Flavonols in Cocoa can Heal Impotency

Chocolate is not only delicious and sweet on the tongue, apparently these delicious snacks also cure impotence sufferers. That is possible because within the cocoa beans, raw of chocolate, there is one substance called Flavonols. There are many Flavonols, but the most efficacious type is epicatechin.

According to experts, the main function of Flavonols is to help blood circulation in the human’s body. This is possible because Flavonols could stretch the blood vessels that have been hardened and narrowed. In heavy smokers, their blood vessels are usually become very hard and narrow, but with flavonols their blood vessels could be wider around eight per cent, again this is according to experts’ study.

In addition to cure impotence, Flavonols can also improve blood circulation to the brain. This is useful as it improves concentration and memory. Even in a recent study, it was reported that Flavonols can also lowering diabetes risks, the expert said.

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