan juga blueberry. Berry-berry-an terbukti sangat membantu menghilangkan bau sperma yang menyengat bagi sebagian wanita. Selain itu anda juga bisa menambah cita rasa misalnya dengan melumuri mr. p anda dengan madu, coklat ataupun whipped cream! Tergantung selera anda dan pasangan tentunya. Dan jangan lupa memberikan penghargaan yang tulus, hal ini akan membuat pasangan anda dengan rela melakukannya lagi dan lagi.

Free Cursors at Runescape Cursors

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Mengapa Suami Masih Masturbasi?

Suami Saya Masih MasturbasiMasturbasi bukan suatu aktivitas seksual yang aneh. Bahkan, anak-anak pun melakukan masturbasi tanpa mereka sadari. Dan Masturbasi bukan hanya dilakukan orang yang belum menikah, orang yang sudah menikah pun melakukannya dalam keadaan tertentu.

Kondisinya menjadi sedikit berbeda jika seseorang yang sudah menikah masih masturbasi, muncul pertanyaan mengapa. Ada empat penyebab. Yang pertama, pasangannya sedang tidak ada di tempat. Kedua, hubungan seksual tidak memberikan kepuasan. Ketiga, hanya untuk variasi. Keempat, terikat kepada masturbasi akibat pengalaman sebelumnya.

Keempat penyebab ini mungkin saja dialami suami Anda. Walaupun saat itu Anda ada di rumah, karena Anda sudah tidur, suami masturbasi. Mengenai kemungkinan kedua, suamilah yang tahu pasti apakah merasa cukup puas dengan hubungan seksual yang dia lakukan bersama Anda. Demikian juga kemungkinan ketiga dan keempat. Hanya suami yang tahu pasti apakah dia merasa bergantung atau terikat pada masturbasi akibat pengalaman masa lalunya.

Masturbasi bukan petunjuk seseorang mengalami kelainan seksual. Apa pun kemungkinan penyebab yang dialami suami, selama dia melakukan hubungan seksual dengan Anda.
Untuk memastikan penyebab suami masturbasi, lakukan komunikasi langsung. Melalui komunikasi yang terbuka dan baik, Anda akan mendapat jawaban mengapa dia bermasturbasi. Berdasarkan jawaban itulah, kalian berdua akan mencari jalan keluar.


How to Handle Boredom in Marriage

Tension and conflict are not always the primarily factors that affecting the level of satisfaction in a marriage even for those that had lasted many years. Couples need to be alert with boredom as it has been proven to be a killer of marriage, study said.

This study involved 123 participants; all participants are married couples, proven by a marriage license filed in Wayne County, Michigan, United States. The study notes that the average age of marriage boredom occurs when stepping in the 7th and the 16th year of marriage.

Irene Tsapelas from Stony Brook University, New York also found from the study that sense of joy, spontaneity, and sense of thrill can bring couples closer, which will eventually lead to the satisfaction of relationship.

Starting from now on, when your marriage reaches the age mentioned in the study, or whenever the boredom hits, then you two need to add more sense of joy, spontaneity, and thrill, so both of you can have a long and happy marriage life.


Men and Plastic Surgery

Who says that only women are obsessed with a flat stomach, nose, or eyelids that can defy gravity, and willing to do plastic surgery to get it? In UK, when booming plastic surgery happened, significant number of men was recorded undergoing plastic surgery.

According to new research reported by the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), in 2009 not less than 3623 men undergoing plastic surgery. This is an increase of 21 percent from the year 2008.

Among the various procedures of interest, breast surgery (known as the Moob job) is the most popular. Increase reaches 80 percent, making it the third most popular procedure performed by men. Most popular plastic surgery, first and the second is Rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction) and Blepharoplasty (eyelid reconstruction).

Compared to men, women still dominate plastic surgery procedures with at least 32,193 operations in 2009. This is an increase of 5.4 percent, with a boob job in first position of the most popular.

BAAPS president who is also a consultant plastic surgeon to Nigel Merceer, "the public interest in aesthetic surgery seems to remain strong, and growing among British men, although the country is also affected by the recession."

The high level of increased media attention to this phenomenon makes him realize that this procedure is worth living. Popularity appointment procedures eyebrows and eyelids continue. The men reportedly tend to choose to fix only one of the features on his face, because it is considered more economical than to do a total facelift.


Unique ways to express the LOVE word on Valentine's Day

unique ideas to express the love wordSome unique ideas can make your loved one even more deeply fall in love with you. Here are some unique ways worth trying, or create your own!

Write a love story

This is one way that could make your loved one understands more about how you feel. Begin pouring a romantic story with two of you as the main characters, starting with how you both met, the dates that have passed beautifully and what both of you have been planned for the future. Surely this will make your loved one even deeper and deeper fall in love with you.

Album of the most impressive memories

A rose and chocolates is one compulsory gift for couples on Valentine's Day. But if you want more attention from your partner, you can award him or her with a memory album containing photos of you both. Collect every picture that you both capture and rearrange them as a love photo album to celebrate Valentine's night. Sweet memories always work to create the love atmosphere!


If you want your love message is well delivered, some video recording could be the answer. Record your love messages into a video tape or you can say it on You Tube, presented to her or him on Valentine's Day. You can talk about how you feel when you first met, the special things you love about your loved one. This unique way certainly will impress your loved one.

Special Pizza

This time if you want a different sensation, try to award her or him by making a hand-made pizza on your own. A heart-shaped pizza can be a special menu to celebrate this special day. Set the topping composition and form the words "I love you". You both could be the most romantic couple over this Valentine’s Day!

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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