The Surprising Scents that men and women like (and dislike)

ScentsDr. Hirsch, who has been studying how smells affect moods and behavior for the past 25 years, says he was intrigued by the results of an early study. A group of male medical students were more responsive to the scent of cinnamon rolls than all the perfumes put together. Follow-up studies in the general population yielded similar results. Details from Dr. Hirsch's studies are below

Scents that appeal to men

The scent combination scientifically proven to be the most appealing to men is lavender and pumpkin pie. Doughnut with black licorice, as well as pumpkin pie with doughnut are also popular combinations.

Orange, black licorice, lily of the valley, buttered popcorn, vanilla, pumpkin pie, and lavender each were also appealing to men.

Scents that appeal to women

Women are most attracted to the following combinations, according to Dr. Hirsch's research: Good & Plenty and cucumber, Good & Plenty and pumpkin pie, lavender and pumpkin pie, and baby powder and chocolate. The scent of baby powder on its own is also appealing.

Unlike men, women are actually turned off by certain scents, such as cherry, barbecued meat, and ironically, men's colognes.

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