Signs that You're More Than Just a Friend

More Than Just a FriendYou've been friends all for a long time. You tell each other everything, even who you're dating and how it's going. Then suddenly it happens, suddenly this comfortable, easy-going friendship takes on a new form and becomes a burgeoning romantic relationship.

Here are four signs that you and your friend, your bud, have transformed into an unexpected romantic duo.

1. Your Buddies Notice Something
Your friends start making very obvious comments. All of a sudden every time you go out with a group of friends (and you and your pal are there) comments slip out about how cute the two of you would look as a couple. Often your friends may see the romance spark before you do!

2. Your Addiction to a Daily Chat With Him
You find yourself making or receiving a daily call, often right before bedtime. Out of nowhere, before you even noticed, the two of you started talking every day, at length, about nothing, and you're secretly loving it.

3. Your Nicknames Evolve
Unplanned, you find you have developed pet names for each other. It used to be a "hey" kind of thing. Now, it's "sweetie" this and "hey, babe" that. His texts now include the added "sweetheart" and "doll."

4. Your Innocent Gestures Develop
The exchanges of pats on the back become arm and hand intertwinings. Whether it's watching the game on the big-screen TV or playing catch in the park, what used to be high-fiving and patting on the back friend-style becomes a softer, gentler hand-holding, draping arms on shoulders, sitting on laps, and hugging kind-of thing which leads, inevitably, to that first little sweeter-than-Hershey's kiss on the forehead.

When all these signs are there, something is bound to happen. And if you're already with someone, you'd better reconsider your relationship status or change your behavior with your friend.

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