Do women enjoy oral sex?

To some of them, yes! But not every single woman like to have oral sex with man. They have some reasons but most of them who didn't mind to share spoke boldly about the thought of men went into the bathroom to pee and did not clean his Mr. P! Another reason is about the smell of sperm. While on the other hand man loves and enjoy it. If you find out your loved one tends to avoid for this one activity you should try the following tips:

Make your Mr. P visibly clean! It is Very understandable how uncomfortable your spouse have to deal with something that smells bad. Things you can do with your loved one is both taking shower and let her do the cleaning. Let her decide the level of the cleanness she wants. Another thing that also supports this sex activity is to create a very comfort zone. Make her to feel as comfortable as possible as sex is a matter of both, if she feel comfort, you will get what you want.

About the smell and taste of the sperm itself, avoid excessive consumption of garlic, onion and seasoning with strong smell. Consume food such as vegetables and fruit, try watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries, berries are proved very useful to eliminate the stinging smell of sperm. You can also add some flavors such as grease your Mr. P with honey, chocolate or even whipped cream! Depending on your taste and hers! On top of all these tips, do not forget to give sincere appreciation; this will make her willingly to do it again and again, but always keep in mind that you do not force if she still feel not comfortable after all your efforts!

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