Wanted: Sperm Donor

sperm donorWomen looking for a sperm donor often make the daddy of all choices based on limited physical details such as the man's height or hair colour.

But mothers-to-be will soon be able to pick the father of their child from a catalogue listing his personality traits, interests and even fashion sense - all from the comfort of their own home.

The online brochure is being compiled by the London Sperm Bank for infertile couples and single and lesbian women. It includes written statements from each man on why he is donating, plus staff assessments of what he is like.

A sperm bank spokesman explained that women will not have to go to the clinic to pick their man. 'They can access the catalogue from home and make their choices online,' she said.

By law, clinics are not required to give personal details about donors - and must not provide any information that will identify the men. Several banks do offer lists of basic physical traits, and some give occupations and hobbies.

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