Let’s have some fun!

Whatever the games you play make sure you do enjoy while playing, that’s the whole point of playing games. When it comes to couple, having fun with your loved one is always recommended, it’s good for healthy relationship, so from now on, try to spare more time with your loved one. You can spend time like watching movie together, traveling or even Play Online Casino Bonuses, this can be fun too!

Today, there are many online game sites, all over the web. You just need to choose one to start. Playing together not only will boost healthy relationship but you can remind each other when to stop playing, as playing online games most of the time will make players forget to stop, and it’s danger, especially when it comes to money games. It is also important that you find some rating website; this type of website will recommend players and direct them to websites with best offers and of course, best games!

Using rating website services, players no longer need to search, as the number of online games websites today will definitely consume your time. But it is still recommended to compare the rating websites before choosing one. What you need to consider is the reputation of the rating websites and then make sure the recommended list contains well established casino websites. Big online websites most of the time are more secure. Among so many rating website, proudlycasino.com is one of them.

This rating website list down all major games sites, if you visit the website, on the homepage players will find tag line “player rated online reviews website.” By playing together, couple can support each others, to cheers up your duo when he loses the games and share the happiness when winning! It is always more fun to play with your duo than to play alone.

With so many rating websites out there, players are actually the party that takes the most benefits out of it, you can cross check the list of best online games listed down on each homepage and compare, it is more secure! Many online casino website do not accept us players, if you care to find casinos accepting us players - playcasinobonuses.com is one of them. So let’s have some fun, remember to spend more time together with your loved one.


Flavonols in Cocoa can Heal Impotency

Chocolate is not only delicious and sweet on the tongue, apparently these delicious snacks also cure impotence sufferers. That is possible because within the cocoa beans, raw of chocolate, there is one substance called Flavonols. There are many Flavonols, but the most efficacious type is epicatechin.

According to experts, the main function of Flavonols is to help blood circulation in the human’s body. This is possible because Flavonols could stretch the blood vessels that have been hardened and narrowed. In heavy smokers, their blood vessels are usually become very hard and narrow, but with flavonols their blood vessels could be wider around eight per cent, again this is according to experts’ study.

In addition to cure impotence, Flavonols can also improve blood circulation to the brain. This is useful as it improves concentration and memory. Even in a recent study, it was reported that Flavonols can also lowering diabetes risks, the expert said.


Want to Pregnant? Try to Relax

Want to PregnantTry to relax and be free from stress! That is ancient advice often given to women who were longing for pregnancy.

Suggestions for avoiding stress are often provided by friends and family to those who want a pregnancy. Although the advice is often ignored and don’t even being suggested or encouraged by some obstetrician or doctor but now, the advice could no longer be underestimated. Even the researchers in the United States claimed the women should run this advice.

Alice Domar, manager of a Fertility Clinic in Boston and worked at Harvard Medical School, found that women who are in stress management program, while undergoing fertility treatment, has shown an average increase of 160 percent chance of pregnancy, greater than those who only use IVF techniques (in vitro fertilization / IVF).

This program does not give effect to how many women who were pregnant during the trial, Domar said, but a woman who failed in the first experiment, the second experiment proved to be successful. It has been proved that 52 percent women that following the relaxation program succeeded in getting pregnant, while the rest of women who did not participate, only 20 percent of them were succeeded in getting pregnant.


10 Things that Lower Men's Sex Ability

Men's abilityMale sexual performance is always identical to an erection. So the erection is one important capability, many things must be preserved and cared by the men to keep the performance. Here are some variables that can affect male sexual decline and they are clinically proven:

1. Age. Older men usually experience condition called Andropause. This is the period where the testosterone production decreases.

2.Diabetes. Blood sugar levels causes high blood vessel constriction and nerve damage, including blood vessels to the area of reproduction. This is also one thing that causes erectile dysfunction.

3. Hypertension. High blood pressure causes blood vessel walls become stiff, so that over time will be narrowed vessel lumen. This incident is not only affecting the heart or brain vessels, but also in the genitals. As a result, blood flow to the genital reduced. Erectile disorders were likely to occur.

4. High cholesterol levels. Cholesterol accumulated continuously in the blood vessels causing hardening and narrowing of blood vessels. Refinement of the penis causes an erection difficulty.

5. Nervous breakdown. Parkinson's, diabetes, stroke, can lead to decreased nerve function. As a result, reduced neurotransmitter activity and decrease of nerve stimulation. Erectile disorder ensued.

6. Trauma. Direct trauma of the pubic area will destroy the corpus cavernosa, nerves, and blood vessels which ultimately cause an erection malfunction.

7. Psychological factors. Stress either because of psychic or physical lead to exhausting and inhibit of neurotransmitter, so that does not smooth muscle relaxation. As a result, erection disturbed.

8. Infectious disease. Chronic infections such as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis resulted in deterioration of work and decrease neurotransmitter levels of estrogen which then lead to lower libido.

9. Drugs. Stimulants, narcotics, and some blood pressure-lowering drugs may interfere with erectile ability.

10. Smoking. Besides can trigger lung cancer, also constrict blood vessels.


Sex Marathon Effect For Marriage

sex brings couples closerWhat will happen to couples who have sex every day for a whole month? A magazine in South Africa held a contest "30 day sex challenge" to find the answers.

An American wife, Charla Muller that spent her time like most mothers around the world, raising children, cleaning house, cooking, and a bit noisy with the husband. Any housekeeping had not only drained his energy, but also erode her sexual desire.

Towards her husband's birthday who turns 40, Charla intend to give a very special gift, something that can only be given by Charla herself, and of course her husband: namely to have sex every day for a full year. A year later she felt a very dramatic change in her marriage. She then shared her experience through the book 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy.

Departure from experience Charla, a magazine in South Africa, The Intimacy, intend to do something similar, but shorter time, 30 days. Seven couples whose had married for more than a year were invited to participate.

The couples who entered the contest initially claimed they were very excited to have sex every day in the initial days of their marriage. But just within the second weeks of their marriage life, few have already missed making love because of fatigue, stress, and the worst was to feel sex is only a liability.

Conversely, couples who continue to follow this contest until the last day said that they feel closer emotionally to their spouse. One of the husband who participate has admitted that he is now less emotional but more in loving his wife.

Spending more time with the whole family!

best choice TVMost people spend their time in work places longer than at home, it becomes worst for those of us who stay far from their work places, so most of their times are not at home! At night, when they finally get home, they need some activities that can bond the whole family together. One of the cheapest solutions is by watching TV together. When it comes to TV provider, please check DIRECTV Promotions by bestchoicetv.com.

DIRECTV has the most complete TV programs, from sports, movies, news to premium channels; you can also have your complete local channels too. This provider claims to the widest variety of programming available compared to Dish network or cable. So it is worth to check Direct TV Packages before deciding any of them. The movie channels available in this provider includes four premium packages – HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax and Starz, everyone knows what these production houses are showing, the whole family will watching only Hollywood’s biggest hits.

If the whole family love sport, DIRECTV Sports is one program the whole family can count on, there are NBA, NFL Sunday Ticket (only at DIRECTV), MLS, MLB, soccer, NHL, rugby, college sports and more, you just need to select your family’s favorite sports. Watching best TV programs together with the whole family is one healthy habit everyone needs to keep these days. We all need to spend more times with our loved ones, our family, so find what your family love most and let’s do it!


How Exactly to Deliver Bad News

Telling your children or your loved one that you've bought a cute dog or present is easy, but when neighbors reported that the car ran over the dog or present accidentally broken and you have to pass this message, then it is not always easy.

Here is how to deliver bad news contained in the Mental Health section from a health site on the internet:

1.Try to get the person who will receive the news to be prepared. On the way, ask him or her to sit, then say, "There's bad news." Please note that not speak clearly and let yourself even for a moment transfixed, this has enough to make the recipient's feeling stressed.

2.Your posture need to be as close and as comfortable as possible to news recipients. Slightly bent and lean your body toward him or her. Paul Krivonos, Ph. D, a professor of communications from California State University advised that such position will lead to sympathy and will be felt by the recipient's.

3.Please talk calmly and slowly. Use a calm voice to show empathy and sincere attitude.

4.Then act quietly and wait. In a study of the families who receive bad news, it was found that 63 percent of them considered "a chance to ask" is a very important time. Hope this article will ease you to deliver bad news next time, and will ease the news recipient as well.