Hugging for Your Health

Hugging for Your HealthWho doesn't love to get hug from his or her loved ones. Everyone basically need a touch from his or her closest ones. Well, it turns out in addition to causing a sense of comfort, hugs also has health benefits.

According to researchers from the University of North Caroline, USA, hugs can dramatically lower blood pressure and increase levels of the hormone oxytocin. This is the hormone that makes us more relaxed at the same time raises the emotional bond. The production of hormone oxytocin increases beside from hugging, it also increases during labor, delivery, and orgasm. Some experts call this hormone as the hormone of love.

"Oxytocin associated with emotional ties and physical proximity with a partner. In breastfeeding mothers, this hormone is thought to also lower the risk of breast cancer and slow the growth of cancer cells," said Kathleen Light, PhD, professor at the University of North Caroline.

So, do not hesitate to express affection to loved ones through hugs. Research also shows that children accustomed to expressions of affection from his or her parents, either kiss or hug, will grow into a person who has a warm personality.

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