How to Handle Boredom in Marriage

Tension and conflict are not always the primarily factors that affecting the level of satisfaction in a marriage even for those that had lasted many years. Couples need to be alert with boredom as it has been proven to be a killer of marriage, study said.

This study involved 123 participants; all participants are married couples, proven by a marriage license filed in Wayne County, Michigan, United States. The study notes that the average age of marriage boredom occurs when stepping in the 7th and the 16th year of marriage.

Irene Tsapelas from Stony Brook University, New York also found from the study that sense of joy, spontaneity, and sense of thrill can bring couples closer, which will eventually lead to the satisfaction of relationship.

Starting from now on, when your marriage reaches the age mentioned in the study, or whenever the boredom hits, then you two need to add more sense of joy, spontaneity, and thrill, so both of you can have a long and happy marriage life.

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