Spices drinks increase libido!

Spices drinks increase libido!Spices are rich in various vitamins and minerals. The most common contents found in spices are vitamin C and B complex, calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus. One effort the use of spices traditionally is in the form of drinks.

If you travel to country where spices are abundant, like India and Indonesia, you will find so many kind of drinks with many spices in it, the following are drinks you can found in many places in Indonesia and should be counted as a functional beverage such as wedang jahe, wedang secang, wedang ronde, beras kencur, kunyit asam, sekoteng, bandrek, and serbat (these drinks are made from ginger, turmeric, tamarind and many other spices).

Some benefits if you drink beverage made from the spices are: triggering antioxidant activity, hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar in diabetics), lowering blood pressure (hipotensif), enhancing the immune system (imunomodulator), blood clotting, allergy, anticancer, effect on hormone system, or in other words they are healthy drinks!

Other components of these drinks are aphrodisiacs (causing arousal and sexual power), astringents (regulate blood flow through the contraction of blood vessels), diuretics (urine disposal launched), and expectorant (mucus discharge).

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Sebastian said...

Ow really spices drinks can really increase our libido? But what are those drinks? I knew nothing about spices drinks, maybe that taste really hot.. I will try that later if I can find that drinks.