Infidelity - the forbidden passion

alnect komputerGentle whispers and dirty talk, gentle stroking and wild passion - is the sex when really tingling?

Can a small affair for a Kick asleep relationship or does it bring the total at the end? If our unfaithfulness at the end even in the blood?

Although never a single definition of love will prevail, is clear: Nothing is so constant and yet so persistent Metamorphoses subject, as this indefinite feeling of warmth and connectedness that we call love.

It slips over time in the body to some extent from bottom to top. At the beginning it tickles in the abdomen and thighs, then she is a state of deep affection in the chest and in the end it is considered as a comradely love anchored in the head.

An exciting lover may have been because of confusion: "The fact that I had betrayed my friend, does not mean that I do not love him," explains a 34-year-old from Berlin.

"It was just very nice match. It's like a bath in champagne, which is also a positive effect on the relationship with my boyfriend impact." Difficulty of separating her lover, she had not. "This is my relationship with my partner is too important."

The affair - rush

Polls show that the sexual attraction between two people is usually the starting point of any affair is. Sex is not in any case the most important role. The journalist Maja Langsdorff for her book "The Lover" women interviewed expressed very differently on this point.

While younger women stressed that a fulfilled sexuality with her lover while important, but a degree of love must already exist, provided mature women sex in the foreground. "Sex for me is quite to very important," said a woman from the group of 40-year-olds. When it comes to sex is wrong, starting with me you do not want relationship. "

Nevertheless the fact that many of the sex with the lover find fulfilling, lies in the nature of the sexual relationship reasons: The erotic charm of an affair is in addition to the clandestine situation especially of the independence of both partners.

You may apply to the Sex in the role of their dreams, and then slip back into their daily lives disappear. The housewife is men murdering Vamp, the ice-cold businessman who love to devote a more mature lady. With the trusted partner and in which over the years built up the social fabric was not so readily. Only an affair heartedness makes this possible: "It is incredibly beautiful, for a few hours very intense desire to be," said Brigitte, 28, from Cologne. "When sex with my lover I really Tanke on."

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