Tips to Talk So Your Husband Listens You

Husband that listensHere are five things Women do to make sure you are heard by your husband. These strategies keep you from getting angry and feeling unimportant. It's also allowed you to bury your resentment and move forward with a rich and rewarding life that adds to your marriage:

1. 30 minute No Talking Rule: Give him thirty minutes to unwind before engaging him in conversation. It's not that big of a deal. He gets a chance to change out of work clothes and suddenly he's ready to talk.

2. Kids in Bed: Get the kids on a bedtime schedule. Some kids are upstairs by 7 or they don't get their cherished book read. This might sound harsh, but it actually gives you far more patience toward the end of the day when they start to melt down. Most importantly, it keeps you from melting down the moment your husband enters the door because you know there's an end in site.

3. Electronics Off: Turn off the computer/TV/whatever your fetish of fancy is by a certain time every night. Set a time. It gives you a chance to chat in the living room before making the trek upstairs. Usually you both can catch up on work, friends, kids and basic day-to-day of life.

4. Date Night: This is a cliché item, but so important. It gives you both a chance to talk about your dreams, not just who takes out the trash, who pays what bill, and what exactly got stuck in our son's ear last Tuesday.

5. Lower Your Expectations: The person that wife most want validation from is her husband. Unfortunately, with alternating schedules and very different job descriptions, this isn't always going to happen.

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