Love Kills Pain as Well as Morphine

Love Kills Pain"Finding pleasure in activities, and with the one you’re with, can have multiple benefits, including reducing your pain," said senior author Dr. Sean Mackey, chief of the Division of Pain Management at Stanford University School of Medicine. Love may actually be a painkiller, researchers suggest in a new study in the journal PLoS ONE.

The study looked at 15 undergraduates – both men and women – between ages 19 and 21, all of whom were in the "early phases of passionate love," having been in a relationship anywhere from a few months to a year. This is a small sample size, but not unusual for a study involving functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Participants were asked to bring in photos of their beloved and an acquaintance who was equally attractive. While viewing these photos, a computer-controlled stimulator made them feel pain in the palm of their hand that felt akin to burning oneself on a hot pan, but in a safe way and without causing any actual damage, Mackey said. They were also asked to answer distracting questions while the pain was applied. The fMRI scanner allowed researchers to examine what brain systems were involved during each condition.

The magnitude of pain relief when participants thought about their beloved was comparable to morphine and other clinical painkillers, Mackey said. However, he cautioned that this is not a study about chronic pain, merely pain applied for 30 seconds at a time in an artificial setting.

Full Video of Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox in Armani’s Ad

You can please enjoy the view of these two complete commercial ad video of Christiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox for Armani Ad Champaign

On the first video Cristianois is dressing in his hotel room while hotel maid is sneek peeking at him and doing everything she can to keep him shirtless.

On the second one, a hotel staff can't focus on his job while seeing Megan Fox is dressing and this star get surprised when the staf declined her tips.

How to flatter broad shoulders

Are your broad shoulders become and asset or defect,it's all depends on how you see them. In any case there are always ways to great fashion solutions that will either distract attention from the flaw you want to hide or flatter the body part that is considered not too attractive. If you don’t like the broad shoulders or would like to find a way to make them more flattering follow our tips on how to flatter broad shoulders.

If you don’t want to attract more attention to your shoulders you should definitely ditch all the shoulder pads in your robes and kimonos if you have ones. They’ll only add volume and attract attention.

Plunging necklines work great with broad shoulders as they make the chest and overall physique appear narrower. Ditch horizontal cut necklines as they will only magnify your shoulders. Thin (spaghetti) straps are not necessarily for small shoulders but they do have a tendency to make the contrast between physique and their size, so experiment with bra straps and decide which ones work better for you, spaghetti straps, medium or wide straps.

Halterneck is a perfect option for broad shoulders as it flatters them in every possible way. It makes your appearance narrower and it flatters broad shoulders. Kimonos are also great at hiding broad shoulders as well as wear with dolman and raglan sleeves.

Accessories such as long necklaces will help keep attention downward and elongate your torso. While wearing lingerie you can wear sheer robe as it will downplay your broad shoulders without giving up the sensuality of your lingerie outfit.

Many women with broad shoulders managed to find their broad shoulders as an asset which they flatter with clothes and show off. So as long as you keep your posture and treat your broad shoulders as an asset you will not have to hide them.


Get more valuable experiences in buying underwear.

Since years ago, when we choose underwear – even only to wear under our outfit - how convenience the underwear fit to your body in not the only reason anymore. We must agree that underwear don’t be scratchy or unflattering. But recently, the design, color and shape of underwear has become some consideration factors in choosing underwear in order to make we feel more good and sexy. Feeling sexy, even only for ourselves now believed would improve the confidence and raise your self esteem.

You don’t need to rush when choosing your underwear. Take as much time as possible you need to explore a wide range of choices out there so that you can make the best choice and later it will helps you feeling comfortable and supported by your underwear.

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You can also find so many related articles about how to choose the right underwear and some resources information you possibly need. Just visit the website and get more valuable experiences in buying underwear.


10 Things You Should Know About Men

10 Things You Should Know About MenThe male species. There are things about them are always difficult to understand - like, how can they be proficient used in all parts of the engine of a car, but they are confused when it goes to the washing machine. Or, as they always choke on the words "I love you." But most of the time, men "do" are really quite simple.

Eris Huemer is a consultant relationships and family and coaches. She and her husband, Clayton Winans are about to release her latest book The Man ™ IP-vs-Regulator ™ Wo-man equalizer: Everything you need to know, the relationship you want. The power couple courts universally ten things you should know what the men tick.

1. Men have needs as you want
Women are often those most in need of sex but the guys are emotional needs, even after Huemer and Wina. You can add not easy, but "men need respect, praise, of interest, what they do, support, encouragement, cooperation, understanding, love, time alone, etc., etc."

2. Men need respect
Find a woman who disrepects her boyfriend, and find a man who is half way through the door. "A man is somewhere respect," said Huemer and Wina. "If they do not give him, he will find it elsewhere."

3. Men need praise
What is the best way to get a man to please, whether at home or in bed? Give her self-esteem boost. "Men need to be constantly reminded of how they say it and Wina Huemer." If you ask him to do the dishes and he was not yet fully appreciate the fact that it actually was, if not exactly to your specifications . Nagging him, how ineffective it is and how you have done a much better job is not in your interest. "

4. Men need you to be interested in what they do
Men want women who care about what they do (his work, his hobby, whatever). "You do not need to live and breathe, their interests," said Huemer and Wina, but you have to understand enough to leave a comment. "For example, questions about his day at the office when he returns home, show your enthusiasm for his performance at work when he had a stressful day to hear, -. Advised not to Mostly he just needs a sympathetic ear..

5. Men need support and encouragement
"If you support it, it will help," said Huemer and Wina. When he asks you do to help, to do things that one has to support them. "If you encourage him with his goals and dreams, it will be a better man for her."

6. Men need for cooperation
In other words, men do not want to hear what to do or be like. "The best thing you can do is to believe, he had to manipulate the idea," said Huemer and Wina. He enjoys a relationship where you work as a team, not a relationship where you wear the pants.

7. Men need to understand
Men may seem like the planet Mars, at times, but they want to be truly understood. "If he takes the time to really talk about you not to blow or to ignore them, just listen," said Huemer and Wina. Excellent communication between couples is the key to a deeper, stronger level links.

8. Men need love (and yes, that even sex)
We all know that sex is important for a man, but "love is not just sex," said Huemer and Wina. "Love to stroke a glance, a touch is a kiss, and his ego." If you are attentive to their needs, it will be more willing to pay attention to yours.

9. Men need time alone
He needs a chance to explore a hobby, spending time with the guys and relax. "Allow and encourage them to do what he does to relax and beat Wina Huemer. "If you do this, the time you spend with him even better." Of course, if time only includes an addiction to pornography, fantasy football and video games, you can reconsider your choice of new people.

10. Men need your attention
you might think that they are not very attentive, but respect the people on how women respond to their needs, because, as mentioned in the first point: Men are in need


Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously man underwear Obviously, who’s recognized as a premier underwear brand continues their tradition of excellence with their latest collection, the Autumn Change. Autumn Change is made of luxurious, eco‐friendly materials combined with a unique anatomical design give men a comfort and freedom never thought possible. The same comfortable pouch we’ve come to know and love continues with this new collection.

Obviously’s revolutionary design forms the basis for what makes their underwear so comfortable. All Obviously for Men underwear products have an anatomically designed pouch into which you place your entire package (both your penis and testicles). This ensures a snug fit while providing the separation necessary to eliminate the sticking, squashing, chafing, sweating and readjusting associated with traditional underwear. Let me tell you, this really does make a difference!

obviously autumn change glacier 196x250 Obviously Rolls Out NEW Autumn Change Collection

Obviously underwear is also designed with a seamless back so they don’t ride up, have soft‐backed elastic waistbands and have direct print labels to ensure a maximum level of comfort. Their breathable, natural fibres also reduce any excessive heat build up in the crotch area.

The luxurious Modal fabric selected for their Obviously for Men collections come from sustainable Beech tree plantations using a 100% natural and chemical free process. Modal is super soft on the skin, ultra light weight, naturally breathable and has strong UV and shrinkage resistance properties.

Obviously provides a range of ongoing collections as well as its seasonal fashion collection releases. September 2010 sees the release of the highly anticipated Autumn Change Collection.

Autumn Change

The Autumn Change Collection represents the transition apparent in the world around us as the seasons change from Summer to Winter; witnessing the warmth and vibrance giving way to the cool and harshness of the new season. During this period, the warm glow of Summer is still reflected in many aspects of nature, as seen with the fruit colors within the Autumn Change Collection: Kiwi and Plum. However, the cold grips of Winter have also began to appear, as seen with the Glacier and Stone Blue colors within the Autumn Change Collection.

Demi Lingkungan Toyota Gelontor USD 60 Juta

Amerika Serikat – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) benar-benar peduli terhadap upaya menciptakan lingkungan yang lebih bersih dan hijau disamping menciptakan mobil keluarga ideal. Tak berpuas diri mengandalkan teknologi hybrid pada Toyota Prius yang telah terjual 2 juta unit di seluruh dunia, TMC juga memberikan kepercayaan kepada Tesla Motors Inc. dengan menggelontorkan dana segar sebesar USD 60 juta.

Besarnya dana itu untuk membiayai pengembangan baterai lithium-ion, motor listrik dan komponen penunjang lainnya. Dengan teknologi listrik yang lebih canggih tersebut, Toyota optimis di masa mendatang akan hadir mobil-mobil yang lebih ramah pada lingkungan. Ini akan menjadi pilihan mobil keluarga terbaik di Indonesia

Sebagai proyeksi awal, Toyota RAV4 yang jadi pilihan. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) kompak yang penjualannya sangat laris di Amerika dan Eropa ini akan hadir dengan versi elektrik. Varian yang sama sekali baru ini juga rencananya akan menggunakan teknologi gearbox dan software terbaru.

Diperkirakan Toyota RAV4 elektrik akan dilepas ke pasaran pada 2012 atau dua tahun lagi. Pengembangan RAV4 dilakukan di pabrik milik bersama Toyota-Tesla di Fremont, California, sedangkan produksinya bisa saja dipusatkan di pabrik Toyota yang berlokasi di San Francisco.

Sejauh ini para dealer Toyota di Amerika Serikat sangat antusias menyambut kedatangan RAV4 elektrik. Terutama setelah versi prototype-nya dikenalkan pekan lalu di Las Vegas.

Yang mengagumkan dari hasil tes sementara, performa Toyota RAV4 elektrik lebih responsif dibandingkan mobil-mobil sejenis. Akselerasinya sangat responsif, karena untuk mencapai kecepatan dari posisi berhenti hingga melaju pada 100 km/jam cukup membutuhkan waktu 5,6 detik.

Dengan performanya yang sangat meyakinkan tersebut, Toyota-Tesla berhasil menyinergikan antara kendaraan yang lebih ramah lingkungan tanpa harus mengorbankan kecepatan. Dipastikan kehadiran Toyota RAV4 elektrik bakal memperkokoh dominasi Toyota sebagai produsen mobil-mobil berteknologi hijau di dunia selain sebagai penyedia Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia (*)