You just need a Kiss to say I love you!

No, it is not French that invented the art of kissing. Although when we talk about the art of kissing, or any other kissing subject, the name French is always appears. But French kissing when you do it right, you are giving a real pleasure to your loved one, It refers to the type of kiss where you insert your tongue deep into the other person's mouth and move it around.

Instead of talking about what you should do, it’s better to talk about you should not, try to avoid swirling your tongue around aggressively, similarly you should not let your entire tongue go completely limp and floppy, so do it gentle. If it feels right, you are probably doing it right. As the kiss progresses you may want to go to the neck. Kissing and just a bit of gentle biting the neck is absolutely acceptable when huddling and is the reason for the term necking.

Kissing is about feeling so put lots of feel in it, your loved one will feel how deep and gentle your love is! The art of kissing is about how to express your love and passion to your loved one, as long as you both are enjoying the kiss, whatever the art of kissing you are in, it is not important, however to put some extra “effort” with French Kiss, do it right, definitely will show how deep and much your love is. So you just need a Kiss!

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