5 Signs That You Don't Fight Fair

couples fightFighting in your relationship may be problematic if it rarely ends in peaceful resolutions or at least compromise. More damage can be done if one or both partners feel hurt or angry after the incident has passed, which can mean unfinished business between you. Resentment is toxic to relationships, and poor conflict resolution skills can create a mountain of it.

Here are five signs that you don't fight fair:

1. You name call or make below-the-belt character attacks. ("You're so stupid!")
2. You use global statements such as "always" or "never." ("You never listen to me!")
3. You go off-topic to a long list of prior examples of the current issue.
4. You use family traits as a weapon ("You're just like your mother!")
5. You shut down or storm out of the house. Sometimes leaving the situation

altogether is a good idea, but using a structured "timeout" is a better choice, to avoid making your partner feel abandoned.

Remember, conflict will happen. You and your partner can learn to get to the place where it's less a "boulder in the road" and more a "blip on the radar."

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