Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously man underwear Obviously, who’s recognized as a premier underwear brand continues their tradition of excellence with their latest collection, the Autumn Change. Autumn Change is made of luxurious, eco‐friendly materials combined with a unique anatomical design give men a comfort and freedom never thought possible. The same comfortable pouch we’ve come to know and love continues with this new collection.

Obviously’s revolutionary design forms the basis for what makes their underwear so comfortable. All Obviously for Men underwear products have an anatomically designed pouch into which you place your entire package (both your penis and testicles). This ensures a snug fit while providing the separation necessary to eliminate the sticking, squashing, chafing, sweating and readjusting associated with traditional underwear. Let me tell you, this really does make a difference!

obviously autumn change glacier 196x250 Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously underwear is also designed with a seamless back so they don’t ride up, have soft‐backed elastic waistbands and have direct print labels to ensure a maximum level of comfort. Their breathable, natural fibres also reduce any excessive heat build up in the crotch area.

The luxurious Modal fabric selected for their Obviously for Men collections come from sustainable Beech tree plantations using a 100% natural and chemical free process. Modal is super soft on the skin, ultra light weight, naturally breathable and has strong UV and shrinkage resistance properties.

Obviously provides a range of ongoing collections as well as its seasonal fashion collection releases. September 2010 sees the release of the highly anticipated Autumn Change Collection.

Autumn Change

The Autumn Change Collection represents the transition apparent in the world around us as the seasons change from Summer to Winter; witnessing the warmth and vibrance giving way to the cool and harshness of the new season. During this period, the warm glow of Summer is still reflected in many aspects of nature, as seen with the fruit colors within the Autumn Change Collection: Kiwi and Plum. However, the cold grips of Winter have also began to appear, as seen with the Glacier and Stone Blue colors within the Autumn Change Collection.

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