Vaccine Prevention for Breast Cancer within Reach

Breast Cancer vaccineSome good news for Breast Cancer after scientists discover a vaccine that could be used to prevent and treat breast cancer.

"All women over the age of 40 years can be given this vaccine to prevent them from breast cancer," said Dr. Vincent Tuohy who created this vaccine as reported by the Telegraph, Monday (05/31/2010).

This vaccine will begin to be tested in a year. Currently a study of mice has revealed that this vaccine can stop tumor activity either never appear or the tumor was being attacked.

Teens Guide: Types of hymens

Based on research conducted by Frank H. Netter MD contained in the book The Human Sexuality, the shape of the hymen is divided into four forms, namely:

1. Normal (Annular) Hymen, This is a perfect annular hymen. It is called annular because the hymen forms a ring around the vaginal opening.
2. Septate Hymen, hymen marked with some open holes.
3. Cibriform Hymen, hymen marked with some holes that are open, but the hole was smaller and more numerous.
4. Introitus, found on women who are highly experienced in sexual activities, the pit membranes could be enlarged, but still leaves the hymen tissue.

Types of Hymens


Men can be more Sensitive with Oxytocin

SensitiveAs reported in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers from the University of Bonn have succeeded in developing a hormone spray that can make men become more sensitive as well as the women.

The secret is in the oxytocin hormone which is the key ingredient in the spray. In the research, this hormone is sprayed into the nose of 24 men who. The man is then shown some pictures that can promote compassion, like a child who was crying, girls hugging cats, and men who are grieving.

The reaction of these men was then compared with men who do not get the spray of the hormone. The results show that empathy shown by those men who have been sprayed with the oxytocin hormone was higher and in few cases can be as high as it is usually indicated by the women.

Oxytocin is a type of hormone that is released by the body to trigger labor in pregnant women and also help bond between mom and her baby. Oxytocin is also called the hormone of love because it was released during orgasm.


Four Types of Kisses Men Love

Basically, there are four types of kisses that men love, here's how to kiss your man.

1. The lip-Sucking kiss. This type of kissing usually occurs when you are both in the middle of making out and he sucks your upper or lower lip. Men love this kind of kiss because it can provoke his partner reaction to provide a more "hot" response.

2. The mid-sex kiss. A kiss in the middle of lovemaking session. While having sex, he's sneaking down to kiss you. Men love to launch this kiss because besides creating more pleasure, it is also a combination of the most classic of sexual activity and the most wild one.

3. The simple kiss. The type of kissing has been considered as the most simple and involves almost no sexual feelings. Just a quick smooch on on the lips, forehead, cheeks, wherever you and he wants to. Men are usually happy to kiss on your head or neck because they can smell your shampoo, lotion, or perfume that mixed perfectly with your body scent.

4. The French kiss. In doing so, he would slip his tongue into your mouth. A kiss is usually happens when the atmosphere was really "hot". Men like it because this kiss is as intimate as sex.


Hugging for Your Health

Hugging for Your HealthWho doesn't love to get hug from his or her loved ones. Everyone basically need a touch from his or her closest ones. Well, it turns out in addition to causing a sense of comfort, hugs also has health benefits.

According to researchers from the University of North Caroline, USA, hugs can dramatically lower blood pressure and increase levels of the hormone oxytocin. This is the hormone that makes us more relaxed at the same time raises the emotional bond. The production of hormone oxytocin increases beside from hugging, it also increases during labor, delivery, and orgasm. Some experts call this hormone as the hormone of love.

"Oxytocin associated with emotional ties and physical proximity with a partner. In breastfeeding mothers, this hormone is thought to also lower the risk of breast cancer and slow the growth of cancer cells," said Kathleen Light, PhD, professor at the University of North Caroline.

So, do not hesitate to express affection to loved ones through hugs. Research also shows that children accustomed to expressions of affection from his or her parents, either kiss or hug, will grow into a person who has a warm personality.


4 Ways to Inspire Him to Pursue You

We all agreed that house parties are the ideal venue for making a move -- you're at the same party so you have at least one thing in common, it's easier to mingle, and people are more open to strangers than at the bar. That being said, scoring a girl's contact info is never easy.

Here are four favors you can bestow on the lucky fella who has caught your eye:

1. Break off from your girlfriends
Check out the host's bookshelf. Head to the kitchen for a snack. Watch the party game. The Millionaire Matchmaker was right: when you're surrounded by other women, he's not going to come over and risk being rejected in front of an audience.

2. Roll with his pick-up line
Odds are the first thing out of his mouth will be corny -- just smile and help steer him towards a more natural line of conversation. (On Saturday, my opening gambit was complimenting her for wearing a nice dress, which I really did like.) Remember, pitching yourself to strangers is hard.

3. Find a way to reveal that you don't have a boyfriend
When hitting on a lady, I'm always bracing myself for the moment when she brings up her significant other. Clear the air by casually mentioning how you pity all of your coupled friends or love being independent.

4. If you get separated at the party, mention that he should find you before leaving
Even when I hit it off with a girl at a party, I neither expect nor want to talk to her the entire night. At some point I need to go to the bathroom, get a fresh drink, and brag to my friends. But I do want to end our conversation on a high note, so it's great when the girl takes the initiative and somehow indicates this isn't the end of the line.

Dating Beautiful Women

Many men think that dating beautiful women are only dream. Reason behind this thought might vary from lack of confidence to other personal issues. It is not only popular musicians or actors or handsome men can date beautiful women, you too can have this kind of dating as long as you know how. Just learn how to be a pick up artist or how to become the best in dating, here are some tips you must consider when dating beautiful women.

First thing first, we have seen many beautiful women dating average looking men, so this is one proof that average looking men do dating beautiful women. What you should bear in mind is to have self confidence. You need to feel comfortable around them; this is the first thing about dating beautiful women. You must also find out the topic she like, what is her interest. Show your interest of what she like but remain as you. Only by this way, you can avoid any uneasy and nervous feeling; the next thing is to ask her out for dating.

We live in the internet era, most of thing can be search in the internet, when it comes to dating beautiful women, you can join forum like pick up artist. This is a forum that serves as social community for men and women, with Dating as its main menu. Within this forum, you can also find many dating tips, how to build self confidence, how to pick up women, that’s include how to pick up beautiful women. Just see around you, there are many couples out there that will show you Dating beautiful women is not mission impossible, so go ahead and have a great date.


Stimulate your sex life

Beside love and wealth, one most important thing that can keep your marriage life going romantic is a good sexual activity. But sometimes we just can't deny that there are some moments in marriage life when we find that sex activity is just not going well. Both wife and husband didn’t find the pleasure just like they used to have in bed together. This could be happened because of several conditions. Especially for men when he got exhausted of his daily work routine and he can’t give his best performance on the bed, an uncomfortable situation between husband and wife is inescapable.

If you start to find these situations more often on your bed, it means you need to get any help soon. This is probably the right time to consider some equipment like sex toys to enhance and give more pleasure to your sexual life.

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Just find any Hot G Vibe reviews on the internet to get more information of this device and you can decide if you already need this toy to stimulate your sex life and make your marriage getting hot.