Five Don’ts on First Date!

First DateYou're doing approach on your first date, but instead you sent her away. Lost of interest is very possible happened when you make the wrong turn. One small mistake can make her go. Here are five taboo topics to be discussed when you are with her on your first date!

Discuss your ex
Talking about your ex-lover is not a wise choice. Instead you should try to attract her attention, instead of making her upset with all your romantic memories.

Women are often fascinated with men who have settled down and mature. If on your first date you told her to pay for her own food or her own ticket, then you make a huge mistake. You should treat her well on the first date, first impression is always crucial.

Do not over praise; it only makes you look like a crap. It is useful to filter your seduction. Only sincere praise would make a woman's heart melted.

Hiring someone to follow her

Curiosity is something normal, but when you decide to hire someone to spy on her, it's just too much. It makes you look like someone who does not have any confidence, and most certainly she will consider you as one annoying person.

Too Open
Too much talking about personal things in first date is not a good thing. Your relationship will go too fast, it's good to keep yourself a bit mysterious. Leave her some rooms for curiosity.

Web Hosting Provider – The Most Important Aspects to Know

There are several aspects we need to consider before choosing a web hosting provider. There are several aspects we expect the provider do and not do. It ranges from bandwidth limit to response time from customer service! As costumer, besides quality technical service, most of us will seek provider that can provide excellent customer service, when we run into problem, it can be solved quickly.

Many of webhosting customers are finally leaving their existing providers because they failed to give adequate customer services. More seriously some providers even cannot protect their clients’ security system, not to mention about the illegal contents and down time issue. No one wants to face unpleasant situation like these, down time has already become one unpleasant issue but when later you do not get adequate explanation, that’s the time when most customers have decided to discontinue the service.

To conclude, the aspects that most people concern before selecting any web hosting provider is top-quality customer services, then follow by a competitive price or package, reliable connections and page loads, easy billing system and Offsite backups. Those are just few from many other aspects that people consider, for details information you can search in the internet but the major considerations have already been covered here.

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Fun and Only Fun!

There are so many types of championship that single or couples can join in the internet, they offer many excitements and they’re good for improving relationship, but there are certain rules that you both need to pay a close attention. First thing first, only join championship that you both are good at, so you can support each other, remind each other when one of you makes mistake.

The second thing is about mistake, it is very natural to make mistake, it happens all the time, so do not let mistake takes over your fun. Remind your loved one gently not to repeat the same mistake again; this kind of attention will definitely increase the quality of your relationship. Other factor is, only join championship that you both could afford, as at the end it must be all about fun and not the other way round like leaving you both with some unpaid debts.

For instance, when you both decide to join US Poker Championship, ensure you get sufficient fund to enter the championship. It means when the worst happen like you lost it, it doesn’t burden your existing financial performance. You both also need to consider that the site you decide to join is secured. It means any personal data or any financial information you enter will not be distributed to other party without your authorization. Last but not least, win or lose is just a game, so never expect that you can win all the time.

Doing something together is most of the time recommended for couples, but always bears in mind to give some privacy for your loved one; you too, need some room for your own privacy, right? When it comes to online championship and other online games, there are so many websites that couples can play together! There are significant numbers of new site added in the internet even on daily basis, for example when you like to play poker, there are Newer Poker Sites added in the internet also in daily basis. Remember the rule of entering a championship together and both of you will have fun and only fun!


I have many male friends but why I still single?

still singleYou have a lot of male friends but often do not move your relationship from friendship into romance. Why does this happen? There are a few things missing from a friendship, which makes us unable to improve these relationships into relationships of love. You want to know what are those things?

Timing. Risking friendship to romance sometimes is not a good idea. It is much easier to take risks before your friendship becoming too solid. You must know when and how to make the transition from friend to boyfriend. There is a kind of friendship relationship that turned into love just like that; some are mutually committed to build a serious relationship.

Physical attraction. Maybe there is a physical attraction that happens before or during the friendship lasted. However, once you know this guy better as friend, sometimes you no longer care for physically attractive. Even in the long run he also will consider and treat you just like his male friends.

Interest. If you have close friends, you'll be pleased to be at his side. But there is a feeling that can not be described, which can encourage the desire and intensify your relationship. As with physical attraction, the interest to get to know him in more details may disappear when you already know him most.

Excited. You feel excited only by listening someone call his. Not to mention when the smell of him when he's around and when you are alone in the room just as if you could still smell his fragrance. Well, this may happen when you just know him at an early stage. But this excitement will vanish if you often see him and this kind of sense is hard to restore.

Curious. Once you know someone better, they are no longer much things that hard to find or discover. You no longer feel "accomplished" because you could make him hang out with you, the challenge was just gone. You no longer intrigued him.

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Survey says: Sex Passion, Men outperform women

When the subject is about sexual matters, men are more superior than women, at least in terms of passion. This is what survey shows, men even in old age are more passionate about sex compare to women. In other words, the active period of the male sex is longer than women.

According to a survey published in the British Medical Journal, at the age of 55 years, the average man would still be sexually active until the next 15 years. Compare with women who only 10.5 years.

Good health is the key, according to experts who conducted a survey of 6000 people. Health issue is not only encouraging sex, but also makes a person enjoy sexual activity.

Good health also means paying attention to things related to sex. They also regularly have sex, at least once a week, and these activities led to satisfaction. Therefore the survey come to a conclusion that when it comes to sex, especially passion, men outperform than women.

Having fun together!

Playing online games together with your loved one can be a real stress relief fun activity! Today, people can find so many games. There are tons of online games people can find in the internet. Having some fun with your loved one definitely will bring both of you closer. When relationship is closer, the quality of the relationship is increasing directly and it is a healthy sign!

Just choose some games that you both love to play, but not necessary a game that you both like, you can play by taking turn and you are there to support. When it comes to online game in the internet, hundred thousands of games are available, you just need to search or follow recommendation. From old but fun game like Tetris to Online casinos, there are all over the internet world.

One thing you both need to bear in mind is it is intended to excite you both, to cheers you both, so remember to create some moods that support the online activity you both are doing. Great game is not sufficient if it is not equipped with good mood! The key of having fun together is good mood and good games!

First Date!

Your dates do not turn out to be as expected as you want lately? Date is just like many other things, it needs practices and some basic strategies, especially first date. You need to know about your date before going out with her. What is her favorite place to dine if you want to ask her out for dining, or at least what is her favorite menu? Not only that, there are many other things a man need to consider before going out for his first date. Picking a wrong place can cause disaster too! So what to do?

Not every man is born naturally with some charms that the woman you date straightly falling for you after the first date, that’s why you need to know some basic things about first date. There are many topics when it comes to love, from how to meet women to body languages, from the wishkey kiss to best places to meet women, tons of topics when love and date is involved. So how can someone learn all these things? First, if you were lucky enough perhaps your brother or sister is willing to share his or her experiences. But the safest way is to join forums!

We live in an internet era; almost everything is in the internet. What you need to do is searching or gets recommendation of great source about dating! One site worth to consider is pickup artist forums, many dating, love and flirting related topics are there, and discussion too. You will find not only about strategy but also self improvement related articles to gain some self confidents over a date you have already expected, you just need to share, read and practice. Prepare yourself and have a successful date!

Online Dating - what you must not do!

Lot of the women and men online are making very essential mistakes that instantly turn off most “candidates”. Keep reading if you want to know about the most common wrongdoings, the big Don’ts!

1. Most women and few men did pose for pictures, this is the first don’t! Pose, most of the time make you look un natural, you will look like someone who really in need of partnering, and you are not that desperate right? Most important, be and look natural on your profile picture.

2. Criticize your last date, don’t number two. Too many women (and maybe men?) use their profile to criticize their former dates. I don’t think we will go on dates where "No vegans, uber- hipsters or pervs. No exceptions” are on their profile. The one with criticize is somehow will make others withdraw their selves.

3. Over share, oh please don’t! People looking for date mostly will skip profiles where only have few photos and almost no information on their profiles, but in the other hand, over sharing your own information online where everyone can see also showing that you are not sensitive, sorry to say it is not that intelligent and wise to over share, you must leave some mysteries to be discovered.

4. Don't make your pet a central point. If you care so much about your pet and looking for a date that love pet as well, and if possible love the same pet, it is okay, but do not make your pet become the focus, your profile must be about you, people are searching for dates not someone to take your pet.

Enjoy Your Game!

Couple are recommended to do things together as often as possible. Do not worry about get bored as you can just let your loved one know if you started to feel that way. There are many activities you two can do together, from just simple things like having afternoon tea to playing online games. These days, people can find tons of games in the internet. For instance, you can easily find so many brain exercising games in the internet and also games that can give you extra cash.

Talking about this latest mentioned game, there is one website you might want to visit if you two have the same hobby which is to try your strategy and luck to earn extra cash, the website name is bestonlineslotsrealmoney.com. Of course to play such game you need to aware of your financial condition and always bear in mind that no body wins all the time. It is good to explore the same hobby if you and your loved one turn out to have same hobby, it can become some tools to get you two even more closer. But remember when it comes to game that involves money like games offered by the website mentioned earlier and also bestonlinerouletteforrealmoney.com, you both need to consider your financial condition.

To have some limit of when the exact time to quit if you have used all the cash allocated for the game is highly recommended. Because doing your hobby together suppose to be fun, not something that is going to ruin your relationship. So before visiting any online casino for real money, you both need to come to an agreement of what game to play, at which website you are going to play, set the cash limit to spend and remind each other if one of you has become out of control. The game should bring you two closer and not the other way round. Enjoy your game!