Payday Loans: The Answer to Your Emergency Cash

financial issueWe know many things that can ruin relationship; one of them is financial issue, this thing can really be devastating. What we need when facing such issue is to build a positive attitude, think positively. Each positive step we take will bring us closer to normal condition. Do not panic, as it will only bring you no where but closer to disaster. Do not give up easily, as we have seen in life that many people give up without realizing that their presents are actually just around the corner. Later we will be introduced to payday loans online, simply keep reading this article.

It is not like old days, when we have to ask favor from family and friend. Now is the internet era, when almost everything has its solution in the internet. This is including solution for financial matters. There is a type of loan known as payday loans online; this type of loan has helped many families with urgent cash issue. To apply for payday loans online is simple; it doesn’t like other types of loan that need lots of documents.

We just have to go online, visit the lenders’ websites and apply online. We are qualified if we meet the following qualifications: at least 18 years of age, a citizen of United States of America, have a regular income (minimum amount is set) and a bank account. Many couples have been assisted, they move on with their life after their get the urgent cash. We don’t have to wait long to receive the fund. It usually takes only one business day to get the cash after getting approval from payday loans online lenders. As long as we prepare ourselves and have the right attitudes then most likely we can pass the financial issue in our life.


Seks Senikmat Saat Malam Pertama

Seks Malam PertamaSeringkali Anda merindukan masa-masa ketika Anda baru pertama kali melakukan hubungan intim bersamanya. Yaitu ketika Anda merasa begitu berdebar-debar menunggu momen penting tersebut, tersipu-sipu ketika harus membuka baju Anda, bahkan menangis ketika merasakan betapa Anda telah menyatu bersamanya. Kerinduan semacam ini ternyata bukan tidak mungkin Anda dapatkan kembali. Berikut Tips untuk anda dan pasangan:

Berpisah sementara
Esther Perel, Ph.D., penulis Mating in Captivity manyarankan "Untuk menumbuhkan hasrat, Anda perlu mengingat bagaimana saat pertama kali bersama dulu: Anda tidak bertemu dia setiap hari, dan Anda tidak tergantung padanya. Jika Anda selalu ada untuk suami, terlalu terbuka satu sama lain, Anda akan kehilangan batasan tersebut."

Telusuri aktivitas yang lama
Anda juga bisa mengingat kembali, apa yang dulu membuat Anda turn on pada suami. Apakah aroma tubuhnya? Apa yang Anda ingat saat bulan madu? Apakah gamelan Bali yang mengiringi acara sarapan Anda di hotel? Bagaimana perasaan Anda saat pertama kali membuka busana di hadapannya? Fokuslah pada aktivitas seksual yang membantu Anda menemukan kembali gairah yang lama.

Tingkatkan kembali hormon dopamine
Sesuatu yang mendebarkan saat bersama pasangan memicu produksi hormon dopamine dan norepinephrine, transmisi saraf yang bertanggung jawab untuk perasaan ini.

Berita baiknya, kita ternyata bisa mengakali agar hormon ini memberikan sensasi perasaan itu lagi. Segala jenis aktivitas pendongkrak adrenalin, cobalah berbagai kegiatan yang Anda anggap menantang, seperti arung jeram, biking ke luar kota, atau bahkan menonton film horror yang selama ini Anda jauhi. Aktivitas ini juga merupakan suatu aphrodisiac, sesuatu yang merangsang keinginan bersetubuh.

Puasa dulu
Saat masih pacaran, Anda mungkin menerapkan aturan bahwa si dia baru boleh mencium Anda setelah tiga bulan. Atau, Anda mencari berbagai cara agar dapat memuaskan diri satu sama lain tanpa melakukan intercourse. Dan karena Anda membuat batasan semacam itu, akhirnya acara berciuman dan bersentuhan itu menjadi begitu "panas". Anda bisa memperoleh kembali kenikmatan tersebut.


Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage has become a popular choice of mortgage for those of us who have reached retirement age. It has many benefits that support and increase your retirement. What make reverse mortgage different from the other mortgage loans is, this type of loan will turn your house into some cash. The loan can be transferred to you in lump sum amount or monthly depend on your mortgage agreement. Best of all, there is no monthly payment that you need to pay with one condition, as long as you live in your home. You have the option to pay your entire reverse mortgage at anytime and there is no penalty unlike other mortgage loans that have a fixed monthly schedule.

Some people confuse about reverse mortgage and that have caused some reverse mortgage pros and cons. It was triggered by improper information they got. Let us first review about the benefit of reverse mortgage compare to other type of mortgage loan. We have mentioned earlier about no monthly payment. The next thing is lenders of reverse mortgage will not check your income; they do not check your credit history/credit score. Your income has nothing to do with the reverse mortgage. The consideration is based on your equity value and your age.

You continue to own and control your home but as a consequence you must continue to pay your property taxes and related insurance. People who apply for reverse mortgages entitle to receive tax-free funds. What make it extra safe is the Federal Government stands behind this program and guarantees that you receive all of your scheduled payments unlike a home equity credit that the bank can close or reduce the available funds. People who apply for reverse mortgage, they can choose the method to receive the funds. Reverse Mortgage Specialists will assist them using reverse mortgage calculator, you will sit together with the specialist to customize the best plan that fit your retirement needs.

Those who apply for reverse mortgage is insured by what so-called as a Built-in insurance and that’s from the Federal Government, it protects your family and even your heirs. With this type of insurance, the best thing is, the total amount of debt that will have to be repaid if the house is sold can never be more than the value of your house. But if the value of your house is greater than the amount of the reverse mortgage then you or your heirs is going to receive the excess amount (after deducting your reverse mortgage payment). For further information please visit allrmc.com.


Love Kills Pain as Well as Morphine

Love Kills Pain"Finding pleasure in activities, and with the one you’re with, can have multiple benefits, including reducing your pain," said senior author Dr. Sean Mackey, chief of the Division of Pain Management at Stanford University School of Medicine. Love may actually be a painkiller, researchers suggest in a new study in the journal PLoS ONE.

The study looked at 15 undergraduates – both men and women – between ages 19 and 21, all of whom were in the "early phases of passionate love," having been in a relationship anywhere from a few months to a year. This is a small sample size, but not unusual for a study involving functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Participants were asked to bring in photos of their beloved and an acquaintance who was equally attractive. While viewing these photos, a computer-controlled stimulator made them feel pain in the palm of their hand that felt akin to burning oneself on a hot pan, but in a safe way and without causing any actual damage, Mackey said. They were also asked to answer distracting questions while the pain was applied. The fMRI scanner allowed researchers to examine what brain systems were involved during each condition.

The magnitude of pain relief when participants thought about their beloved was comparable to morphine and other clinical painkillers, Mackey said. However, he cautioned that this is not a study about chronic pain, merely pain applied for 30 seconds at a time in an artificial setting.

Full Video of Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox in Armani’s Ad

You can please enjoy the view of these two complete commercial ad video of Christiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox for Armani Ad Champaign

On the first video Cristianois is dressing in his hotel room while hotel maid is sneek peeking at him and doing everything she can to keep him shirtless.

On the second one, a hotel staff can't focus on his job while seeing Megan Fox is dressing and this star get surprised when the staf declined her tips.

How to flatter broad shoulders

Are your broad shoulders become and asset or defect,it's all depends on how you see them. In any case there are always ways to great fashion solutions that will either distract attention from the flaw you want to hide or flatter the body part that is considered not too attractive. If you don’t like the broad shoulders or would like to find a way to make them more flattering follow our tips on how to flatter broad shoulders.

If you don’t want to attract more attention to your shoulders you should definitely ditch all the shoulder pads in your robes and kimonos if you have ones. They’ll only add volume and attract attention.

Plunging necklines work great with broad shoulders as they make the chest and overall physique appear narrower. Ditch horizontal cut necklines as they will only magnify your shoulders. Thin (spaghetti) straps are not necessarily for small shoulders but they do have a tendency to make the contrast between physique and their size, so experiment with bra straps and decide which ones work better for you, spaghetti straps, medium or wide straps.

Halterneck is a perfect option for broad shoulders as it flatters them in every possible way. It makes your appearance narrower and it flatters broad shoulders. Kimonos are also great at hiding broad shoulders as well as wear with dolman and raglan sleeves.

Accessories such as long necklaces will help keep attention downward and elongate your torso. While wearing lingerie you can wear sheer robe as it will downplay your broad shoulders without giving up the sensuality of your lingerie outfit.

Many women with broad shoulders managed to find their broad shoulders as an asset which they flatter with clothes and show off. So as long as you keep your posture and treat your broad shoulders as an asset you will not have to hide them.


Get more valuable experiences in buying underwear.

Since years ago, when we choose underwear – even only to wear under our outfit - how convenience the underwear fit to your body in not the only reason anymore. We must agree that underwear don’t be scratchy or unflattering. But recently, the design, color and shape of underwear has become some consideration factors in choosing underwear in order to make we feel more good and sexy. Feeling sexy, even only for ourselves now believed would improve the confidence and raise your self esteem.

You don’t need to rush when choosing your underwear. Take as much time as possible you need to explore a wide range of choices out there so that you can make the best choice and later it will helps you feeling comfortable and supported by your underwear.

If you have no enough time to visit many department store or fashion shop in order to make a research before buying the right underwear for you, why don’t try an online store? You can focus on particular online store selling underwear like herroom.com for women’s underwear and hisroom.com for men’s. These two online stores are integrated, so if you are couple who want to buy several items for you and your partner , the purchases will automatically combined and if the total purchases reach $70,00 or more, you can get a free shipping.

Both Herroom and Hisroom provide many choices of underwear for woman and man from various brands, styles, colors and sizes. For woman, you can find the latest Olga bras styles in large selection on this site. Olga is known as specialty in design bras that meet the complete wardrobe needs of full-figured women. As for active man, you can find a large selection of high quality jockstraps and choose the model that fit to your personality.

Shopping at these two online stores would be very easy with their friendly user’s shopping cart. You can easily choose your size and the available color and add them to your cart. There are comprehensive information about each product and some reviews by other customers to help you make a decision about which product you want to buy.

You can also find so many related articles about how to choose the right underwear and some resources information you possibly need. Just visit the website and get more valuable experiences in buying underwear.


10 Things You Should Know About Men

10 Things You Should Know About MenThe male species. There are things about them are always difficult to understand - like, how can they be proficient used in all parts of the engine of a car, but they are confused when it goes to the washing machine. Or, as they always choke on the words "I love you." But most of the time, men "do" are really quite simple.

Eris Huemer is a consultant relationships and family and coaches. She and her husband, Clayton Winans are about to release her latest book The Man ™ IP-vs-Regulator ™ Wo-man equalizer: Everything you need to know, the relationship you want. The power couple courts universally ten things you should know what the men tick.

1. Men have needs as you want
Women are often those most in need of sex but the guys are emotional needs, even after Huemer and Wina. You can add not easy, but "men need respect, praise, of interest, what they do, support, encouragement, cooperation, understanding, love, time alone, etc., etc."

2. Men need respect
Find a woman who disrepects her boyfriend, and find a man who is half way through the door. "A man is somewhere respect," said Huemer and Wina. "If they do not give him, he will find it elsewhere."

3. Men need praise
What is the best way to get a man to please, whether at home or in bed? Give her self-esteem boost. "Men need to be constantly reminded of how they say it and Wina Huemer." If you ask him to do the dishes and he was not yet fully appreciate the fact that it actually was, if not exactly to your specifications . Nagging him, how ineffective it is and how you have done a much better job is not in your interest. "

4. Men need you to be interested in what they do
Men want women who care about what they do (his work, his hobby, whatever). "You do not need to live and breathe, their interests," said Huemer and Wina, but you have to understand enough to leave a comment. "For example, questions about his day at the office when he returns home, show your enthusiasm for his performance at work when he had a stressful day to hear, -. Advised not to Mostly he just needs a sympathetic ear..

5. Men need support and encouragement
"If you support it, it will help," said Huemer and Wina. When he asks you do to help, to do things that one has to support them. "If you encourage him with his goals and dreams, it will be a better man for her."

6. Men need for cooperation
In other words, men do not want to hear what to do or be like. "The best thing you can do is to believe, he had to manipulate the idea," said Huemer and Wina. He enjoys a relationship where you work as a team, not a relationship where you wear the pants.

7. Men need to understand
Men may seem like the planet Mars, at times, but they want to be truly understood. "If he takes the time to really talk about you not to blow or to ignore them, just listen," said Huemer and Wina. Excellent communication between couples is the key to a deeper, stronger level links.

8. Men need love (and yes, that even sex)
We all know that sex is important for a man, but "love is not just sex," said Huemer and Wina. "Love to stroke a glance, a touch is a kiss, and his ego." If you are attentive to their needs, it will be more willing to pay attention to yours.

9. Men need time alone
He needs a chance to explore a hobby, spending time with the guys and relax. "Allow and encourage them to do what he does to relax and beat Wina Huemer. "If you do this, the time you spend with him even better." Of course, if time only includes an addiction to pornography, fantasy football and video games, you can reconsider your choice of new people.

10. Men need your attention
you might think that they are not very attentive, but respect the people on how women respond to their needs, because, as mentioned in the first point: Men are in need


Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously man underwear Obviously, who’s recognized as a premier underwear brand continues their tradition of excellence with their latest collection, the Autumn Change. Autumn Change is made of luxurious, eco‐friendly materials combined with a unique anatomical design give men a comfort and freedom never thought possible. The same comfortable pouch we’ve come to know and love continues with this new collection.

Obviously’s revolutionary design forms the basis for what makes their underwear so comfortable. All Obviously for Men underwear products have an anatomically designed pouch into which you place your entire package (both your penis and testicles). This ensures a snug fit while providing the separation necessary to eliminate the sticking, squashing, chafing, sweating and readjusting associated with traditional underwear. Let me tell you, this really does make a difference!

obviously autumn change glacier 196x250 Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously underwear is also designed with a seamless back so they don’t ride up, have soft‐backed elastic waistbands and have direct print labels to ensure a maximum level of comfort. Their breathable, natural fibres also reduce any excessive heat build up in the crotch area.

The luxurious Modal fabric selected for their Obviously for Men collections come from sustainable Beech tree plantations using a 100% natural and chemical free process. Modal is super soft on the skin, ultra light weight, naturally breathable and has strong UV and shrinkage resistance properties.

Obviously provides a range of ongoing collections as well as its seasonal fashion collection releases. September 2010 sees the release of the highly anticipated Autumn Change Collection.

Autumn Change

The Autumn Change Collection represents the transition apparent in the world around us as the seasons change from Summer to Winter; witnessing the warmth and vibrance giving way to the cool and harshness of the new season. During this period, the warm glow of Summer is still reflected in many aspects of nature, as seen with the fruit colors within the Autumn Change Collection: Kiwi and Plum. However, the cold grips of Winter have also began to appear, as seen with the Glacier and Stone Blue colors within the Autumn Change Collection.

Demi Lingkungan Toyota Gelontor USD 60 Juta

Amerika Serikat – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) benar-benar peduli terhadap upaya menciptakan lingkungan yang lebih bersih dan hijau disamping menciptakan mobil keluarga ideal. Tak berpuas diri mengandalkan teknologi hybrid pada Toyota Prius yang telah terjual 2 juta unit di seluruh dunia, TMC juga memberikan kepercayaan kepada Tesla Motors Inc. dengan menggelontorkan dana segar sebesar USD 60 juta.

Besarnya dana itu untuk membiayai pengembangan baterai lithium-ion, motor listrik dan komponen penunjang lainnya. Dengan teknologi listrik yang lebih canggih tersebut, Toyota optimis di masa mendatang akan hadir mobil-mobil yang lebih ramah pada lingkungan. Ini akan menjadi pilihan mobil keluarga terbaik di Indonesia

Sebagai proyeksi awal, Toyota RAV4 yang jadi pilihan. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) kompak yang penjualannya sangat laris di Amerika dan Eropa ini akan hadir dengan versi elektrik. Varian yang sama sekali baru ini juga rencananya akan menggunakan teknologi gearbox dan software terbaru.

Diperkirakan Toyota RAV4 elektrik akan dilepas ke pasaran pada 2012 atau dua tahun lagi. Pengembangan RAV4 dilakukan di pabrik milik bersama Toyota-Tesla di Fremont, California, sedangkan produksinya bisa saja dipusatkan di pabrik Toyota yang berlokasi di San Francisco.

Sejauh ini para dealer Toyota di Amerika Serikat sangat antusias menyambut kedatangan RAV4 elektrik. Terutama setelah versi prototype-nya dikenalkan pekan lalu di Las Vegas.

Yang mengagumkan dari hasil tes sementara, performa Toyota RAV4 elektrik lebih responsif dibandingkan mobil-mobil sejenis. Akselerasinya sangat responsif, karena untuk mencapai kecepatan dari posisi berhenti hingga melaju pada 100 km/jam cukup membutuhkan waktu 5,6 detik.

Dengan performanya yang sangat meyakinkan tersebut, Toyota-Tesla berhasil menyinergikan antara kendaraan yang lebih ramah lingkungan tanpa harus mengorbankan kecepatan. Dipastikan kehadiran Toyota RAV4 elektrik bakal memperkokoh dominasi Toyota sebagai produsen mobil-mobil berteknologi hijau di dunia selain sebagai penyedia Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia (*)


How to know when he’s for real!

Since it bears repeating, let’s review a few of the traits that will tell you unequivocally that a guy is into you:

His actions match his words. He doesn’t just say he loves you or wants to be with you because he thinks that’s what you want to hear; it’s obvious by the way he behaves.

He introduces you to his friends and family within a reasonable amount of time. This indicates that he’s increasingly serious about making you part of his life.

His behavior is consistent. He isn’t into you one week and then distant the next. His affection for you is something you can rely on.

He tries to please you. Because he’s genuinely interested in you as well as your thoughts and feelings, he acts on that. He knows you love the color yellow, for example, so he shows up with a bouquet of yellow flowers.

You don’t feel like you’re doing all the work, and you never find yourself making excuses for him. The truth is, we always find time for the things we value. If he’s into you, he’ll call, period… no matter what!

What the internet can offer to improve relationship?

In days like this, we all need to have fun! Couples work tremendously hard to earn a fair living. In this case, we all deserve to have fun, but the problem is that most of us don’t have extra time to enjoy life. It is just about work, work and work. This kind of condition does not support any kind of relationship. Relationship needs care, one thing many of us do not focus in time like this.

The solution is to find something exciting that couples can do together, something that do not need much time but still can produce fun for couples. The answer is in the internet. There is tons of fun and excitements couples can do together in the internet. There are so many types of entertainment in the internet nowadays from music, movies, games, On line gambling to articles that help couples to improve relationship.

What you need is to surf and decide subjects that you both have same interest. You both even don’t have to leave home. You can do it after your long and busy working hours. Just sit in front of your computer and start surfing the internet. It has been considered as the most efficient way to have fun, and thanks to the internet now couples can improve their relationship without having much trouble.


5 Great Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

5 Great Ways to Spice Up Your SexAll couples will eventually get into a rut with their sex lives. It may be because of changing situations--like a new baby or you could just be bored. Whether you like it or not, sex is an important part of your relationship, and you need to work on ways that you can make it better. Talk to your partner about the different ways you can spice up your sex life.

1) Sex Toys
Think about using sex toys to spice up your relationship. If you are a bit hesitant at first, you don't have to start with the handcuffs or the biggest dildo. Instead, look for things that are a bit tamer, such as a flavored lube or a dice game that gives you hints about what to do. Talk to your partner to find out what types of toys interest him, and try to keep an open mind. You may find that you enjoy it when he uses a vibrator on you just as much as you do when you do it alone.

2) Location and Timing
Couples who have been together for years tend to get into a bit of a routine. For example, you may always have sex on Friday night or Saturday morning, always in your bedroom. Spice things up by thinking outside of the bed. You have many places in your home that you can have sex, such as the living room couch or on the kitchen counter. Surprise him by getting frisky on a Monday morning and watch his passion rise.

3) Positioning
Like the location and timing of sex, you probably have a few favorite positions as a couple. These make sex easy because you know you'll always have an orgasm when you do things in a certain way. It also can make it boring. Try out a new position to see how it changes things. Even something as simple as putting a pillow under your bum in missionary position can make a big difference. You may go back to your normal position for the big finale, but you can have a great time getting there.

4) Role Playing
Let out your inner actress to ramp up your sex life. If you sometimes feel a bit reserved in your sex life, you may want to try having sex as another person. Talk to your partner about your fantasies and listen to his. Perhaps you'd like to role play a teacher-student relationship or have your man be the sexy delivery man bringing you a pizza.

5) Quickies
Sex doesn't always have to be long and drawn out. Sometimes, having a bit of quick sex can make you feel closer together. If possible, text your partner while he's at work and ask him to meet you at home for a little love. You can also try to initiate sex when you don't have much time or when you might get caught. All of these will increase your passion.

Marriage is Bad for Your Sex Life?

MarriageIs marriage bad for your sexual life? It's official, marriage is bad for your sex life, at least this is according to a recent study. Researchers found before walking down the aisle, couples can expect to have sex more than four times a week.

But after three years of life as man and wife most couples are lucky to have sex just once every seven days. It also emerged six out of ten couples believe marriage has completely ruined the excitement of having sex.

Astonishingly, just under half of all married people say their relationship with their partner is more like friends than lovers.

A spokesman for extra-marital dating service www.lovinglinks.co.uk, which conducted the poll of 3,000 married people, said: 'Unfortunately, while you can be deeply in love with someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, it is also possible to want more from the relationship.

Two thirds of couples blame their hectic lifestyle for their terrible sex life, and 80 per cent are often too tired to bother once the day is over. Seven in ten people reckon they might be inclined make love more if their partner made more of an effort romantically.


Study: A woman's attractiveness are in the size of her waist and her hips

woman attractivenessBeauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But it is actually far less subjective than that, research suggests. A woman's attractiveness relates to the size of her waist compared with her hips, it has been found.

Scientists have discovered the ratio which, they say, makes for the perfect figure. New Zealand anthropologist Barnaby Dixson set out to find what makes a woman attractive to men.

A group of volunteers were presented with various pictures of a woman in which her bust, waist and hips had been digitally altered and asked to rate the image for attractiveness. Infra-red cameras tracked their eyes as they looked at the photos. Although most were initially drawn to the woman's cleavage, her hips and waist were key to attraction.

A waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 - or a waist measurement exactly 70 per cent of the hip circumference - scored the highest marks. Examples include some of the world's most beautiful women. Marilyn Monroe, modern-day starlet Jessica Alba and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio all possess the perfect figure.

As does Kate Moss, despite her apparent lack of curves. And the attractiveness of the hourglass figure holds true across countries and cultures, research shows. Studies show that men in the UK, Cameroon, Germany and China, agree with those polled in New Zealand.


Learn to Fight Right: Remember You're a Couple

Learn to Fight RightWe know this is a tall order, but if you can express positive emotions during an argument, you'll have a more satisfying relationship two or three years down the road, according to a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

"When couples are able to communicate closeness, affection (for example, a touch on the arm or the cheek), and even humor in the midst of an argument, the impact of harsher words is diminished," Karney says.

"Positive interactions say that you still like and love each other, and you're committed to the relationship even in the worst of times."


How to talk so your loved one will listen

couple talksIn the heat of an argument, the gloves often come off. The problem, notes Rita DeMaria, Ph.D., director of relationship education at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia, is that once nasty insults start flying around and feelings are hurt, nothing will be resolved.

Also, according to a study conducted at the University of Chicago, our brains have a built-in "negativity bias," which causes us to be more responsive to unpleasant news. Why? Back in caveman times, our survival as a species was dependent on our ability to stay out of danger, so our brains developed protective systems that made it impossible to overlook the bad.

That's why you need to minimize the negative impact of your words. Remember, the goal isn't to upset each other, it's to resolve an issue. So instead of exclaiming "You're so lazy!" tell him how his actions affect you. Try, "I get tired of planning everything for us and wish you would take over sometimes."


Stop Trying to Figure Out Who Wins

Stop Trying to Figure Out Who WinsIt may be a lovers' quarrel, but victory isn't declared when one of you staggers back to the bedroom, clutching your wounded heart in your hands.

"People often fixate on who's right, which distracts them from finding a solution," says Karney. "Conflicts are resolved quickly and more successfully when neither party feels compelled to proclaim, 'See that? I'm right!' "

For starters, find something you both can agree on (even if it means admitting that, OK, maybe you do send him a few too many texts while he's out with his friends). Then focus on finding a happy medium.

For example, say, "I know it annoys you when I bombard you with text messages, but I get worried when you take forever to reply. Let's find a way to handle this so that we're both comfortable." This way, there's much less toddlerlike head butting.


Oral contraceptives are 99 percent effective

Oral contraceptivesAccording to a paper published in the British Medical Journal. This British study followed 28,800 Pill users and 17,300 non-users for up to 39 years.

The result is that oral contraceptives are extremely effective. Taken consistently and correctly, oral contraceptives are more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Of course women don't always take the Pill correctly. Even then, in real life situations studies have shown that the rate of pregnancy varies from 2 to 8 percent a year.

These findings should reassure the estimated 12 million American women who are using oral contraceptives. However, if you are among this group, it is wise to avoid cigarette smoking and important to let your doctor know of any prior bouts of DVT before getting a prescription for the Pill. Some women inherit a genetic trait that increases the risk of DVT, and while this is not common, it is an important factor to consider when discussing contraceptive options with your doctor.


Habits You Can Reform and Ones You Can't

Habits You Can ReformIn general there are 3 categories:

1. Forgive and forget
These types of blunders are more about personal taste than bad manners, so try to shrug them off instead of nagging to get your way:

-You don’t like how he dresses.
-He plays music too loudly in the car.
-He eats too quickly/noisily/unhealthily.
-He doesn’t turn down the TV when you get a phone call.
-You disagree on how much to tip.

There are ways to change his behavior, like offering him a trade of something he wants in exchange for minding his manners.

2. Fix him up by toning him down
By any definition, certain behaviors are impolite, so if your guy’s an offender, you can help him become appropriate. Some specific examples of when you can indeed jump in:

-He curses too much.
-His table manners are suspect.
-He makes jokes about your relationship to your friends.
-He makes no effort not to control his bodily sounds in public.

These types of behaviors happen because he doesn’t know any better. In situations like these it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Be honest.

3. Abandon ship
Forget trying to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. Certain behaviors are indicative of deeper problems that won’t be solved by a simple conversation:

-He’s rude to people he doesn’t know.
-He always has to be right.
-He’s immature for his age.
-He belittles you in front of people.
-He’s jealous of your friendships.

This bum from Bumsville is the reason fathers are overprotective. It may seem romantic to date a bad boy who needs fixin’, but this character is broke beyond repair.


Men Willing to Die For Sex

Men Willing to Die For SexThe new study found that men are willing to die for sex. This explains why men die sooner than women in almost all countries.

The study was published in the latest edition of the journal evolutionary Psychology. Reproductively speaking, men have more to gain, and less to lose, from risk-taking behavior than women, researchers have long said.

"Essentially, it's okay if the guy dies, because at least once he's done the initial deed, there a chance his offspring will survive," according to the researchers Daniel Krugersaid of the University of Michigan.

This makes the man hoping to rise to the top of the hierarchy and challenging the risk of injury or even death that seem to be unimportant.


Signs that You're More Than Just a Friend

More Than Just a FriendYou've been friends all for a long time. You tell each other everything, even who you're dating and how it's going. Then suddenly it happens, suddenly this comfortable, easy-going friendship takes on a new form and becomes a burgeoning romantic relationship.

Here are four signs that you and your friend, your bud, have transformed into an unexpected romantic duo.

1. Your Buddies Notice Something
Your friends start making very obvious comments. All of a sudden every time you go out with a group of friends (and you and your pal are there) comments slip out about how cute the two of you would look as a couple. Often your friends may see the romance spark before you do!

2. Your Addiction to a Daily Chat With Him
You find yourself making or receiving a daily call, often right before bedtime. Out of nowhere, before you even noticed, the two of you started talking every day, at length, about nothing, and you're secretly loving it.

3. Your Nicknames Evolve
Unplanned, you find you have developed pet names for each other. It used to be a "hey" kind of thing. Now, it's "sweetie" this and "hey, babe" that. His texts now include the added "sweetheart" and "doll."

4. Your Innocent Gestures Develop
The exchanges of pats on the back become arm and hand intertwinings. Whether it's watching the game on the big-screen TV or playing catch in the park, what used to be high-fiving and patting on the back friend-style becomes a softer, gentler hand-holding, draping arms on shoulders, sitting on laps, and hugging kind-of thing which leads, inevitably, to that first little sweeter-than-Hershey's kiss on the forehead.

When all these signs are there, something is bound to happen. And if you're already with someone, you'd better reconsider your relationship status or change your behavior with your friend.

Relax and Have Fun

Relax and Have Fun What do you do to have fun especially when you have extra time? Some people, they just go to bed and sleep all day, others will go out and play! Couples usually will maximize this rare opportunity to enhance their relationship. And for that, there are many things they can do together.

Traveling together if they could effort it, or simply staying at home and do something they both like, for instance they can prepare their favorite dishes, watching their favorite movies or play their favorite online games such as Casinos online or other games that people could easily find at this time in the internet.

Utilize your spare time with your family, your loved one, or if you’re still single, just do the same. We need to have some great times, something not about the office and routines; it is good not only for your mind but also your health. Everyone needs to go out, relax and have some fun!


5 Signs That You Don't Fight Fair

couples fightFighting in your relationship may be problematic if it rarely ends in peaceful resolutions or at least compromise. More damage can be done if one or both partners feel hurt or angry after the incident has passed, which can mean unfinished business between you. Resentment is toxic to relationships, and poor conflict resolution skills can create a mountain of it.

Here are five signs that you don't fight fair:

1. You name call or make below-the-belt character attacks. ("You're so stupid!")
2. You use global statements such as "always" or "never." ("You never listen to me!")
3. You go off-topic to a long list of prior examples of the current issue.
4. You use family traits as a weapon ("You're just like your mother!")
5. You shut down or storm out of the house. Sometimes leaving the situation

altogether is a good idea, but using a structured "timeout" is a better choice, to avoid making your partner feel abandoned.

Remember, conflict will happen. You and your partner can learn to get to the place where it's less a "boulder in the road" and more a "blip on the radar."

Things Happy Couples Talk About

A recent study published in Psychological Science says that people are happier when they spend more time discussing meaningful topics than engaging in small talk.

Here is a list of five substantive topics couples discuss heart-to-hearts:

1. Embarrassing moments. If you can't share the awkward, "American Pie"-worthy moments that occurred throughout high school with your partner, who can you tell them to? Don't be afraid to broach the subject, if you haven't already. We wouldn't be surprised if their stories are more horrifying than yours.

2. Fears and insecurities. By fears, we don't mean your phobia of earthworms. We're talking about things that make you wake up with gray hairs. What worries you? What do you want to improve in yourself? What skeletons are in your closet? In being vulnerable, you risk judgment, but more importantly, you chance being understood.

3. Childhood. Ask your partner what he or she was like as a kid. Did she make friends easily? What kind of games did he like to play? Did he have trouble in school? Childhood memories make for fun conversations, but they can also lend insight into how your main squeeze became the person he or she is today.

4. Family life. Knowing a person's upbringing and relationship with his or her parents is paramount to understanding his current attitude toward family. If you're even slightly contemplating a future with this person, it might help to ask how well they get along with their parents. Why does she resent her mother? Why is he closer to his sisters than to his brothers? How does she handle family gatherings?

5. The future. Talking about the future can be nerve-wracking. While we're not saying you should pressure your partner into talking about plans for marriage and children, we do believe that you should know their dreams, goals, and aspirations. What is he working toward? What drives her to succeed? Where does he see himself in five years? Someone who desires growth and is not afraid of the unknown is surely dynamic enough to deserve you.


Study: One in Five Adults are in Love with Someone Other than Their Partner

in Love with Someone elseLiving happily ever after is not all it’s cracked up to be. One in five of us settled with a spouse is actually in love with someone else, a survey has found. That means just under five million either married or living with a partner could have romantic longings for a third party. And the man or woman of their dreams is likely to be a work colleague or among their circle of close friends.

These less than romantic statistics emerged in a poll of 3,000 people which, not surprisingly, also found one in four not entirely happy in their current relationship.
Even those who were completely content with their other half did not escape unscathed.

Just over 50 per cent of these admitted to sometimes having feelings for someone else. One in six of those who do fall for another will follow their hearts and embark on an affair. But better news for the long-suffering partners of those with a wandering eye is that this usually happens only once during a relationship.


5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy It’s okay to be jealous, it’s a sign of affection as far as the jealousy is still in reasonable limits. But heavy jealous is an issue for a relationship. The sooner you realize about it, the better. Here are several tips to overcome this irrational feeling.

1. Find out why you are jealous
Initial step to overcome feelings of jealousy is to ask yourself what the cause of your jealousy. Does it because of some collective experiences in the past? You must find out about it.

2. Discuss with your partner’s friends or family
You should start talking with your partner’s close friend or family member. Find out more about your partner, in a way that is not an overstatement and intimate ambiance.

The idea is by knowing him or her better, you are be able to have a better control over your thoughts from different perspectives, not just base on some of your own assumptions.

3. Face your fears
You need to hang out with your partner’s friend, especially the opposite sex. Face your fears with more frequent social contact with them. With a dive and mingle with your mate’s friends, you begin to accept and learn to think more rationally.

4. Express your curiosity
Try to talk and express how you feel. Do not assume, just pointed out what makes you jealous, any activities that disturbing you. For example, your loved one comes home late because of overtime then tries to ask how much time he or she will be spent to finish the job. Do not just accuse or assume with your thoughts.

5. Change jealous by flirting partner
Tease your partner by paying attention more to yourself. Paying more attentions to your looks, the whole looks and it will boost your confidence. Make sure to your love one to think that he is lucky to have you.

If nothing has changed even after you applying all above tips then you are actually control by excessive jealousy. To overcome excessive jealousy people are suggested to seek professional help that can help them overcome psychological problems, feelings and thoughts that are irrational.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy Your Games!

Games, games and games! These days are days for gamers. Games are everywhere! You can play your games at home, office, entertainment spots, almost everywhere. Playing games can be from the most sophisticated toys to computers. Yes, these days, game is very popular to entertain people, from kids to couples.

When playing games online, it’s even simpler than people used to think, you just need a stable connection and computer, that’s it and you can directly play your favorite games. Games can be first download and play them later, or you can go and play online, together with your friends all over the world.

From Sudoku to Online casinos, it’s really depend on your personal lifestyle, play what can relax you, you and your loved one or even the whole family. There’s plenty of fun when it comes to games. Sit back, relax and enjoy your game time!


Habits that mostly will wreck your relationship!

The following habits are some miss-behaviors you must not follow unless you want to wreck your relationship with your loved one.

Major mood swings
We're living in some pretty anxiety-inducing times, and when life takes a stressful turn, it's not uncommon for couples to start taking out that stress on each other. While the occasional mood swing can and should be forgiven, being in a relationship with someone whose bad moods outnumber her good ones can make a man run for cover. Wouldn't you do the same?

He lets you know how much he loves you constantly, but that doesn't stop you from checking his phone when he's in the shower or sending every pretty girl he talks to eye-daggers. Although a tiny bit of jealousy in a relationship is normal, accusing your man of cheating and questioning his whereabouts every time he walks in will have him feeling controlled, manipulated, and insulted.

Talking to pals about your love life is a normal part of friendship, but if you're calling your BFF, your sister, and your mom every time your man pisses you off, you're not only going to wind up embarrassed when the storm passes, you'll also find yourself in a relationship with someone who feels violated and judged. As a couple, private information should stay private or you risk damaging your reputation as a couple, which in turn may isolate you from others and sever your relationship. Remember that word of mouth is a powerful force, and it can hurt your reputation if your mate or others brand you as untrustworthy.

Having an affair with his "potential"
Wanting your man to be the best version of himself is admirable, but approaching his looks and personality with "Extreme Makeover" ambition will do little more than erode his self-esteem and leave you both frustrated and resentful. "If you and your partner believe that love means acceptance, pushing him to change and criticizing him is going to send him the opposite message.

"Mom-ing" him
Your man loves his mama and he loves you, but when you're the one telling him to stop playing Guitar Hero, scoffing at his lack of manners, or informing him he can't go out with his pals because he has a "big day tomorrow," it's anything but appealing. He'll not only resent that you're trying to control him, but he'll also likely do what all children do when they're being reprimanded – rebel

Which miss-habits are your properties? Realizing them sooner are always better, therefore you can save your relationship and back into romantic track again!

Having a bad day?

Now you have lots of choices to entertain yourself, just browse in the internet you will find lots of stuff that can cheers yourself up! Like reading books? There are lots of e-books you can read and most of them are free! Like playing games, there are huge amount of free and paid games in the internet.

In the internet you can find from jokes to On line casinos, what you need to do is just picking games you love to play with your loved one. These days, internet offers many types of entertainment where you and your loved one can start playing just within few clicks. Bad weather or bad traffic jam won’t stop you both to have good time!

Having a bad day? No more bad days, playing your favorite games in the internet can be really fun; don’t let bad days ruin your life!


10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex (Part 2)

10 Surprising Health Benefits of SexSex does a body good in a number of ways, according to Joy Davidson, PhD, a New York psychologist and other experts. The benefits aren't just anecdotal or hearsay each of these 10 health benefits of sex is backed by scientific scrutiny.

Among the benefits of healthy loving in a relationship:

6. Sex Improves Intimacy

Having sex and orgasms increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which helps us bond and build trust. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina evaluated 59 premenopausal women before and after warm contact with their husbands and partners ending with hugs. They found that the more contact, the higher the oxytocin levels.

"Oxytocin allows us to feel the urge to nurture and to bond," Britton says.

7. Sex Reduces Pain

As the hormone oxytocin surges, endorphins increase, and pain declines. So if your headache, arthritis pain, or PMS symptoms seem to improve after sex, you can thank those higher oxytocin levels.

In a study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 48 volunteers who inhaled oxytocin vapor and then had their fingers pricked lowered their pain threshold by more than half.

8. Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Frequent ejaculations, especially in 20-something men, may reduce the risk of prostate cancer later in life, Australian researchers reported in the British Journal of Urology International. When they followed men diagnosed with prostate cancer and those without, they found no association of prostate cancer with the number of sexual partners as the men reached their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

9. Sex Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

For women, doing a few pelvic floor muscle exercises known as Kegels during sex offers a couple of benefits. You will enjoy more pleasure, and you'll also strengthen the area and help to minimize the risk of incontinence later in life.

10. Sex Helps You Sleep Better

The oxytocin released during orgasm also promotes sleep, according to research.

And getting enough sleep has been linked with a host of other good things, such as maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure. Something to think about, especially if you've been wondering why your guy can be active one minute and snoring the next.

Online Games for Couples

Online games are just fun for everyone. There are huge amounts of website out there where you and your loved one can play together. Online games for couples seem uncountable in the Internet these days.

It has become one huge source for many types of games. starting from adventure and action games, flying games, arcade games, board games, food games, cooking games, casino games, Online casinos for usa players and many more.

You both can play free games and paid games, just pick games that you like most and spend some quality moments together. Experts have proved that spending quality time together with your loved one is good for your relationship, it’s enhancing your relationship!


The male Menopause Does Exist

The male Menopause Does ExistThe male menopause does exist but it is rare, researchers have concluded. Just days after it was dismissed as a myth, the European team said the male menopause did exist but that it affects only 2% of middle-aged men.

Over 3,300 men from across Europe were assessed for the New England of Journal study. A men's health expert said testosterone therapy could be beneficial, but doctors had to be cautious about its use. Scientists led by a team from the University of Manchester looked at the testosterone levels of 3,369 men aged 40 to 79 from eight European centres.

The men were also asked about their sexual, physical and mental health. Three sexual symptoms - poor morning erection, low levels of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction were linked to low testosterone levels.

The condition, also called late-onset hypogonadism, was also found to be linked to poor health and obesity. Hypogonadism is a condition where the testes fail to work properly, affecting hormone levels.


10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex (Part 1)

10 Surprising Health Benefits of SexSex does a body good in a number of ways, according to Joy Davidson, PhD, a New York psychologist and other experts. The benefits aren't just anecdotal or hearsay each of these 10 health benefits of sex is backed by scientific scrutiny.

Among the benefits of healthy loving in a relationship:

1. Sex Relieves Stress

A big health benefit of sex is lower blood pressure and overall stress reduction, according to researchers from Scotland who reported their findings in the journal Biological Psychology. They studied 24 women and 22 men who kept records of their sexual activity. Then the researchers subjected them to stressful situations -- such as speaking in public and doing verbal arithmetic -- and noted their blood pressure response to stress.

2. Sex Boosts Immunity

Good sexual health may mean better physical health. Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections. Scientists at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., took samples of saliva, which contain IgA, from 112 college students who reported the frequency of sex they had.

3. Sex Burns Calories

Thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories or more. It may not sound like much, but it adds up: 42 half-hour sessions will burn 3,570 calories, more than enough to lose a pound. Doubling up, you could drop that pound in 21 hour-long sessions.

4. Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health

While some older folks may worry that the efforts expended during sex could cause a stroke, that's not so, according to researchers from England. In a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, scientists found frequency of sex was not associated with stroke in the 914 men they followed for 20 years.

5. Sex Boosts Self-Esteem

Boosting self-esteem was one of 237 reasons people have sex, collected by University of Texas researchers and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

That finding makes sense to Gina Ogden, PhD, a sex therapist and marriage and family therapist in Cambridge, Mass., although she finds that those who already have self-esteem say they sometimes have sex to feel even better.


When Do Kids Become Adults?

When Do Kids Become Adults?What are happening with our kids these days? They are exposed with many adults’ materials and kids these days become adults in a shorter period compare to old time. So, what experts in this area say about when kids become adults considering all the influences?

Biologically, it's happening earlier; emotionally, it seems to be happening later. These days puberty happens in females between ages 8 and 14, between 9 and 15 in males.

A generation ago, when you turned 18, you were ready to face the world outside your home and you were on your own. But now we see kids in the Boomerang Generation coming home to Mom and Dad after college, hoping for a hand with bills, laundry, meals and other responsibilities of adulthood. It's cute for a while, less adorable the older the kid gets.

Online Entertainment

couple onlineNowadays there are many types of online entertainment you can choose in the internet. There are online movies and online games, from brain exercising game to Online gambling are out there.

What you need to do is just choosing what you like most to entertain yourself and your loved one. One thing always recommended to check in advance is the website security before entering any confidential information such as your personal data or bank or credit card information.

You can find the security information from the website but a third party recognition is always recommended. These days there are many associations a website could join to show its website security. After verifying this one crucial issue, then just sit back, relax and enjoy your online entertainment.


What stops the passion?

What stops the passion? In a committed relationship, is supposed to be having sex, and lots of it. Unfortunately, this usually is not the case. Often the loss of sexual pleasure and intimacy results in depression, suspicion, anger, resentment, and sometimes, infidelity and divorce. Although it is clear that this issue is rarely one-sided. The statistical reasons show the following:

Reason in percentage

1. He or she isn't sexually adventurous enough for me - 68
2. He or she doesn't seem to enjoy sex - 61
3. I am interested in sex with others, but not with my wife / husband - 48
4. I am angry at her or him - 44
5. I'm bored - 41
6. He or She is depressed - 40
7. He or She has gained a significant amount of weight - 38
8. I am depressed - 34
9. I no longer find him or her physically attractive - 32
10. I suffer from erectile dysfunction - 30
11. I lost interest and I don't know why - 28
12. I prefer to masturbate, but not online - 25*
13. I prefer to watch pornography online and masturbate - 25*
14. I am on medication that lowered my libido - 21
15. I am/was having an affair - 20
16. I suffer from premature ejaculation - 16
17. I have difficulty achieving orgasm - 15
18. I am too tired - 14
19. He or She is/was having an affair - 9
20. I don't have the time - 6
21. I wasn't interested in sex to begin with - 3
22. I am gay / lesbian <1

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Bedtime Meditation for Couple

Bedtime Meditation for CoupleIf you and your loved one have sleep problems, here are easy steps for getting better sleep, this technique is easy to practice. You and your loved one can start with five to 10 minutes right before bed.

1. Just lying on your back, close your eyes and pay attention only to your breath.

2. As you inhale, focus on a soothing phrase, such as "I am happy" or "I am safe" You can say it in your mind. When exhaling, repeat the mantra. The specific phrase isn't that important, the purpose is "to give your mind something simple to focus on."

3. If your mind wanders, gently turn your attention back to your breath and back to the phrase.


Can love really last a lifetime?

Can love really last a lifetime?A group of scientists just found that passionate love involves chemical adjustments in the brain that last 12 to 18 months. Subsequently you and your loved one are on your own.

We all know that relationships need maintenance. If you need some love story sample, learn from those who have long marriage life. Or pay a visit to a nursing home if you want to see proof of lasting love.

One movie called The Notebook. We learn that the old woman was suffering from advanced memory loss. Her husbands came and sit next to her every day, not just holding her hand but also told her their story.

They have been friends since teenagers and they had a life time commitment which is to stick together no matter what, that's a love story! And this is actually inspired by a true story in one nursing home.

Again, the key to above life hardest question is, both of you need to work hard on it. So the answer is yes, love can last for a lifetime, and we actually have seen some actual samples in the real life.


Time to have the sex talk with your teen

sex talk with your teenIt is important to give sex education as early as possible to your teen. Hesitation must be removed far away when talking about sexuality with your teen. You certainly do not want your kids getting wrong information about sexuality, right?

Sex education, sexuality, more precisely, not only limited to the understanding of the sexual organs and their functions or about reproductive health. There are broader scope than the sex organs and their functions.

Parents can emphasis on the meaning of being a woman or a man, so that a girl can appreciate herself as a woman so does with the boy and each of them later can appreciate the opposite sex.

Parents have a central role in providing sexuality education for their teen. Father and mother should explain about sexuality as a team. Open discussion in front of their teen, both male and female, and this is one good approach to educate your children about sexuality.


The Male G-spot

We have learned that women have sensitive areas that will give more sensation when those spots are touched while lovemaking. Same with women, men also have G-Spot and here are two spots for extra pleasure. Touching these two spots can provide incredible sensation for men.

Where is it? Frenulum located on the underside of the penis. Dr. Patti Britton, sex coach from iVillage says that if this point is touched, it will create an incredible sensation.

This spot lies in between the testicles and anus. According to Dr. Patti Britton, touching this spot would provide extra pleasure for both parties (women also have perineum).

Our expert has also mentioned that touching the perineum during lovemaking, can provide longer pleasure before the ejaculation.


Vaccine Prevention for Breast Cancer within Reach

Breast Cancer vaccineSome good news for Breast Cancer after scientists discover a vaccine that could be used to prevent and treat breast cancer.

"All women over the age of 40 years can be given this vaccine to prevent them from breast cancer," said Dr. Vincent Tuohy who created this vaccine as reported by the Telegraph, Monday (05/31/2010).

This vaccine will begin to be tested in a year. Currently a study of mice has revealed that this vaccine can stop tumor activity either never appear or the tumor was being attacked.

Teens Guide: Types of hymens

Based on research conducted by Frank H. Netter MD contained in the book The Human Sexuality, the shape of the hymen is divided into four forms, namely:

1. Normal (Annular) Hymen, This is a perfect annular hymen. It is called annular because the hymen forms a ring around the vaginal opening.
2. Septate Hymen, hymen marked with some open holes.
3. Cibriform Hymen, hymen marked with some holes that are open, but the hole was smaller and more numerous.
4. Introitus, found on women who are highly experienced in sexual activities, the pit membranes could be enlarged, but still leaves the hymen tissue.

Types of Hymens


Men can be more Sensitive with Oxytocin

SensitiveAs reported in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers from the University of Bonn have succeeded in developing a hormone spray that can make men become more sensitive as well as the women.

The secret is in the oxytocin hormone which is the key ingredient in the spray. In the research, this hormone is sprayed into the nose of 24 men who. The man is then shown some pictures that can promote compassion, like a child who was crying, girls hugging cats, and men who are grieving.

The reaction of these men was then compared with men who do not get the spray of the hormone. The results show that empathy shown by those men who have been sprayed with the oxytocin hormone was higher and in few cases can be as high as it is usually indicated by the women.

Oxytocin is a type of hormone that is released by the body to trigger labor in pregnant women and also help bond between mom and her baby. Oxytocin is also called the hormone of love because it was released during orgasm.


Four Types of Kisses Men Love

Basically, there are four types of kisses that men love, here's how to kiss your man.

1. The lip-Sucking kiss. This type of kissing usually occurs when you are both in the middle of making out and he sucks your upper or lower lip. Men love this kind of kiss because it can provoke his partner reaction to provide a more "hot" response.

2. The mid-sex kiss. A kiss in the middle of lovemaking session. While having sex, he's sneaking down to kiss you. Men love to launch this kiss because besides creating more pleasure, it is also a combination of the most classic of sexual activity and the most wild one.

3. The simple kiss. The type of kissing has been considered as the most simple and involves almost no sexual feelings. Just a quick smooch on on the lips, forehead, cheeks, wherever you and he wants to. Men are usually happy to kiss on your head or neck because they can smell your shampoo, lotion, or perfume that mixed perfectly with your body scent.

4. The French kiss. In doing so, he would slip his tongue into your mouth. A kiss is usually happens when the atmosphere was really "hot". Men like it because this kiss is as intimate as sex.


Hugging for Your Health

Hugging for Your HealthWho doesn't love to get hug from his or her loved ones. Everyone basically need a touch from his or her closest ones. Well, it turns out in addition to causing a sense of comfort, hugs also has health benefits.

According to researchers from the University of North Caroline, USA, hugs can dramatically lower blood pressure and increase levels of the hormone oxytocin. This is the hormone that makes us more relaxed at the same time raises the emotional bond. The production of hormone oxytocin increases beside from hugging, it also increases during labor, delivery, and orgasm. Some experts call this hormone as the hormone of love.

"Oxytocin associated with emotional ties and physical proximity with a partner. In breastfeeding mothers, this hormone is thought to also lower the risk of breast cancer and slow the growth of cancer cells," said Kathleen Light, PhD, professor at the University of North Caroline.

So, do not hesitate to express affection to loved ones through hugs. Research also shows that children accustomed to expressions of affection from his or her parents, either kiss or hug, will grow into a person who has a warm personality.


4 Ways to Inspire Him to Pursue You

We all agreed that house parties are the ideal venue for making a move -- you're at the same party so you have at least one thing in common, it's easier to mingle, and people are more open to strangers than at the bar. That being said, scoring a girl's contact info is never easy.

Here are four favors you can bestow on the lucky fella who has caught your eye:

1. Break off from your girlfriends
Check out the host's bookshelf. Head to the kitchen for a snack. Watch the party game. The Millionaire Matchmaker was right: when you're surrounded by other women, he's not going to come over and risk being rejected in front of an audience.

2. Roll with his pick-up line
Odds are the first thing out of his mouth will be corny -- just smile and help steer him towards a more natural line of conversation. (On Saturday, my opening gambit was complimenting her for wearing a nice dress, which I really did like.) Remember, pitching yourself to strangers is hard.

3. Find a way to reveal that you don't have a boyfriend
When hitting on a lady, I'm always bracing myself for the moment when she brings up her significant other. Clear the air by casually mentioning how you pity all of your coupled friends or love being independent.

4. If you get separated at the party, mention that he should find you before leaving
Even when I hit it off with a girl at a party, I neither expect nor want to talk to her the entire night. At some point I need to go to the bathroom, get a fresh drink, and brag to my friends. But I do want to end our conversation on a high note, so it's great when the girl takes the initiative and somehow indicates this isn't the end of the line.

Dating Beautiful Women

Many men think that dating beautiful women are only dream. Reason behind this thought might vary from lack of confidence to other personal issues. It is not only popular musicians or actors or handsome men can date beautiful women, you too can have this kind of dating as long as you know how. Just learn how to be a pick up artist or how to become the best in dating, here are some tips you must consider when dating beautiful women.

First thing first, we have seen many beautiful women dating average looking men, so this is one proof that average looking men do dating beautiful women. What you should bear in mind is to have self confidence. You need to feel comfortable around them; this is the first thing about dating beautiful women. You must also find out the topic she like, what is her interest. Show your interest of what she like but remain as you. Only by this way, you can avoid any uneasy and nervous feeling; the next thing is to ask her out for dating.

We live in the internet era, most of thing can be search in the internet, when it comes to dating beautiful women, you can join forum like pick up artist. This is a forum that serves as social community for men and women, with Dating as its main menu. Within this forum, you can also find many dating tips, how to build self confidence, how to pick up women, that’s include how to pick up beautiful women. Just see around you, there are many couples out there that will show you Dating beautiful women is not mission impossible, so go ahead and have a great date.


Stimulate your sex life

Beside love and wealth, one most important thing that can keep your marriage life going romantic is a good sexual activity. But sometimes we just can't deny that there are some moments in marriage life when we find that sex activity is just not going well. Both wife and husband didn’t find the pleasure just like they used to have in bed together. This could be happened because of several conditions. Especially for men when he got exhausted of his daily work routine and he can’t give his best performance on the bed, an uncomfortable situation between husband and wife is inescapable.

If you start to find these situations more often on your bed, it means you need to get any help soon. This is probably the right time to consider some equipment like sex toys to enhance and give more pleasure to your sexual life.

Just like you can read on several articles about Hot G Vibe reviews on the internet, Hot G Vibe cock ring is one of many available sex toys you can find in the market. This device is very useful for man to enhance his sexual performance and give a maximum help to both of you and your partner to get the highest pleasure of your sexual activity.

Some Hot G Vibe reviews includes testimonial from they who has already used this device tell about how easy to use Hot G Vibe cock ring and it benefits. It’s not like the other cock ring available on the market, Hot G Vibe cock ring don’t make you feel uncomfortable when using it because the size is very small and it is made from a good quality silicone that will never irritate your penis’s skin and you will feel just like you are using some lubricant. The vibration feature can help you with the best erection during coitus and of course help your partner reach her high pleasure too.

Just find any Hot G Vibe reviews on the internet to get more information of this device and you can decide if you already need this toy to stimulate your sex life and make your marriage getting hot.


Foods to Increase Fertility

Medical experts suspect that what you eat actually closely related to your fertility level. Suspicion is further proven by the existence of scientific evidence. Results of research from the Harvard Nurses' Health Study conducted by Dr. Willet, and his partner, Jorge Chavarro, MD, collect the results of his research in the book The Fertility Diet.

Here are some foods that they recommend.

Slowly digested carbohydrates, like pasta and whole grain carbohydrates. Women who consume high-glycemic carbohydrates (which is digested quickly, like white rice and potatoes), had a 92 percent risk of ovulatory infertility than those who ate slow carbs, like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and whole-grain bread.

Vegetable protein
. Women who consume animal protein have a 39 percent experienced ovulatory infertility. The best choices are whole grains, nuts, and eggs.

Good fats, which are in olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil, which also exist in cashews, almonds, and seeds, like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. These fats help to lower the risk of insulin resistance and inflammation in the body, these two conditions can affect ovulation. Avoid trans fats, the respondents who consume these fats have higher ovulation infertility.

Whole milk and full fat milk. Researchers suspect that when fat is removed from milk, artificial hormones in it have become negative effect that can increase infertility. Add the milk intake of whole milk to increase the likelihood of your pregnancy. Fear of uncontrollable weight gain? The key is always more sports!


Boyfriend can't get over his ex

cannot get over his exHow can you tell if he’s not really over his ex? Do you ever get the feeling that there are three people in your relationship, you, your guy and his ex? Here are five warning signs:

1. If you started dating a guy just shortly after his latest breakup, there’s a good chance he’s not completely over his ex. He wasted no time before jumping into his next relationship isn't always a good sign for your relationship.

2. He fell for you before his relationship ended. These guys are just bad news. It doesn’t matter if he says the relationship is bad, he has a cheating mentality and if he cheats on her, he probably wouldn’t have a problem with cheating on you.

3. If your new guy can’t say his ex’s name without spitting, this is another warning sign. He only deals in extremes When it comes to his ex.

4. He can’t break the string. If they were together for a long, long time, there’s also some reason for contact or they have kids in common, but if neither situation applies, and he still won’t stop talking to his ex, this show that he can’t break the string.

5. If he’s always checking her Facebook profile or you catch him poring over old pictures, you could also have a problem. He obsesses over the remnants of the relationship.

If you found those signs in your relationship, the key to making it work is both of you being willing to talk openly about his old relationship and his feelings about his ex.

Lambo Doors Extreme Makeover

Lambo doorsWant to extremely change the look of your car from just a standard vehicle to most noticeable hot ride? Only lambo doors can make such dramatically transformation, this is the addition your ride need to customize your ride to its maximum potential. Many have proven that lambo doors or scissor doors are effective accessories to upgrade your ride appearance. Just imagine how cool it will be to have a ride with doors that not open outward but upward, you can select lambo doors with manual system (open by hand) or just with the press of a button, your ride will be outstanding.

To install lambo doors, certain parts need to be removed from your vehicle, it is best to do it in car conversion shops or shops that specializing in customizing vehicle and this is the safest way. You don’t want to end up with doors that can not be closed correctly, right? Lambo doors have plenty of advantages, but also some disadvantages, so make sure you only buy high quality lambo doors. Soon after the installation, your ride definitely becomes the most noticeable ride.

High quality lambo doors are manufactured with high precision and tolerance, this make both aligning and fitting much easier. High quality lambo doors have perfect weight, this is to make sure your doors will open and close smoothly, also very important that these doors are made from high durable and tough material so your ride can very well survive burning summers and cruelest of winters, some quality that you cannot expect from bad quality lambo doors.

A new set of lambo doors will extremely add an exclusive and tight look on your car. It has become one of the most admired ways to decorate a car. Want your ride to look its stunning best? Lambo doors are the perfect way to compliment your car, the extreme makeover that last for years to come!