10 Things that Lower Men's Sex Ability

Men's abilityMale sexual performance is always identical to an erection. So the erection is one important capability, many things must be preserved and cared by the men to keep the performance. Here are some variables that can affect male sexual decline and they are clinically proven:

1. Age. Older men usually experience condition called Andropause. This is the period where the testosterone production decreases.

2.Diabetes. Blood sugar levels causes high blood vessel constriction and nerve damage, including blood vessels to the area of reproduction. This is also one thing that causes erectile dysfunction.

3. Hypertension. High blood pressure causes blood vessel walls become stiff, so that over time will be narrowed vessel lumen. This incident is not only affecting the heart or brain vessels, but also in the genitals. As a result, blood flow to the genital reduced. Erectile disorders were likely to occur.

4. High cholesterol levels. Cholesterol accumulated continuously in the blood vessels causing hardening and narrowing of blood vessels. Refinement of the penis causes an erection difficulty.

5. Nervous breakdown. Parkinson's, diabetes, stroke, can lead to decreased nerve function. As a result, reduced neurotransmitter activity and decrease of nerve stimulation. Erectile disorder ensued.

6. Trauma. Direct trauma of the pubic area will destroy the corpus cavernosa, nerves, and blood vessels which ultimately cause an erection malfunction.

7. Psychological factors. Stress either because of psychic or physical lead to exhausting and inhibit of neurotransmitter, so that does not smooth muscle relaxation. As a result, erection disturbed.

8. Infectious disease. Chronic infections such as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis resulted in deterioration of work and decrease neurotransmitter levels of estrogen which then lead to lower libido.

9. Drugs. Stimulants, narcotics, and some blood pressure-lowering drugs may interfere with erectile ability.

10. Smoking. Besides can trigger lung cancer, also constrict blood vessels.

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