Sex hurts during pregnancy?

pregnant sexAs long as the normal pregnancy and the gestational sac is still intact, there is no reason why the sexual desire in the line to determine

The sexual desire is in the course of the pregnancy some fluctuations mitmachen. Many women have in the first third of pregnancy because of recurrent nausea little sense for sexual activities.

Moreover, the news about the family is often so overwhelming that, in thinking and feeling little different place. Other pregnant women appreciate it again, finally no longer a need to worry about contraception and sex from his once carefree side to enjoy.

In the second third of pregnancy, most pregnant women experience the height of their desire. The news has set and the nausea is diminished. In addition, many women enjoy the physical changes that are increasingly apparent.

The breasts are bigger, the female forms, and the Bäuchlein is still good to wear. The body at this time on top of increased sex hormones and the sheath flow is stronger and thus more sensitive. Contractions of the uterus, which is triggered by the orgasm will threaten the child does not.

The child is so well protected in the amniotic fluid that he himself stronger shocks do not mind. Only tendency to premature labor and premature opening of the cervix should be more sex. Although physical proximity in the 3rd Third pregnancy as particularly pleasant is: From the 30th Week will find it increasingly difficult to find a suitable place to find where the growing Babybauch not in the path. Many parents have at this stage particularly great fear, to injure the child.

But even if the movements of the Child can be irritating, there is no reason to refrain from sex until both partners desire it. Especially popular in the last third of pregnancy is the spoon position. Another variant, in which the abdomen can be guaranteed not to disturb the woman lies with her back on the bed, with feet on the ground, the man kneels before her.

Not all fear is completely unfounded

Many young parents leave it for fear of infection, complications or premature birth can bring, rather at a cuddle. And in fact, fear is from the 20th Week of pregnancy is not completely unfounded. If the cervix is already open, bacteria can penetrate into the uterus. This is especially the case when the cervix is violated.

To curb the risk of infection, a thorough Intimate care obligation. While the men before sexual intercourse soap should confess, it is for women to be mild, soap-free cleaning products use. Even condoms can protect against infection. Another big fear wound themselves around a possible premature birth as a result of sexual intercourse.

Also in this case, the fears are not entirely without foundation. The seeds contain prostaglandins may actually initiate contractions. However, this is only possible if the cervix is already wide open and thus, when the body is already ready for the birth. Security Halber couples can at this time to use condoms. The general rule is that everything in the pregnancy is allowed, what do the two partners. If during or after sexual intercourse, however, bleeding or pain, it is useful in any case, the doctor informed.

Source: According to information from the Professional Association of Women Doctors Association and the technician Krankenkasse


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Well, actually I'm still in doubt whether it is safe to have sex when out spouse is in pregnancy. That's good idea to infor this, my friend.

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none doctor giving advise to avoid having sex during pregnancy.