An Annual Check-Up for Your Relationship

Annual Check-Up for Your RelationshipTake time early in the New Year to set some new intentions for your relationship. Plan on sitting together for at least an hour to share your Relationship Review. Light a fire or plug in the lights and make yourselves comfortable. Use the following guide to help you along. Add your own questions and comments if you’d like, but keep the conversation moving in a positive direction by acknowledging all you have done well this year, and what you plan to accomplish in 2011.

Ask yourself the following questions or read them out loud to your partner. Answer each question out loud!

Number one: What is one positive memory of our relationship from 2010?
Number Two: What is one memory you would like to create in 2011?
Number Three: What is one thing you appreciated about our relationship last year ?
Number Four: In what ways do you want our relationship to grow in 2011?
Number Five: What is one way you will make that happen for us in 2011?

Your future is the most important thing that you will birth together as a couple. Create it with love and care and meaning. Protect it and let it be the most important thing in your lives. Starting today you can create a new future, together, with the power of your intention, and with love.

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