How Exactly to Deliver Bad News

Telling your children or your loved one that you've bought a cute dog or present is easy, but when neighbors reported that the car ran over the dog or present accidentally broken and you have to pass this message, then it is not always easy.

Here is how to deliver bad news contained in the Mental Health section from a health site on the internet:

1.Try to get the person who will receive the news to be prepared. On the way, ask him or her to sit, then say, "There's bad news." Please note that not speak clearly and let yourself even for a moment transfixed, this has enough to make the recipient's feeling stressed.

2.Your posture need to be as close and as comfortable as possible to news recipients. Slightly bent and lean your body toward him or her. Paul Krivonos, Ph. D, a professor of communications from California State University advised that such position will lead to sympathy and will be felt by the recipient's.

3.Please talk calmly and slowly. Use a calm voice to show empathy and sincere attitude.

4.Then act quietly and wait. In a study of the families who receive bad news, it was found that 63 percent of them considered "a chance to ask" is a very important time. Hope this article will ease you to deliver bad news next time, and will ease the news recipient as well.

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