Just Comfort Her!

Just Comfort Her!Care, attention, adoration or whatever you want to call it, it makes people feel comfortable. One thing to add here, it is also affecting your performance in bed. A sincere compliment can make your partner comfortable during lovemaking.

During sex, some women often feel uncomfortable. The feeling can be caused by several reasons. Sincere compliment can make women feel confidence in bed; this is according to the recent published study. Excessive worries often make women uncomfortable in bed and the worst part can happen when they no longer want to have sex. These worries can be her weight problems, scars and even few body stretch marks can make them feel bad.

You as her partner should be able to make her feel like she is the most attractive person you have ever met. Give her the sense that physical appearance is not everything for you. Whispered the words that made her feel sexy.

Just show her how interests you are when she took off her clothes, this will also generate a sense of confidence, same thing happen when you give her spontaneous compliments or just whistling something 'naughty'. When she feels comfortable, you know what the rest will follow!


Want a Healthy Heart? "Make Love" Twice a week!

good sex for healthRegularly making love with your loved one is good for health, this benefit of sex is undeniable. There are many studies which have already been published, said that having sex regularly improve people health and a recent study also reveals the same thing.

Recent findings published in the American Journal of Cardiology, for example, states that men who had sex at least twice a week can avoid the risk of heart disease. The results of the study showed, those who have sex regularly have 45 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who had sex only once a month or less.

The study involving 1,000 people suggests, sex giving a heart-protective effect of man, but the study did not examine whether the same effects apply to women.

Each year, approximately 270,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack, and coronary heart disease became the greatest killer. Although sex has long been known as a profitable activity of mental and physical health, but still little scientific evidence that shows how regular sex bring substantial benefits to serious diseases like heart.

In this research, scientists at the New England Research Institute, Massachusetts, records of sexual activity men aged 40 to 70 who engaged in long-term research titled "Massachusetts Male Aging Study", which began in 1987.

After about 16 years, survey participants were asked how often they have sex and then checked for symptoms of heart disease-deck. The researchers also take into account risk factors, such as age, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Research shows, men who had sex at least twice a week lower risk of heart disease than those who have sex once a month or less.

In the report, researchers say, sex benefits both emotionally and physically for the health. Men who have desire to have sex more often are become healthier. It was also discovered that sex as physical intimacy activity has a component that can directly protect the health of blood vessels and heart.

Men who have sex regularly may be having an intimate relationship with a supportive and it is improving the quality of health by lowering levels of stress.


Why Men Watch Porn?

It's no secret that many men like to watch porn. The question is why men like to see such pictures or videos?

One theory says mirror neuron system plays an important role in the occurrence of arousal in men. Those brain cells will react not only when an action is taken, but also when we only observe. That's why looking at pornographic images can lead to passion as well as if there is a real object in front of the eye.

Another theory says that men’s brain is naturally aroused so he is ready to have sex all the time. Therefore, when viewing pornographic material, mirror neuron system will catch it as the real thing giving nearly the same stimulation as they are having sex.

The experts also stated that pornography can cause addiction effects; the process is similar to cocaine addiction and other addictive substances. Addictions lead to brain shrinking the affected part is the center front of the brain.

Shrinkage of brain cells produce dopamine, this chemical triggers pleasure that disrupt the neurotransmitter or message sender.