Sex or Love, Which One is More Important?

Discussion about sex and love is always interesting. Both can be seen from various points of view. Many of us consider sex and love as two different things. Some will say that love is often seen as the heart issue, while sex was limited to mere lust issue.

In general, there are people who believed that love can trigger great sex. However, it is seldom that people use sex as a way to gain love. In fact, as expressed in the book "Guide to Sex" almost every couple who longed for great sexual relation also believe that good relationship as one of the foundations to have a great sexual relation.

Therefore, according to this book (written by Anne Hooper) if you really want to be close to someone and enjoy a great sex life, it is better if you started with a good friendship. So, although it seems that love and sex are two separate object, these two variables are actually closely related. Good relations will lead you to an extraordinary sexual experience.

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