16 months lost wedding ring is finally found!

A New Zealand man has been dubbed the Lord of the Ring after he searched and found his wedding ring more than a year after it slipped off his finger and sank to the sea floor. The ring was lost for 16 months in the harbor of the country's capital city, Wellington, before Aleki Taumoepeau found it shining on the sea floor, the DominionPost newspaper reported Thursday.

"The whole top surface of the ring was glowing," Taumoepeau, an ecologist, said. Taumoepeau had been married for just three months when he lost the wedding ring while conducting an environmental sweep of the harbor. He roughly marked the spot where the ring had flown from his finger, but was unable to find it despite returning to the area many times.

Taumoepeau's wife offered to buy another ring, but he refused, pledging to find the ring. But, equipped with new global satellite based coordinates and offering up a quick prayer, he found the ring after an hour's search. "I couldn't believe that I could see the ring so perfectly," Taumoepeau said. He said those with him on the boat at the time the ring flew off his finger had likened it to a similar, slow motion shot from The Lord of the Rings, much of which was filmed in Wellington by local director Peter Jackson.

What you both love most

Couples are encouraged to spend more time together these days, the work load tension and even daily routine can be very time consuming and what left at the end of the day is just exhausted couples rushing to bed to get some rest so they can wake up very early tomorrow to start another routine.

If you experiencing what have been described in this paragraph you are not alone, many couples are facing this very same issue, so what you can at least do is try to look for a good timing where both of you are entirely free from office and or home routine. Free Christmas Music can be one good option to spend the free time together, just keep reading.

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Spending Christmas time together, listening to your favorite music and at the same time doing some Christmas Rock Downloads sound very exciting right, although Christmas is still months away, but planning doesn’t harm anyone especially when it can brings you closer to your loved one. The point is you do not have to spend much money to improve your relationship, just have some quality times by finding what you both love most and stick with it.


5 Things You Don't Need To Have In Common

Below are a list of differences you may share with your significant other, that unlike basic manners, don't have to be dealbreakers.

1.) Different Music Taste
If you're cut from a cloth where self-worth is directly tied to music taste then this one may be tough. You may wince when you find that your bedmate du jour has never heard of Aaron Copland. You may want to run away screaming when they lack much of an opinion about Morrissey (and haven't even heard of The Smiths), but we think this is foolish. Unlike innate kindness or empathy, music knowledge is something that can be taught. And shared. So go and create that mix tape already. Read: Musicians Hear Emotion In Sound

2.) Intellectual Tastes
Let's say you make a visit to Barnes and Noble and you're drawn to Nietzsche but your lover is more a trashy memoir/easy beach read type of a person. So what? At least you're both, er, reading. OK, OK, we get it. You may see reading material, education level, profession as a reflection of a person's intelligence—but this isn't always the case, my friend. What you really need to look for is breadth of knowledge in the chosen area. You might be working on a graduate degree in anthropology from a fancy pants university, but what do you know about laying bricks? The scene in My Cousin Vinny when Marisa Tomei unleashes her almost God-like knowledge of car tires and all but frees her man's clients comes to mind as a perfect example.

3.) Friend Tastes
Yes, birds of a feather flock together and you are who you hang with and blah blah blah. We've heard it. We've heard it all. But just because your boyfriend's college buddies are a poor (very poor) man's parody of Wedding Crashers and you don't connect with her BFF's discussions about The Hills (but is it real?!) doesn't mean this new flame is a no go. Now if you notice a trend that's a bit more, er, red flag-y—say multiple friends in jails across the country—then perhaps it's something to look into. Perhaps.

4.) Spending/Saving Habits
This one's dicey. You should absolutely err on the side of caution when building a future with someone who, say, gambles away their paycheck. But research suggests savers are attracted to spenders and vice versa. Professors at the Wharton School of Finance and Northwestern University say the spender/saver relationship is just another way in which opposites attract. Read: My Husband Loses Money On Stocks—And I Don’t Mind

5.) Style Tastes
This one's simple: if you don't like what they're working with make sweet suggestions. No matter where you are there's a mall somewhere close by, an outfit looking for a new home and a credit card just aching to be put to use. Sometimes it is that easy.

What A Man Sees When You're Naked

Women in a state of undress tend to think about their "wobbly bits" as Bridget Jones called them. This probably includes one or more of the "trouble area trifecta" spots: stomach, thighs or butt.

Men, on the other hand, skip the wobbles and let their gazes go almost immediately to their favorite parts, whether a woman's clothed or naked. Truth Merchants' "Ask A Guy" contributor tells us if a man's into the booty, he'll probably start checking out a woman at her feet and work his way up. If the chest's more his thing, he might look you in the eyes before focusing on the breasts.

Whether he's a toe-to-head or head-to-toe kind of guy, what's certain is that he's taking mental snapshots to revisit at a later date. As "Preston Swagger" writes:

"The mental picture we take of you naked is stored in the long term memory bank and can be called upon for daydreams for up to years afterward. In fact, the only thing stored in this area of our brain is mental pictures of you naked and mental pictures of us while doing the hibbity-dibbity. There’s no room in this area of the brain for anything else like your birthday or favorite food or favorite flower. Sorry…the system just wasn’t wired that way. You should direct questions about this to the manufacturer."

In this way, men are visual optimists: they naturally skip over the less-than-perfect parts to see nothing but the best.


Moment Together!

Doing activity together for couples with relationship problems can bring couples closer again, the activity suggested is light activity, to name few of them are traveling, dining and watching TV. This is scientific, based on one reliable study conducting by one popular survey in 2009, this institution has surveyed nearly 300 couples and the result shown 75% troubled couples regain their relationship, further split can be avoided which also mean many other disasters can be minimize. With the lifestyle we have today less and less time couples can really enjoy their togetherness, it is crucial to every couple to have their own moment!

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Best of all you don’t have to worry about how to install satellite dish, great deals always have this service free, included in the package. When it comes to entertainment directly serve in front of you without leaving your home, TV is the answer! TV is one of many great tools to create moment together so it is always recommended to get your own best choice TV, just select one for you and the whole family. For great deals you can search over the internet or simply visit bestchoicetv.com.


Texting Rules for Dating Singles

Texting is a great way to stay connected to someone you are madly in love with, and a useful tool to touch base with casual or new dating partners. However, texting is not and never will be a replacement for a heart-felt telephone conversation full of sighs and laughter.

Texting it seems, is here to stay, but there needs to be some rules in place. Following are few Texting Rules For Dating Singles;

Texts Should Never Replace Real Conversation. Texting is only for transmitting unimportant information or short and simple messages, not an in-depth conversation. More than four texts in a row… it’s time to pick up the phone. Middle aged fingers and hands cramp easily, okay!? Oh, and if you notice that you are having most of your relationship via texting, you need to move things along to the face to face level or just end it.

Don’t Expect Instant Gratification
. Do not get upset if you don’t get a reply back within seconds of sending a text. People over the age of 25 usually have full-time jobs, families, and things to do that involve their hands, including cooking, typing, and driving. They’ll return your communication with a text or a phone call when they can. One should also remember that technology is great, but not perfect.

Always Be Aware of Your "Tone of Voice" and Communication Style. It’s difficult to discern the sender’s tone in text messages, just as it is in e-mail. What may be meant as humorous sarcasm, or a completely innocuous message to you may be easily misinterpreted by the recipient of your text. Such miscommunication can cause hurt feelings and unnecessary tension, and require an unbelievable amount of apologizing and explaining to fix. In some instances it will cost you the relationship. Watch the shorthand and acronyms as well.

Asking for Dates by Text is a No-No. Texting to set-up a date is bogus! Have the courage to speak up and risk rejection like a big boy or girl. Yeah, I know you’re a recent returnee to the dating scene, talking to someone you don’t know well feels awkward, and asking for a date when you might hear "no!" is scary. But one of the top qualities singles seek is a confident partner that goes after what he or she wants. Confident, secure people have an air about them that is very sexy… passive, hesitant, insecure people do not.

Do Not Break It Off By Text
. Neither do you use Twitter, Facebook, AIM, My Space, MSN messenger, email or fax. Use of any form of informal, emotionally disconnected electronic communication to dump someone is chickenshit. Not only is it immature, it’s just plain rude. If you opt to treat other people in such a way, don’t be surprised when your text is put on blast and ends up on Twitter, Facebook, My Space and every message forum in the world. Be an adult whydontcha, and tell people via phone (at least) that you two are not a match and you’re moving on.


Konsep Keperawanan - lain ladang lain belalangnya

Mari kita lihat beberapa pandangan soal keperawanan. Di beberapa belahan dunia, konsep keperawanan memiliki arti masing-masing, ibarat pepatah, lain ladang lain belalangnya!

- Ada kebudayaan yang menganggap seorang wanita yang belum menikah tetaplah perawan meski dia adalah seorang pelacur. Hanya lewat pernikahan sajalah dia kehilangan keperawanan. Meski selama bertahun-tahun seorang perempuan menjadi pelacur, saat menikah dia diperlakukan sebagai perawan, berpakaian putih, dan menampilkan dirinya di hadapan suaminya dengan begitu lugu dan murni. Dialah yang akan mencuri keperawanannya.

- Di bagian dunia lain, seorang wanita yang sudah menikah tanpa anak adalah seorang perawan. Keperawanan hilang hanya saat anak pertamanya lahir lewat saluran vagina. Keperawanan tidak hilang karena hubungan seks melainkan dengan menjadi ibu. Jadi setiap wanita tidak beranak, meski sering berhubungan seks, tetaplah perawan.

- Di antara orang-orang yang takut dengan mitos darah pada malam pertama, darah memiliki cerita panjang yang cukup negatif konotasinya. Seorang laki-laki akan menikahi seorang perempuan hanya setelah selaput daranya pecah lewat hubungan seks dengan seorang asing yang tugasnya memang demikian. Pekerjaan orang asing ini dianggap sulit, dan laki-laki yang melakukannya akan dianggap pemberani karena dia menerima bahaya berulangkali saat melakukan kontak dengan darah.

- Seorang wanita yang diperawani oleh seorang walinya membuktikan pada suaminya bahwa dia lebih murni dan lebih perawan daripada sebelumnya. Karenanya melakukan hubungan seks dengannya tidaklah membahayakan.

- Seorang wanita di kalangan dunia Barat akan tetap dianggap perawan sampai dia melakukan hubungan seksual, oral ataupun anal dengan pria. Dan hal itu masih kita pegang sampai sekarang. Bahkan juga di dunia Timur.

Jika definisi keperawanan kedengarannya membingungkan dan absurd bagi kita dengan cerita ini, maka istilah yang kita gunakan untuk menamai keperawanan akan mengundang senyum masam. Kita mungkin akan bertanya dalam hati, apa artinya mempertanyakan keperawanan seorang wanita.

Dalam sebuah polling menyebutkan bahwa 56 persen anak-anak gadis usia sekolah menengah di Amerika sudah melakukan hubungan seksual. Bahkan lebih dari itu, banyak pasangan yang sudah hidup serumah sebelum pernikahan resmi dijalankan.

Namun demikian, tetap saja banyak pasangan yang menginginkan perkawinan monogami, meski keperawanan bukan lagi sesuatu yang mutlak harus dipertahankan. Satu hal yang pantas diingat adalah bahwa selama berabad-abad konsep keperawanan sebagai sebuah idealisme kemurnian wanita memiliki perbedaan dari satu tempat dengan yang lainnya. Lalu apa artinya perawan? Silakan merenungkannya!


5 Compliments Every Woman Loves To Hear

These are the top five compliments every woman loves to hear. If you can't remember the words verbatim, remember the key principles: appreciation, support and acceptance. This is the triage to a strong, lasting and powerful romantic endeavor.

1.You're Irreplaceable. This is a surefire way to light up your partner’s eyes. Saying these words (with full eye contact, of course) lets the special one in your life know that you know who she is as a person and that you value her as a unique individual. Why is this so effective? Think about when you break up with someone and part ways. One of the worst ramifications of the break-up is finding out, via Facebook update or chattering among friends, that you've been replaced by someone new. On the flip side, hearing from your current partner that you're valued for more than what you look like scores big, meaningful points.

2. You bring light to my life. Yes, we know this sounds like a bit much. But bear with us and let us make one point: relationships can go off course when one or both partners takes for granted the contributions the other makes to their lives. Saying this shows that a man understands and remembers that a women chooses to be with her man and opts to give her energy and time to him. Showing he appreciates that she shares her life with him is symphonic to a woman's ears. If the word light is a tad too over-the-top for you try replacing it with happiness, joy, sunshine—whichever word you can say with genuine meaning.

3. You are perfect just the way that you are. This one takes the gold star award for ability to make a woman’s day, week, month or even year (if, that is, whenever she gets miffed at you for something small she recalls you saying this to her). Ingrid Michaelson sang it best with her lyrics to the song "The Way that I Am." If you really want to make your partner's day, we suggest e-mailing this song or youtube video to the woman you love. Deep, lasting love is unconditional. Showing that you comprehend and embrace this idea will touch your partner way more than superficial comments such as, "Your earrings are cute." Dating A Golddigger

4. I love your (fill in the blank: bright eyes, cute toes, toned arms, sleek legs, silky hair). We did not mean to give the impression above that we women do not like to hear you notice when we put extra effort into looking foxy for our man. But what’s key here is that what you say is genuine. Don’t just pick any random feature. Think about it. What is your partner’s best physical attribute and why do you like it? Telling your partner this will show her you pay attention to details, and to her.

5. I am so proud of you
. A big deal-breaker in any relationship can be supporting one another’s life goals or not. Paying attention to your partner’s current goals she is working hard to achieve endear her to you for life. Whether it is paying off her credit card debt, completing a class, putting in extra hours to earn a promotion or even trying to better balance her life, show your loving support for your women. Her heart will melt then and every time thereafter she remembers when you supported along the way to making things happen and brushing off when the chips are down.