Want to Pregnant? Try to Relax

Want to PregnantTry to relax and be free from stress! That is ancient advice often given to women who were longing for pregnancy.

Suggestions for avoiding stress are often provided by friends and family to those who want a pregnancy. Although the advice is often ignored and don’t even being suggested or encouraged by some obstetrician or doctor but now, the advice could no longer be underestimated. Even the researchers in the United States claimed the women should run this advice.

Alice Domar, manager of a Fertility Clinic in Boston and worked at Harvard Medical School, found that women who are in stress management program, while undergoing fertility treatment, has shown an average increase of 160 percent chance of pregnancy, greater than those who only use IVF techniques (in vitro fertilization / IVF).

This program does not give effect to how many women who were pregnant during the trial, Domar said, but a woman who failed in the first experiment, the second experiment proved to be successful. It has been proved that 52 percent women that following the relaxation program succeeded in getting pregnant, while the rest of women who did not participate, only 20 percent of them were succeeded in getting pregnant.

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