Signs he’ll make a good dad

Good DadWhat can you tell now about whether he’ll be a great father down the line? Check out these telling traits.

1. He treats his mother well. What kind of family man will he be? First look at his relationship with his mom. Does he respect her? Laugh with her easily? Enjoy visiting her? Help out with chores or errands? “If the answer is yes, all of this means she did a good job raising him, he naturally likes women, and will like the mom you will become.

2. He’s selfless. What’s the number one thing you learn when you become a parent? You never come first anymore! So if you’re with a guy who thinks he’s the center of the universe, beware.

3. He’s not easily grossed out. Surprise! Kids are messy. There are dirty diapers, vomit — and dirty diapers and vomit happening at the same time. Being a parent means getting comfortable with the eewwww factor. Good fathers are the ones “who jump in to clean up a gross mess and help out when someone else isn’t feeling well.

4. He’s a great uncle. “Nephews and nieces are the stepping stones to your own kids,” says Allen. “Does he call them on their birthdays? Does he make dates where he actually has to show up and take them to the movies or an amusement park?

5. He doesn’t mind taking direction from his partner. “If a man resents being told what to do, then working with him on his children’s schedule and responsibilities could get tense.

6. He likes ketchup. And he understands the importance of blowing the paper cover off of a straw and seeing if it can reach across the table. In other words, he has a playful sense of fun, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Those could be the most telling sign of all. You’ve got to have a sense of humor to get through life with kids.

Tips Malam Pertama Berjalan Nyaman

Malam pertama jadi momen yang dinantikan sekaligus mendebarkan. Pada beberapa orang, momen itu juga membuat mereka takut. Berikut ini tips untuk Anda yang akan menjalani malam pertama agar momen tersebut bisa dilalui dengan nyaman dan menyenangkan.

1. Ciptakan suasana yang nyaman. Seperti dikutip dari Newlyweds, buat suasana kamar yang akan digunakan untuk menghabiskan malam pertama, menjadi romantis. Suasana romantis ini berguna agar Anda dan pasangan mood untuk bercinta. Suasana tersebut juga bisa membuat rileks.

2. Pakai busana yang membuat Anda merasa seksi. Memang tidak ada salahnya memakai daster saat tidur. Tapi untuk malam pertama, tentu akan jadi lebih menyenangkan apabila Anda mengenakan lingerie atau busana lain yang membuat Anda merasa seksi.

3. Atasi stres. Merasa stres saat akan menghadapi malam pertama adalah hal yang wajar. Stres ini bisa membuat Miss V Anda kering sehingga saat pasangan melakukan penetrasi, Anda bisa merasakan sakit atau tidak nyaman. Selain stres, masalah hormonal yang biasanya datang menjelan Anda datang bulan juga bisa menyebabkan Miss V kering.

4. Kalau Anda termasuk tipe orang yang suka melihat segala sesuatunya terlihat bersih, Anda sebaiknya menyiapkan handuk sebelum bercinta. Handuk ini bisa jadi alas untuk Anda agar darah yang kemungkinan besar keluar dari Mrs V saat pasangan melakukan penetrasi pertama kalinya, tidak membuat seprai kotor.

5. Komunikasi. Jangan takut untuk mengkomunikasikan perasaan Anda pada pasangan. Katakan apa yang menjadi ketakutan dan keinginan Anda agar momen malam pertama itu dapat dilalui dengan menyenangkan. Merasa nyaman dengan pasangan dan diri sendiri adalah kunci untuk mencapai orgasme saat bercinta.


Short of Cash? Try Payday Laons Online

payday loansSometimes, it is not our personal matters only that can cause us to spend more money than what we have already planned and budgeted. Family matters, our kids’ health or even our own health can cause the same thing. No matter how well we plan, living in today’s world is full of surprises, and when it comes to money, it means extra money is required, whether from our own pocket or bank account. This kind of cost –the emergency- can be very merciless and dry out our pocket, and this is the time when we need to apply for short-term loans or payday loans.

Today’s lifestyle is about everything goes online; here we can expect to find a payday loans online too, and this is good news! Most of the things that we can find or shop online, we can expect to be simpler, this apply to payday loans as well. The terms and conditions are much simpler than common loans, you are a US citizen, 18 years at least, have certain amount of regular income and an active bank account, that’s it and you can apply payday loans online. Just ensure that you are still working and earn enough money at the repayment date!

The loan we have just mentioned is ideal for those of us who need money quickly. This type of loan is perfectly fit to pay the emergency bills, car repairs and a whole lot more, that’s including an unplanned visit to see your sick mother in law. But payday loans online is not recommended if you just need it to fulfill your impulse shopping or to shop things you do not really need. There are many websites that serve as source of links to lenders, you can ask the search engine, and later simply do a small review and check. When you finally convince yourself about the lender you have selected, then you can start applying.


Why Women Prefer Tall Men

Women Prefer Tall MenTall men attract the ladies because they remind them of our violent ape-like ancestors, according to a new theory. A study shows men hit harder when they stand on two legs than when they kneel down, and when directing punches downwards.

This might explain why early humans began walking upright, and also why women prefer tall men, say US researchers.

"The results of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that our ancestors adopted bipedal posture so that males would be better at beating and killing each other when competing for females," said Professor David Carrier, from the University of Utah.

"Standing up on their hind legs allowed our ancestors to fight with the strength of their forelimbs, making punching much more dangerous.

"It also provides a functional explanation for why women find tall men attractive.

"Early in human evolution, an enhanced capacity to strike downward on an opponent may have given tall males a greater capacity to compete for mates and to defend their resources and offspring. If this were true, females who chose to mate with tall males would have had greater fitness for survival."

The findings are reported in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE.

Posisi Bercinta yang Disukai Wanita

Untuk melakukan posisi bercinta ini, Anda tidak seperti harus akrobat. Posisi tersebut bisa dilakukan dengan mudah dan memang dapat diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan seks Anda dan pasangan.

Berikut ini posisi-posisi bercinta tersebut, seperti dilansir Self Growth:

1. Misionaris
Posisi bercinta ini memang selalu jadi favorit meskipun terlalu biasa dan sering dilakukan. Saat melakukan posisi ini, wanita bisa merasakan gairah yang luar biasa sekaligus berkreatifitas. Kreatif di sini maksudnya, wanita sebaiknya tidak hanya diam saja saat pria melakukan penetrasi. Anda bisa menyentuh rambut pasangan atau bagian tubuhnya yang lain. Agar lebih maksimal, angkat kedua kaki sampai mengunci pinggang pasangan.

2. C.A.T
C.A.T. merupakan kepanjangan dari Coital Alignment Technique. Minta pasangan mengangkat tubuhnya sedikit lebih ke atas sehingga tulang pubisnya menyentuh area klitoris Anda. Secara ilmiah hal ini terbukti meningkatkan kenikmatan. Dalam Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy dikatakan, dengan posisi CAT, kemungkinan wanita meraih orgasmenya meningkat 50%.

"Saat melakukan teknik ini, pasangan tidak menekan Anda terlalu dalam, sehingga dia bisa lebih bergerak berirama. Dengan cara ini klitoris wanita lebih terstimulasi secara konsisten," ujar Sex Therapist Dr. Joy Davidson.

Hanya saja, tidak semua pasangan sukses mendapatkan kepuasan dengan teknik C.A.T. ini. "Terutama untuk mereka yang suka pasangannya menekan dengan dalam. Wanita yang suka dengan tekanan dekat serviksnya juga bisa tidak puas. Lebih baik cara ini dilakukan sebagai bagian dari variasi," tambah penggagas 'The Joy Spot' itu.

3. Berdiri
Untuk bercinta dengan posisi berdiri, diperlukan koordinasi yang baik antara kekuatan dan keseimbangan tubuh. Posisi bercinta ini sebaiknya dilakukan saat Anda dan pasangan melakukan seks spontan dan quickie. Saat melakukannya, Anda bisa berdiri dengan bersandar di tembok atau sisi tempat tidur. Posisi ini memungkinkan pasangan melakukan penetrasi lebih dalam dan membuat Anda mencapai orgasme.

4. Spooning
Spooning termasuk posisi bercinta terbaik untuk menyembunyikan bagian tubuh yang tidak disukai seperti perut atau bagian tubuh depan lainnya. Saat berhubungan seks dengan posisi ini, Anda berbaring membelakangi pasangan dan si dia memeluk Anda dari belakang.

Posisi ini cukup menyenangkan dilakukan karena bukan hanya membuat si dia tidak melihat perut, tapi juga bisa membuat pasangan mudah menstimulasi klitoris Anda. Menurut penelitian, 95% wanita yang mendapat stimulasi klitoris bisa mendapatkan orgasmenya.

5. Women On Top
Women On Top merupakan kebalikan dari posisi misionaris. Menurut pakar seks dan percintaan Michael Webb posisi inilah yang paling bisa membuat wanita mencapai orgasmenya.

Dengan posisi wanita di atas, wanita jadi lebih mudah mengontrol G-spotnya. Para wanita pun tahu gerakan apa yang harus dilakukan untuk mencapai klimaks saat bercinta dengan posisi ini.


Solutions for five common dating ruts

DatingIt happens to the best of us: there you are, going on date after date, but none of them seem to be panning out. Maybe you’re just having a string of bad luck. But then again, sometimes — just sometimes — there’s more out there for you than you’ve noticed.

If you’re in one of them now, you have the power to change your outlook. Then, when someone with potential crosses your path, you’ll recognize it immediately and be ready to pounce!

Problem #1: You aren’t feeling instant sparks
Solution: Forget romance for a second and use the “friend” filter

When we go on a date with someone, we’re usually looking for some hit-us-over-the-head romantic chemistry, and when we don’t feel it, we think the date is a waste of time. But that’s not true! If you have a strong negative reaction to someone you meet, that’s one thing, but a neutral or unsure reaction to a person can turn into chemistry down the line — and those who shut the door right away won’t get to find that out.

Problem #2: Your dates look great on paper… but that’s it
Solution: Pay attention to how you’re feeling vs. your date’s résumé
So this person has a ton of wonderful qualities. That’s fine, for a start. But amazing chemistry isn’t just about finding someone you admire or think would be a great life partner. It’s about how you feel when you’re with that person. For instance, if the date you had last night was friendly and gregarious, but you felt more meek or quiet than usual in his or her shadow, that doesn’t make for strong chemistry.

Problem #3: You don’t think this person has long-term potential
Solution: Try the “Carpe date-’em” trick
We single people are so afraid of “settling” that we can’t help looking ahead to the future in the first few minutes on a date. In the movie Something’s Gotta Give, Jack Nicholson asks Diane Keaton if she wants to go for a walk along the beach. She stammers and wavers until finally he says, “It’s just a walk, not a marriage proposal!” Try to think of your dates the same way.

Problem #4: You swear all the good ones are taken already
Solution: Look again… at people you usually pass over
Thanks to all the adorably hopeful romantic comedy movies they keep making, it’s sometimes hard to shake the thought that someone, somewhere, someday, will sweep you off your feet and move with you to an old chateau in France. But what about your neighbor, who hits the same coffee shop in the morning 30 seconds after you do? Like traffic accidents, love run-ins often happen close to home.

Problem #5: You feel down about yourself and not date-worthy
Solution: Give yourself a pre-date pep rally
After traveling a few miles on the road to nobody special, it’s easy to start blaming yourself. You wind up going out and socializing or turning up on a date with a sad-sack attitude. Nobody wants to date a downer, so it’s time to corral the cheerleaders in your life to remind you why you’re such a catch.

Pria Yang Selalu Jantan dan Prima

Disfungsi ereksi adalah suatu kondisi yang mana seorang laki-laki mengalami kegagalan dalam memulai atau mempertahankan ereksi sampai batas waktu yang diperlukan oleh kedua pasangan seksual dalam mencapai kepuasan.

Para ahli memberikan rekomendasi untuk mencegah terjadinya disfungsi ereksi, seperti dikutip dari WebMD yaitu:

1. Perhatikan apa yang dimakan
Mengonsumsi makanan yang buruk bagi jantung akan berpengaruh pada kemampuan ereksinya, karena bisa menghambat aliran darah yang diperlukan oleh penis untuk ereksi. Untuk itu hindari makanan berlemak, gorengan dan yang diproses, tapi perbanyak buah, sayur, lemak sehat, kacang-kacangan, ikan dan minyak zaitun.

2. Menjaga berat badan tetap sehat
Kelebihan berat badan bisa berpengaruh terhadap kesehatan termasuk diabetes tipe 2 yang dapat merusak saraf di seluruh tubuh. Jika yang kena adalah saraf yang mempengaruhi penis maka disfungsi ereksi bisa terjadi.

3. Hindari tekanan darah dan kadar kolesterol tinggi
Kadar kolesterol dan tekanan darah yang tinggi bisa merusak pembuluh darah, termasuk pembuluh yang membawa darah ke penis sehingga menyebabkan disfungsi ereksi. Untuk itu kontrollah tekanan darah dan kolesterol secara teratur.

4. Tidak mengonsumsi alkohol secara berlebihan
Peminum alkohol berat bisa menyebabkan kerusakan pada hati, saraf dan kondisi lainnya yang bisa memicu disfungsi ereksi.

5. Olahraga secara teratur
Olahraga seperti berjalan, berenang dan aerobik diketahui bisa meningkatkan status kesehatan seseorang. Tapi hati-hati dengan olahraga yang menempatkan tekanan berlebih pada perineum (daerah antara skrotum dan anus), karena jika tidak menggunakan alat pelindung yang benar bisa menyebabkan disfungsi ereksi.

6. Jangan hanya mengandalkan senam Kegel
Latihan kegel umumnya melibatkan otot-otot di panggul yang bisa membantu laki-laki dan perempuan yang mengalami inkontinensia (sulit menahan pipis), tapi belum ada bukti yang kuat bahwa latihan ini bisa mencegah disfungsi ereksi.

Teknik senam Kegel yang mudah dilakukan caranya adalah kontraksikan otot seperti menahan kencing untuk awalnya selama 5 detik, kemudian kendurkan. Terus ulangi latihan tersebut setidaknya lima kali berturut-turut dengan meningkatkan lama waktu menahan kencing 15-20 detik.

Latihan ini tergolong mudah karena bisa dilakukan kapan saja dan hanya membutuhkan waktu beberapa menit. Latihan bisa dilakukan di kursi kerja, sambil duduk, sambil berjalan, sambil berdiri, atau berbaring.

7. Mengawasi kadar hormon testosteron
Umumnya kadar hormon testosteron mulai menurun setelah berusia 40 tahun dan bisa mempengaruhi tingkat gairah seksual. Untuk itu penting memperhatikan kadar testosteron.

8. Hindari obat steroid anabolik
Obat ini umumnya sering disalahgunakan oleh para atlet dan binaragawan, padahal obat ini diketahui bisa mengecilkan testis dan mengganggu kemampuan kelenjar membuat testosteron.

9. Berhentilah merokok
Merokok bisa membahayakan pembuluh darah dan membatasi alirannya ke penis, sedangkan nikotin yang terkandung di dalamnya bisa membuat pembuluh darah menyempit dan memicu disfungsi ereksi.

10. Jauhi seks berisiko
Beberapa kasus disfungsi ereksi disebabkan oleh cedera pada batang penis saat melakukan hubungan seks. Untuk itu hindari posisi seks yang berisiko dan pastikan vagina sudah dilumasi dengan baik. Jika penis sudah terasa sakit sebaiknya dihentikan.

11. Mengurangi stres
Stres psikologis akan meningkatkan kadar hormon adrenalin yang membuat pembuluh darah menyempit dan bisa berujung pada disfungsi ereksi. Karenanya mengurangi ketegangan dan membuat rasa emosional lebih baik akan memberikannya dorongan seks yang lebih besar.


Why do we need a moving company?

movingPeople are moving from one place to another and this happens each year, it involves a huge number of people. There are new offices, new houses, to new towns, across countries and even new continents. One of the issues when people move from one place to other places is how to get there. Moving to new place and arrange the whole process by ourselves is very hard to do these days, and that’s why we have movers to assist us, they have all the tools and supports required to do this specific task.

Packing is one thing, while transporting what we have already packed is another issue, it needs special arrangement, and not everyone is well equipped to do this. It is a lot of thing to do and it’s also a tiresome job to do all the packing, loading and unloading to the new place. Not only it’s boring but also very tiring and time consuming, it requires special skill and that’s why people are hiring movers to do it. We can avoid unnecessary headache and will most certainly happy with the result if we use mover’s service.

Movers will assist from packing at the old place and then assist unpacking at the new place, we don’t have to stress out, and this is a much healthier solution compare to do it alone. Talking about moving details, first we need to organize the thing that we want to pack. For this one task only, we need special arrangement, of course we can just pack but it will certainly confuse us and become a big mess later when we do the unpack stuff later. We need to manage the thing we are going to pack, place same type of things within a same box and then label it to ease us to unpack later.

We can have as many friends or family members to help this process, but if it is not well coordinated the result will become a big mess. We need to arrange truck and reliable driver, not to mention the load and unload process from the truck, we need to closely supervise especially when we have a lot of fragile items in the box, so the healthier solution is to hire professional mover to take care this special task, we can save our time and energy and focus on other things.

By hiring a moving company, we can make sure the smooth process of moving as they will be responsible for overlooking all of the tasks related to the relocating process. We can count on them because they also have truck to transport all of our things just in one trip. All things about moving, from packing to loading and unloading will be the mover’s responsibility, not to mention they have special insurance to cover the moving process. Using a moving company’s service is really a much simpler and healthier solution; it is a trouble-free and convenient solution.


Why Women Fake Orgasm

Fake OrgasmIt is news that will undoubtedly be met with great scepticism by the fairer sex. But scientists claim the real reason why women fake orgasms in bed is because they are riddled with insecurities and have a fear of intimacy.

While 60 per cent of women claim to have faked ecstasy during intercourse or oral sex, researchers believe this has little to do with protecting their partner's sensitive feelings.

Instead, according to a study, many girls pretend to climax due to their own fear of intimacy; or because they feel insecure about how their bodies react during intercourse; or simply because they want it to end as soon as possible.

Lead researcher Erin Cooper, of Temple University in Pennsylvania, told LiveScience: 'This is something that we talk about happening in popular culture, in the movies and magazines.

'We know that this is pretty prevalent in our culture, but we don't know much about it from a scientific standpoint. That to me is a real catastrophe.'

She interviewed 366 women aged between 18 to 32, all of whom readily admitted to faking orgasms. The volunteers were asked to explain the reasons why they pretended to orgasm and how they felt about sexual intimacy.