I have many male friends but why I still single?

still singleYou have a lot of male friends but often do not move your relationship from friendship into romance. Why does this happen? There are a few things missing from a friendship, which makes us unable to improve these relationships into relationships of love. You want to know what are those things?

Timing. Risking friendship to romance sometimes is not a good idea. It is much easier to take risks before your friendship becoming too solid. You must know when and how to make the transition from friend to boyfriend. There is a kind of friendship relationship that turned into love just like that; some are mutually committed to build a serious relationship.

Physical attraction. Maybe there is a physical attraction that happens before or during the friendship lasted. However, once you know this guy better as friend, sometimes you no longer care for physically attractive. Even in the long run he also will consider and treat you just like his male friends.

Interest. If you have close friends, you'll be pleased to be at his side. But there is a feeling that can not be described, which can encourage the desire and intensify your relationship. As with physical attraction, the interest to get to know him in more details may disappear when you already know him most.

Excited. You feel excited only by listening someone call his. Not to mention when the smell of him when he's around and when you are alone in the room just as if you could still smell his fragrance. Well, this may happen when you just know him at an early stage. But this excitement will vanish if you often see him and this kind of sense is hard to restore.

Curious. Once you know someone better, they are no longer much things that hard to find or discover. You no longer feel "accomplished" because you could make him hang out with you, the challenge was just gone. You no longer intrigued him.

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