Unique ways to express the LOVE word on Valentine's Day

unique ideas to express the love wordSome unique ideas can make your loved one even more deeply fall in love with you. Here are some unique ways worth trying, or create your own!

Write a love story

This is one way that could make your loved one understands more about how you feel. Begin pouring a romantic story with two of you as the main characters, starting with how you both met, the dates that have passed beautifully and what both of you have been planned for the future. Surely this will make your loved one even deeper and deeper fall in love with you.

Album of the most impressive memories

A rose and chocolates is one compulsory gift for couples on Valentine's Day. But if you want more attention from your partner, you can award him or her with a memory album containing photos of you both. Collect every picture that you both capture and rearrange them as a love photo album to celebrate Valentine's night. Sweet memories always work to create the love atmosphere!


If you want your love message is well delivered, some video recording could be the answer. Record your love messages into a video tape or you can say it on You Tube, presented to her or him on Valentine's Day. You can talk about how you feel when you first met, the special things you love about your loved one. This unique way certainly will impress your loved one.

Special Pizza

This time if you want a different sensation, try to award her or him by making a hand-made pizza on your own. A heart-shaped pizza can be a special menu to celebrate this special day. Set the topping composition and form the words "I love you". You both could be the most romantic couple over this Valentine’s Day!

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