Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie Dough FundraiserFastTrack Fundraising is now presenting cookie dough fundraiser as its new fundraising idea. Fundraising with cookie dough is easy, so you can expect to gather maximum funds just in limited time. You can request free brochures and order forms in order to proceed with the cookie dough fundraiser. This kind of fundraiser gains much popularity particularly within schools and according to the website; many people are able to raise thousands of much needed dollars within a short period of time.

The sponsors of cookie dough fundraisers can select from a huge selection of popular flavors, among them are the delicious chocolate chunk, walnut chocolate chunk, crunchy white chocolate macadamia nut, healthy oatmeal raisin and yummy triple chocolate. Those are just few flavors from the complete selection; to view all flavors simply visit the site. After finishing your fundraiser activity, just place the order and your cookie dough will be delivered in 2-3 weeks!

For further information of cookie dough fundraising, simply visit FastTrack Fundraising official website and simply hit cookie dough fundraiser page. Interested fundraiser can also contact toll free 1-888-778-2580 or email to info@fasttrackfundraising.com. The live support is 24/7 to help you, what you need to do is just pick up the phone or go online to start your fundraiser. Get your free full color pre-sell brochures & order forms today!

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