Love is a human right!

Love is a human rightEvery human has the rights to love and be loved in return no matter what your condition is! Love is a human right, those who are poor, rich, healthy or sick, everyone needs to love and be loved in return. Love makes us happy, but love makes us sad too, love helps people to cure faster, but the same thing called love can put some people on the opposite direction. Love can cure but also can be a poison too; love is a complex feeling that no word can really explain.

For those who have to live with STD like HIV AIDS, herpes or any other sexually transmitted disease (STD) diseases, you have every right to love and be loved, don’t you ever feel you are less than perfect, unwanted that “nobody is looking for someone like me.” Do not adopt this kind of pervasive way of life to judge yourself, this is just plain wrong. If you have experienced few failed dates, that’s all because they just looking for someone different, so were you, right?

To keep “healthy,” be Positive Singles: You Are Not Alone! if you haven’t find someone who can love and be grateful for who you are, then keep your eyes and heart peel for that person, the time isn’t arrive yet, you two just haven’t met yet! What you need to concern is practicing a healthy way of life, both body and mind. What the internet can offer us these days is far from what you can imagine: you can get all the help you need, join social network that specially designed for those with STD, here you can find friends and even more, your lost soul mate! What you need to think right now is someone out there think you are his or hers!


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love makes the world life

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