Susahnya mengatur Mr. Happy

Sebagai salah satu organ vital, "barang" pria yang satu ini memang selalu menarik untuk diulik. Sayangnya, dalam beberapa hal, sang pemilik, alias para pria, sering tahu bagaimana atau mengapa suatu hal bisa terjadi pada "junior"-nya.

Tentu Anda masih ingat ketika gairah meluap-luap terkadang junior tetap saja terlelap. Ini karena tidak semua bagian tubuh bisa kita kendalikan, termasuk "si junior".

Penis memang tidak seperti tangan atau kaki yang bisa kita kendalikan. Penis hanya menjawab perintah dari pusat saraf yang tidak selalu berada di bawah kontrol sadar kita. Penis berada di bawah sistem saraf otonom, yang juga mengatur detak jantung dan tekanan darah.

Saat tertidur, penis sering kali mengalami ereksi. Hal ini bukan karena Anda sedang bermimpi erotis karena faktanya, meski Anda mimpi diomeli si bos, "si pedang panjang" tetap terbangun. Ternyata sebabnya adalah karena adanya dorongan dari otak. Olahraga angkat beban atau ketegangan yang membuat pergerakan perut juga bisa menyebabkan junior terbangun.

Kalau si Mr.Happy bisa bangun tanpa perintah Anda, ia pun bisa loyo semaunya. "Penis juga bisa mengecil, terutama akibat udara dingin. Ini karena fungsi ini berada di bawah kendali sistem saraf simpatetik," kata Drogo Montague, MD, ahli urologi dari Cleveland Clinic, AS.

Reaksi stres psikologis juga menyertakan sistem saraf simpatetik dan stres punya pengaruh yang sama terhadap penis, seperti halnya udara dingin. Hal itu dikatakan Montague. Saat Anda merasa rileks dan sedang tanpa beban, penis bisa terlihat lebih besar dibanding saat sedang stres. Dengan kata lain, penis bisa menjadi barometer dari sistem saraf simpatetik.


Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Women

A survey conducted by a men magazine asked 3,289 women how happy they are with their sex lives. Then they took notes from the ones with the biggest smiles.

She Wants More
Although our survey shows that satisfied women have sex several times a week, two out of five are still left craving more. "Women have a broad definition of sex, so this doesn't necessarily mean they want more intercourse," says Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men. "A woman might just want to feel more sexual in general, so let her know you're thinking about her throughout the day, and tinge it with sexuality." One way is to text her about dinner plans and ask her to wear her hot red blouse.
Listen in: "He's afraid of seeming too eager, but I have just as large a sex drive as he does." —Marissa, 19

She Knows She's Hot
Satisfied women don't suffer from low self-esteem—four in five think their partners find them extremely sexy. Want a confident girlfriend? Never criticize other women's bodies. "She'll worry about how you feel about hers," says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., sexual-health educator at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute. "She won't feel comfortable showing you her body if she's worried you'll think she's fat, ugly, or full of cellulite."
Listen in: "When I hear him compliment me in bed, it sends me over the top." —Jane, 28

She'll Speak Up
Satisfied women know what they want, and 87 percent will express it. "A woman comfortable asking for what she wants is going to be orgasmic more of the time," says Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., author of For Each Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy. Encourage her openness by increasing sex talk in nonsexual situations. But be sure to look out for nonverbal cues, too. "Some people do to their partners what they would like done to themselves," Barbach says. If she keeps touching you gently, for example, do that unto her.
Listen in: "I tell him everything. That's why we have great sex!" —Kathleen, 32

Pleasure's the Goal
Sounds crazy, but it's true: Orgasm isn't essential to a woman's sexual satisfaction. Three out of four women say the pleasure from sex makes orgasm less necessary. So relax—your laid-back approach can put her more at ease, making her more likely to climax. "The more you try to focus on orgasm, the more you scare it away," says Barbach. Instead, attend to her without that Big-O-or-Big-Zero attitude.
Listen in: "I don't love sex for the orgasms, I love it because it brings us closer together." —Sara, 22

Passion Trumps Size
The cliché is true: It is how you use it. Only 7 percent of sexually satisfied women say penis size is critical to their pleasure. The other 93 percent say they can be satisfied in other ways. "Passion is what keeps women coming back for more," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., the author of Touch Me There! Our survey participants agreed: They were 10 times as likely to rank both passion and generosity as more important than penis size.
Listen in: "Our sexual chemistry and his passion are what make the sex incredible!" —Louise, 22


Directv NFL Sunday Ticket delivers to Your Home!

Directv NFLGirls… are you looking something special for your boys and still could not think of what you should get them? How about some TV programs they like most such as Sport? You then can join and watch side by side with your loved one, one gift that definitely will improve relationship among your guys, right?

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Another fact stated on its homepage is, this is the only place you can get every NFL game every Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ where other can only give you 4. Still not convince? You can read page Questions about DIRECTV where most viewers’ frequently asked questions are listed. Girls, make up your mind now and choose only present your boys love most, choose wisely, give your loved one only the best in its field. Happy Watching!

Sex hurts during pregnancy?

pregnant sexAs long as the normal pregnancy and the gestational sac is still intact, there is no reason why the sexual desire in the line to determine

The sexual desire is in the course of the pregnancy some fluctuations mitmachen. Many women have in the first third of pregnancy because of recurrent nausea little sense for sexual activities.

Moreover, the news about the family is often so overwhelming that, in thinking and feeling little different place. Other pregnant women appreciate it again, finally no longer a need to worry about contraception and sex from his once carefree side to enjoy.

In the second third of pregnancy, most pregnant women experience the height of their desire. The news has set and the nausea is diminished. In addition, many women enjoy the physical changes that are increasingly apparent.

The breasts are bigger, the female forms, and the Bäuchlein is still good to wear. The body at this time on top of increased sex hormones and the sheath flow is stronger and thus more sensitive. Contractions of the uterus, which is triggered by the orgasm will threaten the child does not.

The child is so well protected in the amniotic fluid that he himself stronger shocks do not mind. Only tendency to premature labor and premature opening of the cervix should be more sex. Although physical proximity in the 3rd Third pregnancy as particularly pleasant is: From the 30th Week will find it increasingly difficult to find a suitable place to find where the growing Babybauch not in the path. Many parents have at this stage particularly great fear, to injure the child.

But even if the movements of the Child can be irritating, there is no reason to refrain from sex until both partners desire it. Especially popular in the last third of pregnancy is the spoon position. Another variant, in which the abdomen can be guaranteed not to disturb the woman lies with her back on the bed, with feet on the ground, the man kneels before her.

Not all fear is completely unfounded

Many young parents leave it for fear of infection, complications or premature birth can bring, rather at a cuddle. And in fact, fear is from the 20th Week of pregnancy is not completely unfounded. If the cervix is already open, bacteria can penetrate into the uterus. This is especially the case when the cervix is violated.

To curb the risk of infection, a thorough Intimate care obligation. While the men before sexual intercourse soap should confess, it is for women to be mild, soap-free cleaning products use. Even condoms can protect against infection. Another big fear wound themselves around a possible premature birth as a result of sexual intercourse.

Also in this case, the fears are not entirely without foundation. The seeds contain prostaglandins may actually initiate contractions. However, this is only possible if the cervix is already wide open and thus, when the body is already ready for the birth. Security Halber couples can at this time to use condoms. The general rule is that everything in the pregnancy is allowed, what do the two partners. If during or after sexual intercourse, however, bleeding or pain, it is useful in any case, the doctor informed.

Source: According to information from the Professional Association of Women Doctors Association and the technician Krankenkasse

Ereksi yang Tidak Sempurna

Ereksi yang Tidak SempurnaSetiap pasangan pasti mendambakan kehidupan seksual yang sempurna, namun tidak semua pasangan dikaruniakan dengan hal ini, salah satu gangguan disfungsi seksual (DE) yang sering dialami oleh kaum lelaki adalah ereksi yang tidak sempurna, namun keluhan ini bisa dibantu dengan akupunktur dan obat-obatan alami, sedikit uraian dari manfaat masing masing metode dan obat-obatan alami untuk anda pembaca setia Sari Rapet.

Walaupun metode tusuk jarum ini telah dipakai untuk mengobati impotensi, belum ada penelitian ilmiah yang dengan tegas mendukungnya. Pada tahun 2009, ilmuwan Korea Selatan melakukan review pada beberapa kajian tentang akupunktur untuk mengatasi DE. Menurut mereka, akupunktur kurang efektif untuk mengobati DE.

Ginseng merah (red ginseng) dari Korea sudah sejak lama dipakai untuk merangsang fungsi organ seksual pria. Namun, baru sedikit penelitian ilmiah mengenai herbal yang terkenal ini. Dalam studi terhadap 45 pria impoten, diketahui ginseng merah berkhasiat menambah kekerasan ereksi. Diskusikan dengan dokter sebelum mengonsumsi ginseng karena bahan ini bisa menyebabkan alergi bila dipakai bersamaan dengan obat lain.

Ginko Biloba
Meski lebih terkenal sebagai obat untuk meningkatkan daya ingat, tanaman ini juga dipercaya berkhasiat memulihkan ereksi pada penderita DE. Sayangnya, beberapa penelitian tidak memperlihatkan perbaikan kemampuan ereksi meski sudah mendapat suntikan bahan aktif ginko. Para ahli menduga ginko tidak memperbaiki ereksi secara langsung. Namun, kemampuannya memperbaiki peredaran darah memudahkan terjadinya rangsangan erotik untuk menimbulkan libido.

Sebelum Viagra dan obat DE lainnya ditemukan, dokter terkadang meresepkan obat herbal yohime (yohimbine hydrochloride) untuk pasien DE. Peran utamanya adalah meningkatkan pasokan darah ke jaringan erektil penis. Namun, banyak ahli meragukan keefektifan tanaman ini. Terlebih, tanaman ini memiliki efek samping berupa tekanan darah tinggi, kecemasan, dan sakit kepala. FDA merekomendasikan penggunaan yohimbe dengan resep.

Pasak Bumi/Eurycoma Longifolia
Di Indonesia, yang satu ini lebih dikenal sebagai pasak bumi. Selain sebagai afrodisiak, beberapa penelitian menyebutkan bahwa pasak bumi berkhasiat sebagai obat anti-malaria. Tanaman ini banyak ditemukan di Kalimantan, Sumatera, dan Malaysia.

Supplemen DHEA
Testoteron sangat penting dalam fungsi seksual pria dan meningkatkan libido. Dua hal tersebut diketahui rendah pada pria yang menderita DE. Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa mengonsumsi suplemen yang mengandung DHEA (de-hydro-epi-androsterone) bisa meningkatkan hasrat seksual. Akan tetapi, DHEA memiliki efek samping menekan fungsi kelenjar di bagian otak. Keamanannya dalam jangka panjang juga belum jelas.

Cordyceps Sinensis
Ini merupakan jamur langka yang hanya hidup di dataran tinggi Tibet. Selain meningkatkan stamina, konsumsi jamur ini dipercaya bisa meningkatkan keperkasaan pria. Sebuah perusahaan suplemen kesehatan berhasil memperoleh strain Cs-4 dari jamur mycelia cordyceps yang punya manfaat setara dengan jamur yang tumbuh alami. Penelitian menunjukkan, strain cordyceps mampu meningkatkan fungsi seksual pada lansia dan memperpendek ambang rangsangan sehingga ereksi lebih cepat terjadi.

Jika gangguan DE tetap berlanjut sudah waktunya untuk mengunjungi dokter spesialis anda.


Love Tea!

TeaTea and romance! Yes, try to have afternoon tea with your loved one, have a cup of tea, near your fire place, play your most romantic CD, there you go, you and your love one can be fall in love again and again, tea time for the whole family is also one great moment to bring closer every member of family.

For ages, people drink tea, there are many type of tea, it can help you relax, some teas can make you calm, others can bring you happiness, enhance your feeling, and make you feel better. That’s why couples are encouraged to drink tea together, to enhance their relationship. Talking about tea, there are many type of tea from place of origin, there are Assam, Oolong, Kenya, and many more, while from way of blending, there are in French, Russian, Moroccan styles, environmental friendly tea like Organic tea is also very popular these days.

Tea also good for health because it contents high antioxidant to reduce radicals from our body, white tea is one of the best that contents three time antioxidant compared to general tea. Looking for a complete tea store over the internet? Visit englishteastore.com and pick your favorite tea here, don’t forget to ask your loved one’s favorite too, enjoy your love tea!

Infidelity - the forbidden passion

alnect komputerGentle whispers and dirty talk, gentle stroking and wild passion - is the sex when really tingling?

Can a small affair for a Kick asleep relationship or does it bring the total at the end? If our unfaithfulness at the end even in the blood?

Although never a single definition of love will prevail, is clear: Nothing is so constant and yet so persistent Metamorphoses subject, as this indefinite feeling of warmth and connectedness that we call love.

It slips over time in the body to some extent from bottom to top. At the beginning it tickles in the abdomen and thighs, then she is a state of deep affection in the chest and in the end it is considered as a comradely love anchored in the head.

An exciting lover may have been because of confusion: "The fact that I had betrayed my friend, does not mean that I do not love him," explains a 34-year-old from Berlin.

"It was just very nice match. It's like a bath in champagne, which is also a positive effect on the relationship with my boyfriend impact." Difficulty of separating her lover, she had not. "This is my relationship with my partner is too important."

The affair - rush

Polls show that the sexual attraction between two people is usually the starting point of any affair is. Sex is not in any case the most important role. The journalist Maja Langsdorff for her book "The Lover" women interviewed expressed very differently on this point.

While younger women stressed that a fulfilled sexuality with her lover while important, but a degree of love must already exist, provided mature women sex in the foreground. "Sex for me is quite to very important," said a woman from the group of 40-year-olds. When it comes to sex is wrong, starting with me you do not want relationship. "

Nevertheless the fact that many of the sex with the lover find fulfilling, lies in the nature of the sexual relationship reasons: The erotic charm of an affair is in addition to the clandestine situation especially of the independence of both partners.

You may apply to the Sex in the role of their dreams, and then slip back into their daily lives disappear. The housewife is men murdering Vamp, the ice-cold businessman who love to devote a more mature lady. With the trusted partner and in which over the years built up the social fabric was not so readily. Only an affair heartedness makes this possible: "It is incredibly beautiful, for a few hours very intense desire to be," said Brigitte, 28, from Cologne. "When sex with my lover I really Tanke on."

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Muscular men have more sex

alnect komputerMen with muscular body come in women particularly well. But muscle mountains bring not only advantages: they make more susceptible to diseases.

U.S. researchers know, why not every man a muscular body his own calls, even though trained men, according to previous study results of a particularly lively sex life. Evolutionary psychologist William Lassek of the University of Pittsburgh reported in the online edition of "New Scientist" from the "evolutionary Price", the muscle have to pay. So they have about increased appetite and have a weaker immune system than their lean cousins. In sum, consider the advantages and disadvantages about the scales.

Steve Gaulin anthropologist from the University of California and served Lassek data on long-term study of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Join this large-scale study in which data on key food and eating habits are collected, each year 5,000 people take part.

The researchers chose more than 5000 volunteers from this. They had 1988 to 1994 participated in the study and were 18 to 49 years old. In the interest of research was now on the one hand the amount of their muscular arms and legs and on the other hand, their success at the other sex. The researchers found a clear correlation: the more muscular men were, the more they had Sexpartner.

A strong muscle volume, however, has other consequences. Thus muscle men need more calories in order to be fed, in a prosperous society is not necessarily a disadvantage to be the case. Muscular Our ancestors probably had, but many times go to bed hungry, so Lassek. A clear downside of a trained body is a weak immune system. Responsible for this is the hormone testosterone, which promotes muscle and suppresses the immune system. Strong men have fewer white blood cells, which can ward off diseases, what they are susceptible to infection makes.

Source: According to information from the online edition of "New Scientist"

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Myth: "The G-point guarantees an orgasm"

g-spotTo the so-called Gräfenberg point, just the G-point, there is a veritable hype. These erogenous zone inside the vagina is a reputation for being the ultimate guarantor of orgasm to be.

In anatomy books has Gräfenberg discovery, however, do not put: It is controversial whether the G-point really exists. One thing is certain in any case, that there is more need for a woman to orgasm, as only a certain point in her abdomen to press.

No less interesting are the rumors about the G-point of the man who has for some time round. This is a reflex zone over which the prostate gland can stimulate the man, which in turn leads to a rapid and intense orgasms lead. This type of stimulation is currently mainly used in the medical field, such as inflammation, despite the prostate to be able to get semen.

Self-satisfaction as an enrichment of the sex life

woman masturbationSelf-satisfaction is not a poor substitute for the love of the game with a partner, but an enrichment of the sex life.

And yet is the "Quickie" when masturbating frequently Standard: It quickly get behind him, most do not even take off their clothes and just can not catch it. Time to take the fewest women and men.

Most were in their childhood and youth panic afraid to be discovered: Suddenly, the door opened, and the mother sees herself as one "befummelt" - a nightmare. That is why many people masturbate only with very strong sexual pressure.

But it is also with pleasure: It is a lot of time, make it cozy, maybe with a nice music, pleasant lighting, scented candles, fresh bed linen or a special massage oil - this may be the first step to love playing with himself too, an erotic book to read or view a video, is often staggering.

True Lust encompasses all the senses, the sex therapist to confirm again and again: See, hear, taste, smell - all that has influence on the sensuality and sexuality. Especially for women, the atmosphere plays a big role, especially when they first meet itself.

The voice of the best girlfriend on the answering machine or the family in front of the door can be an absolute pleasure killers. Women - and men - should be a peaceful place and time for self-satisfaction, and choose to create a pleasant trappings.

Orgasm from above

orgasm"Good sex is like Ascension Day": It was a Franciscan brother in Poland are tips for a fulfilling sex life - as long as the couples are married and deeply devout sind.In Knotz Ksawery Poland is now almost a media star. That did not like him, says the bearded Franciscan Father. For a moment, even the smile disappears from his face, when he must comment that he is now the "Kamasutra monk" or "sex-priest" is called. The 43-year-old has written books on love in marriage is written, and he works for the site "chance encounters" (www.szansaspotkania.net), a virtual Sexratgeber for couples, which the Polish Franciscan have. The tips of the priest for a fulfilling sex life prints now a tabloid newspaper, he gives seminars and receives a desperate married couple to couple therapy.

Polish newspapers now often used by its successes, and quote extensively his sheep: "Since we were Ksawery Father, is my wife a gun in the bed", said about one only with first names called engineer. His wife adds: "After 18 years of marriage, I had the first orgasm."

The Father is the market scream unlieb entrepreneurial success stories. People dächten then, there were only about sexual techniques, he says. A foreign magazine even wrote that Knotz seminars on a T-shirt with the words "sex coach" bears - which, of course, was fictitious.

Like many Eastern European countries, Poland since the fall of the Iron Curtain has been flooded with Sexratgebern. At each kiosk at each station, there is Sexpostillen, sex movies and condoms, the private television broadcasts soft. And the careers of politicians it does not harm if they make sexist slogans.

Prudish society is long gone. Only isolated fulminate conservative pastor from the pulpit against sexual excesses, but investigations by the Social Institute of the Catholic Church show that the majority of Poland such warnings are ignored. This is probably one reason why the bishops to grant leave Franciscan: He hears it at least. And the Upper Church is currently looking for a recipe especially against the fact that so many young people turn away from religion.

Thus, Father Ksawery freely answering questions which you previously a priest would have never asked. In his courses and books have love techniques as well as space observations on the anatomy of men and women. This is paradoxical: it is precisely caused the Polish Church, with its opposition to the sex education that this knowledge in schools is too short.

Pray for good sex

The Father presupposes, however, that his seminar participants believed deeply interrelated and are married. From his experience as a pastor he knew that these people are often jammed. So he says to the opening of his courses very directly: "Sexuality is a gift from God!" And: "Good sex is like Ascension."

Because of problems with spouses, he makes the same causes as psychotherapists: a lack of communication and empathy. The blockades of the people he wants to help overcome. One way for him is the internal reflection, "Yes, we may the Lord for good sex please," he says.

Also, too much sex for Knotz no sin. Wrong Sex are. It was not possible that men are not on the needs of women received, he says. Sin, it was also, without any medical reason for an extended period of time the spouse to deny, without using this to talk about. So are his books advertised as Sexfibeln more attempts, the sex lives of humans in the divine creation of each plan.

Knotz even goes so far as to married couples to have sex to motivate: "It is God's will that people be happy." But he advises against the routine in bed fighting for. A romantic atmosphere is important, says the priest, it would be essential oils or incense help. Spouses should be mutually surprised and captivated - like with erotic lingerie. Only on the question of tools such as whips and shackles, and he reacts unwilling replied that both partners have a deep encounter with each other should aspire. These include a long foreplay.

Father Ksawery is often asked where his creative knowledge, as he himself indeed the celibacy compliance. He then tells of his experience as a couple therapist. Also you should not do everything on his own intuition to know: "Even a heart surgeon has survived a heart attack so do not have to do the job well."


Belanja Komputer Online

Berbelanja komputer dan perlengkapannya sekarang makin mudah dengan kehadiran Alnect Komputer. Toko online yang menyediakan komputer, notebook, netbook serta berbagai macam perlengkapannya ini berbasis di Yogyakarta dan bermaksud untuk memberi kemudahan bagi pengguna komputer untuk mendapatkan keperluan-keperluan mereka dan tentunya dengan harga yang cukup bersaing.

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Sebelum berbelanja, untuk memastikan spesifikasi barang yang ingin anda beli sudah sesuai dengan kebutuhan, anda dapat terlebih dahulu menghubungi customer support mereka baik melalui live chat ataupun melalui telepon.

Kehadiran Alnect Komputer memberikan alternative bagi anda yang ingin berbelanja computer dan perlengkapannya secara lebih mudah tanpa perlu bersusah-susah meninggalkan rumah atau kantor anda.

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Apakah Perbedaan diantara Libido Wanita dibandingkan dengan Pria?

Libido Wanita dibandingkan dengan PriaBerdasarkan penelitian, hanya kurang dari separuh wanita berusia 30 tahun yang menginginkan seks secara reguler. Sementara itu, libido laki-laki tak terpengaruh oleh lamanya relationship, termasuk dalam pernikahan.

Demikian menurut sebuah jurnal kesehatan yang menyebutkan bahwa perbedaan ini merupakan bagian dari bagaimana manusia mengalami evoluasi. Seorang lelaki memiliki libido yang stabil bisa jadi disebabkan oleh persaingan sifat dengan sesama lelaki untuk sama-sama melindungi perempuan.

Para peneliti dari Rumah Sakit Universitas Hamburg Eppendorf telah mewawancarai 530 pria dan wanita untuk penelitian ini. Hasilnya, 60 persen dari perempuan berusia 30-an tahun menginginkan hubungan seks lebih sering pada awal-awal perkenalan (pernikahan). Tapi dalam masa empat tahun, angka tersebut cenderung menurun hingga di bawah 50 persen.

Lebih lanjut menurut jurnal tersebut, perempuan mengalami evolusi sedemikian rupa sehingga memiliki dorongan seksual tinggi justru ketika mereka baru berkenalan. Mengapa begitu? Ini merupakan tahap awal untuk membentuk apa yang disebut pair bond atau perikatan dengan pasangannya. Nah, ketika hubungan sudah mulai cair, libido perempuan turun. Kemungkinan lain, perempuan membatasi hasrat seksual justru untuk menggoda atau memancing gairah pasangannya.

Home Theater – One way to bring closer your family members!

There are many things couples or families can do together to enhance their relationship and at the same time improve the quality, from the simplest thing like touching and holding, enjoying tea time, watching your family favorite movie together to traveling aboard, so the activities involved can be done directly from your home to anywhere in the world.

Being together is one thing many families in current days are lacking of. Couples and families on these days meet only in the morning before everyone gets busy and again at night when everyone has already been exhausted from the whole day’s activities. What you need is to create an environment where you and your spouse, or family members willing to sit and having fun together. A home theater is one way to bring such environment to the whole family.

These days, even home theater can be very sophisticated, sure you can pick just a very simple system but if you can afford why not bring the most extraordinary, the best quality for the whole family. What you need is to find a home theater Company that can set up the home theater system in your home; this will involve from designing and installing audio, video and controlling the theater system.

Please also make sure that the home theater company you are going to hire for your project is not only showing interest during the installation but also will provide you ongoing support. Doc Greene Sr. is a Houston Home Theater company that have been known as Houston's choice for luxury home theater, whole house audio-video, and home automation. This Company, according to its website has started since 1994, brings years of experience to assist you to build your own home theater system.

Another Company is ProConvergence, a Dallas Home Theater Company; specialize from the simplest to extraordinary home theater, offering a wide variety of applications and budgets. As the whole point of setting up this home theater is to bring closer the family members, you and your loved one, be assured that the end result is an easy to use and reliable home theater system where every member of the family is really enjoying their time there.


Semoga Awet dan Mesra Selalu Berkat Ciuman!

art of kissing, CiumanApa yang paling dibutuhkan saat berciuman? Kemampuan mencium dan chemistry, tentunya. Jika keduanya tidak Anda miliki, ciuman pun akan terasa hambar. Sebelum Anda mulai melancarkan ciuman Anda, pastikan Anda mengetahui empat kesalahan yang sering terjadi saat berciuman.

Ciuman yang kasar, sebuah ciuman seharusnya dilakukan dengan lembut dan penuh perasaan, atau panas dan penuh gairah. Namun, bukan seperti sedang diterkam oleh binatang buas, ini pada umumnya dan tentunya lain cerita jika pasangan anda yang memintanya.

Ciuman yang hambar, sebuah ciuman tidak harus "basah", tetapi juga jangan hanya menyentuh bibir begitu saja. Libatkan sedikit lidah Anda. Jika pasangan tampak ragu mengirimkan ciumannya, dan Anda ingin memastikan apakah ia memang berniat mencium Anda, tunjukkan antusiasme Anda.

Ciuman yang bikin ilfil (karena bau mulut, tidak susah menghilangkan bau mulut. Makan permen mint atau permen karet, atau gosoklah gigi Anda. Mendapati cabai yang terselip di gigi juga sama sekali enggak bikin turn on. Bila mungkin, hindari makanan atau minuman yang bisa menimbulkan bau, jika Anda memang akan bertemu si dia.

Ciuman yang salah sasaran, ciuman di pipi atau di kening memang bisa membuat Anda merasa disayangi. Namun, jika memang bermaksud mencium bibir, ciumlah bibirnya, bukan dagu, hidung, atau pipinya, apalagi jika ditambah dengan permainan lidah yang meninggalkan liur di sekujur muka. Jadi sedikit lebih ahli Anda sekarang didalam hal menciumi pasangan, semoga awet dan mesra selalu berkat ciuman!