Four Types of Kisses Men Love

Basically, there are four types of kisses that men love, here's how to kiss your man.

1. The lip-Sucking kiss. This type of kissing usually occurs when you are both in the middle of making out and he sucks your upper or lower lip. Men love this kind of kiss because it can provoke his partner reaction to provide a more "hot" response.

2. The mid-sex kiss. A kiss in the middle of lovemaking session. While having sex, he's sneaking down to kiss you. Men love to launch this kiss because besides creating more pleasure, it is also a combination of the most classic of sexual activity and the most wild one.

3. The simple kiss. The type of kissing has been considered as the most simple and involves almost no sexual feelings. Just a quick smooch on on the lips, forehead, cheeks, wherever you and he wants to. Men are usually happy to kiss on your head or neck because they can smell your shampoo, lotion, or perfume that mixed perfectly with your body scent.

4. The French kiss. In doing so, he would slip his tongue into your mouth. A kiss is usually happens when the atmosphere was really "hot". Men like it because this kiss is as intimate as sex.

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