5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy It’s okay to be jealous, it’s a sign of affection as far as the jealousy is still in reasonable limits. But heavy jealous is an issue for a relationship. The sooner you realize about it, the better. Here are several tips to overcome this irrational feeling.

1. Find out why you are jealous
Initial step to overcome feelings of jealousy is to ask yourself what the cause of your jealousy. Does it because of some collective experiences in the past? You must find out about it.

2. Discuss with your partner’s friends or family
You should start talking with your partner’s close friend or family member. Find out more about your partner, in a way that is not an overstatement and intimate ambiance.

The idea is by knowing him or her better, you are be able to have a better control over your thoughts from different perspectives, not just base on some of your own assumptions.

3. Face your fears
You need to hang out with your partner’s friend, especially the opposite sex. Face your fears with more frequent social contact with them. With a dive and mingle with your mate’s friends, you begin to accept and learn to think more rationally.

4. Express your curiosity
Try to talk and express how you feel. Do not assume, just pointed out what makes you jealous, any activities that disturbing you. For example, your loved one comes home late because of overtime then tries to ask how much time he or she will be spent to finish the job. Do not just accuse or assume with your thoughts.

5. Change jealous by flirting partner
Tease your partner by paying attention more to yourself. Paying more attentions to your looks, the whole looks and it will boost your confidence. Make sure to your love one to think that he is lucky to have you.

If nothing has changed even after you applying all above tips then you are actually control by excessive jealousy. To overcome excessive jealousy people are suggested to seek professional help that can help them overcome psychological problems, feelings and thoughts that are irrational.

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