Just Comfort Her!

Just Comfort Her!Care, attention, adoration or whatever you want to call it, it makes people feel comfortable. One thing to add here, it is also affecting your performance in bed. A sincere compliment can make your partner comfortable during lovemaking.

During sex, some women often feel uncomfortable. The feeling can be caused by several reasons. Sincere compliment can make women feel confidence in bed; this is according to the recent published study. Excessive worries often make women uncomfortable in bed and the worst part can happen when they no longer want to have sex. These worries can be her weight problems, scars and even few body stretch marks can make them feel bad.

You as her partner should be able to make her feel like she is the most attractive person you have ever met. Give her the sense that physical appearance is not everything for you. Whispered the words that made her feel sexy.

Just show her how interests you are when she took off her clothes, this will also generate a sense of confidence, same thing happen when you give her spontaneous compliments or just whistling something 'naughty'. When she feels comfortable, you know what the rest will follow!

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