Survey says: Sex Passion, Men outperform women

When the subject is about sexual matters, men are more superior than women, at least in terms of passion. This is what survey shows, men even in old age are more passionate about sex compare to women. In other words, the active period of the male sex is longer than women.

According to a survey published in the British Medical Journal, at the age of 55 years, the average man would still be sexually active until the next 15 years. Compare with women who only 10.5 years.

Good health is the key, according to experts who conducted a survey of 6000 people. Health issue is not only encouraging sex, but also makes a person enjoy sexual activity.

Good health also means paying attention to things related to sex. They also regularly have sex, at least once a week, and these activities led to satisfaction. Therefore the survey come to a conclusion that when it comes to sex, especially passion, men outperform than women.

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