Love Tea!

TeaTea and romance! Yes, try to have afternoon tea with your loved one, have a cup of tea, near your fire place, play your most romantic CD, there you go, you and your love one can be fall in love again and again, tea time for the whole family is also one great moment to bring closer every member of family.

For ages, people drink tea, there are many type of tea, it can help you relax, some teas can make you calm, others can bring you happiness, enhance your feeling, and make you feel better. That’s why couples are encouraged to drink tea together, to enhance their relationship. Talking about tea, there are many type of tea from place of origin, there are Assam, Oolong, Kenya, and many more, while from way of blending, there are in French, Russian, Moroccan styles, environmental friendly tea like Organic tea is also very popular these days.

Tea also good for health because it contents high antioxidant to reduce radicals from our body, white tea is one of the best that contents three time antioxidant compared to general tea. Looking for a complete tea store over the internet? Visit englishteastore.com and pick your favorite tea here, don’t forget to ask your loved one’s favorite too, enjoy your love tea!

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