Online Dating - what you must not do!

Lot of the women and men online are making very essential mistakes that instantly turn off most “candidates”. Keep reading if you want to know about the most common wrongdoings, the big Don’ts!

1. Most women and few men did pose for pictures, this is the first don’t! Pose, most of the time make you look un natural, you will look like someone who really in need of partnering, and you are not that desperate right? Most important, be and look natural on your profile picture.

2. Criticize your last date, don’t number two. Too many women (and maybe men?) use their profile to criticize their former dates. I don’t think we will go on dates where "No vegans, uber- hipsters or pervs. No exceptions” are on their profile. The one with criticize is somehow will make others withdraw their selves.

3. Over share, oh please don’t! People looking for date mostly will skip profiles where only have few photos and almost no information on their profiles, but in the other hand, over sharing your own information online where everyone can see also showing that you are not sensitive, sorry to say it is not that intelligent and wise to over share, you must leave some mysteries to be discovered.

4. Don't make your pet a central point. If you care so much about your pet and looking for a date that love pet as well, and if possible love the same pet, it is okay, but do not make your pet become the focus, your profile must be about you, people are searching for dates not someone to take your pet.

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