Gynecologist: "G-Spot" is real!

Woman G spotControversy about the existence of the G-spot was rolling. The experts from France denies what British scientists claimed recently, which states that the most erotic spot on the female organs did not exist.

As reported by The Times, Sylvain Mimoun, France's leading gynecologists, emphasized that the G-spot is real for most women, which reaches about 60 percent.

"Research UK experts were mistaken in directing their attention," Mimoun said while speaking at the conference "G-Day" in Paris.

The statement was agreed by Pierre Foldes, one of France's leading surgeon. "Research conducted research at The King's College showed a lack of respect for what was revealed by women. The conclusion was wrong because they are BASED on genetic observations. It is clear that the woman's sexuality is diversity. It cannot be narrowed down to 'yes' or 'no' or being on or off, "Foldes said.

Scientists from King's College British study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims to the G-spot can not be ascertained. In another study, a total of 1804 women aged 23 and 83 years were included to fill out questionnaires. All these women are identical twins and non-identical.

If the G-spot is real, Scientists from King's College British study expect that the identical twins, who have the same genes-will report a sexual point of this. However, in one case a pair of twins reported the G-spot, the researchers did not find a pattern that emerged when the others also have it. In fact, identical twins tend to not always have the same G-spot compared to the non-identical twins.

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