Sex Marathon Effect For Marriage

sex brings couples closerWhat will happen to couples who have sex every day for a whole month? A magazine in South Africa held a contest "30 day sex challenge" to find the answers.

An American wife, Charla Muller that spent her time like most mothers around the world, raising children, cleaning house, cooking, and a bit noisy with the husband. Any housekeeping had not only drained his energy, but also erode her sexual desire.

Towards her husband's birthday who turns 40, Charla intend to give a very special gift, something that can only be given by Charla herself, and of course her husband: namely to have sex every day for a full year. A year later she felt a very dramatic change in her marriage. She then shared her experience through the book 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy.

Departure from experience Charla, a magazine in South Africa, The Intimacy, intend to do something similar, but shorter time, 30 days. Seven couples whose had married for more than a year were invited to participate.

The couples who entered the contest initially claimed they were very excited to have sex every day in the initial days of their marriage. But just within the second weeks of their marriage life, few have already missed making love because of fatigue, stress, and the worst was to feel sex is only a liability.

Conversely, couples who continue to follow this contest until the last day said that they feel closer emotionally to their spouse. One of the husband who participate has admitted that he is now less emotional but more in loving his wife.

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