Self-satisfaction as an enrichment of the sex life

woman masturbationSelf-satisfaction is not a poor substitute for the love of the game with a partner, but an enrichment of the sex life.

And yet is the "Quickie" when masturbating frequently Standard: It quickly get behind him, most do not even take off their clothes and just can not catch it. Time to take the fewest women and men.

Most were in their childhood and youth panic afraid to be discovered: Suddenly, the door opened, and the mother sees herself as one "befummelt" - a nightmare. That is why many people masturbate only with very strong sexual pressure.

But it is also with pleasure: It is a lot of time, make it cozy, maybe with a nice music, pleasant lighting, scented candles, fresh bed linen or a special massage oil - this may be the first step to love playing with himself too, an erotic book to read or view a video, is often staggering.

True Lust encompasses all the senses, the sex therapist to confirm again and again: See, hear, taste, smell - all that has influence on the sensuality and sexuality. Especially for women, the atmosphere plays a big role, especially when they first meet itself.

The voice of the best girlfriend on the answering machine or the family in front of the door can be an absolute pleasure killers. Women - and men - should be a peaceful place and time for self-satisfaction, and choose to create a pleasant trappings.

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