When kind of Gift I should give to my special one? if we have dating for a long time

Gift I should giveA funny thing happens on the way to Special day once you’ve been dating for a long time — people tend to take the emphasis off of it and treat it just like any other day. Expert says that it’s important not to take a relationship for granted at this point and not making an effort to do something special is a mistake.

Take the opportunity to celebrate together. It doesn’t have to be a classic candlelit dinner. Maybe it’s going shopping together at your local farmers’ market and putting together a little picnic while watching a DVD of a good movie you two missed. Anything that can make the night about enjoying each others company will be a valuable gesture.

What to pick for a special day? A gift that shows how well you know each others lives can be wonderful. It may not be the most romantic thing, but some silk long underwear for a honey who’s always cold or pre-paid golf lessons for a someone who’s always wanted to learn the game can be a terrific way to reflect how in touch you are with each other.

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