Orgasm from above

orgasm"Good sex is like Ascension Day": It was a Franciscan brother in Poland are tips for a fulfilling sex life - as long as the couples are married and deeply devout sind.In Knotz Ksawery Poland is now almost a media star. That did not like him, says the bearded Franciscan Father. For a moment, even the smile disappears from his face, when he must comment that he is now the "Kamasutra monk" or "sex-priest" is called. The 43-year-old has written books on love in marriage is written, and he works for the site "chance encounters" (www.szansaspotkania.net), a virtual Sexratgeber for couples, which the Polish Franciscan have. The tips of the priest for a fulfilling sex life prints now a tabloid newspaper, he gives seminars and receives a desperate married couple to couple therapy.

Polish newspapers now often used by its successes, and quote extensively his sheep: "Since we were Ksawery Father, is my wife a gun in the bed", said about one only with first names called engineer. His wife adds: "After 18 years of marriage, I had the first orgasm."

The Father is the market scream unlieb entrepreneurial success stories. People d├Ąchten then, there were only about sexual techniques, he says. A foreign magazine even wrote that Knotz seminars on a T-shirt with the words "sex coach" bears - which, of course, was fictitious.

Like many Eastern European countries, Poland since the fall of the Iron Curtain has been flooded with Sexratgebern. At each kiosk at each station, there is Sexpostillen, sex movies and condoms, the private television broadcasts soft. And the careers of politicians it does not harm if they make sexist slogans.

Prudish society is long gone. Only isolated fulminate conservative pastor from the pulpit against sexual excesses, but investigations by the Social Institute of the Catholic Church show that the majority of Poland such warnings are ignored. This is probably one reason why the bishops to grant leave Franciscan: He hears it at least. And the Upper Church is currently looking for a recipe especially against the fact that so many young people turn away from religion.

Thus, Father Ksawery freely answering questions which you previously a priest would have never asked. In his courses and books have love techniques as well as space observations on the anatomy of men and women. This is paradoxical: it is precisely caused the Polish Church, with its opposition to the sex education that this knowledge in schools is too short.

Pray for good sex

The Father presupposes, however, that his seminar participants believed deeply interrelated and are married. From his experience as a pastor he knew that these people are often jammed. So he says to the opening of his courses very directly: "Sexuality is a gift from God!" And: "Good sex is like Ascension."

Because of problems with spouses, he makes the same causes as psychotherapists: a lack of communication and empathy. The blockades of the people he wants to help overcome. One way for him is the internal reflection, "Yes, we may the Lord for good sex please," he says.

Also, too much sex for Knotz no sin. Wrong Sex are. It was not possible that men are not on the needs of women received, he says. Sin, it was also, without any medical reason for an extended period of time the spouse to deny, without using this to talk about. So are his books advertised as Sexfibeln more attempts, the sex lives of humans in the divine creation of each plan.

Knotz even goes so far as to married couples to have sex to motivate: "It is God's will that people be happy." But he advises against the routine in bed fighting for. A romantic atmosphere is important, says the priest, it would be essential oils or incense help. Spouses should be mutually surprised and captivated - like with erotic lingerie. Only on the question of tools such as whips and shackles, and he reacts unwilling replied that both partners have a deep encounter with each other should aspire. These include a long foreplay.

Father Ksawery is often asked where his creative knowledge, as he himself indeed the celibacy compliance. He then tells of his experience as a couple therapist. Also you should not do everything on his own intuition to know: "Even a heart surgeon has survived a heart attack so do not have to do the job well."

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