Muscular men have more sex

alnect komputerMen with muscular body come in women particularly well. But muscle mountains bring not only advantages: they make more susceptible to diseases.

U.S. researchers know, why not every man a muscular body his own calls, even though trained men, according to previous study results of a particularly lively sex life. Evolutionary psychologist William Lassek of the University of Pittsburgh reported in the online edition of "New Scientist" from the "evolutionary Price", the muscle have to pay. So they have about increased appetite and have a weaker immune system than their lean cousins. In sum, consider the advantages and disadvantages about the scales.

Steve Gaulin anthropologist from the University of California and served Lassek data on long-term study of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Join this large-scale study in which data on key food and eating habits are collected, each year 5,000 people take part.

The researchers chose more than 5000 volunteers from this. They had 1988 to 1994 participated in the study and were 18 to 49 years old. In the interest of research was now on the one hand the amount of their muscular arms and legs and on the other hand, their success at the other sex. The researchers found a clear correlation: the more muscular men were, the more they had Sexpartner.

A strong muscle volume, however, has other consequences. Thus muscle men need more calories in order to be fed, in a prosperous society is not necessarily a disadvantage to be the case. Muscular Our ancestors probably had, but many times go to bed hungry, so Lassek. A clear downside of a trained body is a weak immune system. Responsible for this is the hormone testosterone, which promotes muscle and suppresses the immune system. Strong men have fewer white blood cells, which can ward off diseases, what they are susceptible to infection makes.

Source: According to information from the online edition of "New Scientist"

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