Myth: "The G-point guarantees an orgasm"

g-spotTo the so-called Gräfenberg point, just the G-point, there is a veritable hype. These erogenous zone inside the vagina is a reputation for being the ultimate guarantor of orgasm to be.

In anatomy books has Gräfenberg discovery, however, do not put: It is controversial whether the G-point really exists. One thing is certain in any case, that there is more need for a woman to orgasm, as only a certain point in her abdomen to press.

No less interesting are the rumors about the G-point of the man who has for some time round. This is a reflex zone over which the prostate gland can stimulate the man, which in turn leads to a rapid and intense orgasms lead. This type of stimulation is currently mainly used in the medical field, such as inflammation, despite the prostate to be able to get semen.


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