Men Willing to Die For Sex

Men Willing to Die For SexThe new study found that men are willing to die for sex. This explains why men die sooner than women in almost all countries.

The study was published in the latest edition of the journal evolutionary Psychology. Reproductively speaking, men have more to gain, and less to lose, from risk-taking behavior than women, researchers have long said.

"Essentially, it's okay if the guy dies, because at least once he's done the initial deed, there a chance his offspring will survive," according to the researchers Daniel Krugersaid of the University of Michigan.

This makes the man hoping to rise to the top of the hierarchy and challenging the risk of injury or even death that seem to be unimportant.


Signs that You're More Than Just a Friend

More Than Just a FriendYou've been friends all for a long time. You tell each other everything, even who you're dating and how it's going. Then suddenly it happens, suddenly this comfortable, easy-going friendship takes on a new form and becomes a burgeoning romantic relationship.

Here are four signs that you and your friend, your bud, have transformed into an unexpected romantic duo.

1. Your Buddies Notice Something
Your friends start making very obvious comments. All of a sudden every time you go out with a group of friends (and you and your pal are there) comments slip out about how cute the two of you would look as a couple. Often your friends may see the romance spark before you do!

2. Your Addiction to a Daily Chat With Him
You find yourself making or receiving a daily call, often right before bedtime. Out of nowhere, before you even noticed, the two of you started talking every day, at length, about nothing, and you're secretly loving it.

3. Your Nicknames Evolve
Unplanned, you find you have developed pet names for each other. It used to be a "hey" kind of thing. Now, it's "sweetie" this and "hey, babe" that. His texts now include the added "sweetheart" and "doll."

4. Your Innocent Gestures Develop
The exchanges of pats on the back become arm and hand intertwinings. Whether it's watching the game on the big-screen TV or playing catch in the park, what used to be high-fiving and patting on the back friend-style becomes a softer, gentler hand-holding, draping arms on shoulders, sitting on laps, and hugging kind-of thing which leads, inevitably, to that first little sweeter-than-Hershey's kiss on the forehead.

When all these signs are there, something is bound to happen. And if you're already with someone, you'd better reconsider your relationship status or change your behavior with your friend.

Relax and Have Fun

Relax and Have Fun What do you do to have fun especially when you have extra time? Some people, they just go to bed and sleep all day, others will go out and play! Couples usually will maximize this rare opportunity to enhance their relationship. And for that, there are many things they can do together.

Traveling together if they could effort it, or simply staying at home and do something they both like, for instance they can prepare their favorite dishes, watching their favorite movies or play their favorite online games such as Casinos online or other games that people could easily find at this time in the internet.

Utilize your spare time with your family, your loved one, or if you’re still single, just do the same. We need to have some great times, something not about the office and routines; it is good not only for your mind but also your health. Everyone needs to go out, relax and have some fun!


5 Signs That You Don't Fight Fair

couples fightFighting in your relationship may be problematic if it rarely ends in peaceful resolutions or at least compromise. More damage can be done if one or both partners feel hurt or angry after the incident has passed, which can mean unfinished business between you. Resentment is toxic to relationships, and poor conflict resolution skills can create a mountain of it.

Here are five signs that you don't fight fair:

1. You name call or make below-the-belt character attacks. ("You're so stupid!")
2. You use global statements such as "always" or "never." ("You never listen to me!")
3. You go off-topic to a long list of prior examples of the current issue.
4. You use family traits as a weapon ("You're just like your mother!")
5. You shut down or storm out of the house. Sometimes leaving the situation

altogether is a good idea, but using a structured "timeout" is a better choice, to avoid making your partner feel abandoned.

Remember, conflict will happen. You and your partner can learn to get to the place where it's less a "boulder in the road" and more a "blip on the radar."

Things Happy Couples Talk About

A recent study published in Psychological Science says that people are happier when they spend more time discussing meaningful topics than engaging in small talk.

Here is a list of five substantive topics couples discuss heart-to-hearts:

1. Embarrassing moments. If you can't share the awkward, "American Pie"-worthy moments that occurred throughout high school with your partner, who can you tell them to? Don't be afraid to broach the subject, if you haven't already. We wouldn't be surprised if their stories are more horrifying than yours.

2. Fears and insecurities. By fears, we don't mean your phobia of earthworms. We're talking about things that make you wake up with gray hairs. What worries you? What do you want to improve in yourself? What skeletons are in your closet? In being vulnerable, you risk judgment, but more importantly, you chance being understood.

3. Childhood. Ask your partner what he or she was like as a kid. Did she make friends easily? What kind of games did he like to play? Did he have trouble in school? Childhood memories make for fun conversations, but they can also lend insight into how your main squeeze became the person he or she is today.

4. Family life. Knowing a person's upbringing and relationship with his or her parents is paramount to understanding his current attitude toward family. If you're even slightly contemplating a future with this person, it might help to ask how well they get along with their parents. Why does she resent her mother? Why is he closer to his sisters than to his brothers? How does she handle family gatherings?

5. The future. Talking about the future can be nerve-wracking. While we're not saying you should pressure your partner into talking about plans for marriage and children, we do believe that you should know their dreams, goals, and aspirations. What is he working toward? What drives her to succeed? Where does he see himself in five years? Someone who desires growth and is not afraid of the unknown is surely dynamic enough to deserve you.


Study: One in Five Adults are in Love with Someone Other than Their Partner

in Love with Someone elseLiving happily ever after is not all it’s cracked up to be. One in five of us settled with a spouse is actually in love with someone else, a survey has found. That means just under five million either married or living with a partner could have romantic longings for a third party. And the man or woman of their dreams is likely to be a work colleague or among their circle of close friends.

These less than romantic statistics emerged in a poll of 3,000 people which, not surprisingly, also found one in four not entirely happy in their current relationship.
Even those who were completely content with their other half did not escape unscathed.

Just over 50 per cent of these admitted to sometimes having feelings for someone else. One in six of those who do fall for another will follow their hearts and embark on an affair. But better news for the long-suffering partners of those with a wandering eye is that this usually happens only once during a relationship.


5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy It’s okay to be jealous, it’s a sign of affection as far as the jealousy is still in reasonable limits. But heavy jealous is an issue for a relationship. The sooner you realize about it, the better. Here are several tips to overcome this irrational feeling.

1. Find out why you are jealous
Initial step to overcome feelings of jealousy is to ask yourself what the cause of your jealousy. Does it because of some collective experiences in the past? You must find out about it.

2. Discuss with your partner’s friends or family
You should start talking with your partner’s close friend or family member. Find out more about your partner, in a way that is not an overstatement and intimate ambiance.

The idea is by knowing him or her better, you are be able to have a better control over your thoughts from different perspectives, not just base on some of your own assumptions.

3. Face your fears
You need to hang out with your partner’s friend, especially the opposite sex. Face your fears with more frequent social contact with them. With a dive and mingle with your mate’s friends, you begin to accept and learn to think more rationally.

4. Express your curiosity
Try to talk and express how you feel. Do not assume, just pointed out what makes you jealous, any activities that disturbing you. For example, your loved one comes home late because of overtime then tries to ask how much time he or she will be spent to finish the job. Do not just accuse or assume with your thoughts.

5. Change jealous by flirting partner
Tease your partner by paying attention more to yourself. Paying more attentions to your looks, the whole looks and it will boost your confidence. Make sure to your love one to think that he is lucky to have you.

If nothing has changed even after you applying all above tips then you are actually control by excessive jealousy. To overcome excessive jealousy people are suggested to seek professional help that can help them overcome psychological problems, feelings and thoughts that are irrational.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy Your Games!

Games, games and games! These days are days for gamers. Games are everywhere! You can play your games at home, office, entertainment spots, almost everywhere. Playing games can be from the most sophisticated toys to computers. Yes, these days, game is very popular to entertain people, from kids to couples.

When playing games online, it’s even simpler than people used to think, you just need a stable connection and computer, that’s it and you can directly play your favorite games. Games can be first download and play them later, or you can go and play online, together with your friends all over the world.

From Sudoku to Online casinos, it’s really depend on your personal lifestyle, play what can relax you, you and your loved one or even the whole family. There’s plenty of fun when it comes to games. Sit back, relax and enjoy your game time!


Habits that mostly will wreck your relationship!

The following habits are some miss-behaviors you must not follow unless you want to wreck your relationship with your loved one.

Major mood swings
We're living in some pretty anxiety-inducing times, and when life takes a stressful turn, it's not uncommon for couples to start taking out that stress on each other. While the occasional mood swing can and should be forgiven, being in a relationship with someone whose bad moods outnumber her good ones can make a man run for cover. Wouldn't you do the same?

He lets you know how much he loves you constantly, but that doesn't stop you from checking his phone when he's in the shower or sending every pretty girl he talks to eye-daggers. Although a tiny bit of jealousy in a relationship is normal, accusing your man of cheating and questioning his whereabouts every time he walks in will have him feeling controlled, manipulated, and insulted.

Talking to pals about your love life is a normal part of friendship, but if you're calling your BFF, your sister, and your mom every time your man pisses you off, you're not only going to wind up embarrassed when the storm passes, you'll also find yourself in a relationship with someone who feels violated and judged. As a couple, private information should stay private or you risk damaging your reputation as a couple, which in turn may isolate you from others and sever your relationship. Remember that word of mouth is a powerful force, and it can hurt your reputation if your mate or others brand you as untrustworthy.

Having an affair with his "potential"
Wanting your man to be the best version of himself is admirable, but approaching his looks and personality with "Extreme Makeover" ambition will do little more than erode his self-esteem and leave you both frustrated and resentful. "If you and your partner believe that love means acceptance, pushing him to change and criticizing him is going to send him the opposite message.

"Mom-ing" him
Your man loves his mama and he loves you, but when you're the one telling him to stop playing Guitar Hero, scoffing at his lack of manners, or informing him he can't go out with his pals because he has a "big day tomorrow," it's anything but appealing. He'll not only resent that you're trying to control him, but he'll also likely do what all children do when they're being reprimanded – rebel

Which miss-habits are your properties? Realizing them sooner are always better, therefore you can save your relationship and back into romantic track again!

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