Five Don’ts on First Date!

First DateYou're doing approach on your first date, but instead you sent her away. Lost of interest is very possible happened when you make the wrong turn. One small mistake can make her go. Here are five taboo topics to be discussed when you are with her on your first date!

Discuss your ex
Talking about your ex-lover is not a wise choice. Instead you should try to attract her attention, instead of making her upset with all your romantic memories.

Women are often fascinated with men who have settled down and mature. If on your first date you told her to pay for her own food or her own ticket, then you make a huge mistake. You should treat her well on the first date, first impression is always crucial.

Do not over praise; it only makes you look like a crap. It is useful to filter your seduction. Only sincere praise would make a woman's heart melted.

Hiring someone to follow her

Curiosity is something normal, but when you decide to hire someone to spy on her, it's just too much. It makes you look like someone who does not have any confidence, and most certainly she will consider you as one annoying person.

Too Open
Too much talking about personal things in first date is not a good thing. Your relationship will go too fast, it's good to keep yourself a bit mysterious. Leave her some rooms for curiosity.

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