Do you talk dirty to your partner?

Getting vocal during sex is a huge turn-on for many men, and you'll find it can be one for you too. Learning to talk dirty sets your mind on fire, and can be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs we have.

Men adore your adulation and want to know what turns you on. They crave your creativity. Talking dirty is not about swearing like a sailor or screaming like a porn star. Rather, it's about talking from the heart (and maybe a few other places). When it's authentic, sex talk will feel hot, not silly.

To ease your way in, start by moaning to let him know what feels good — "ooh!" for when he's hit a good spot and "mmmm" for when he's really moving in the right direction. When he starts doing something that doesn't push your buttons, it's the perfect opportunity to speak up. Say, "You know, I just love it when you do 'this' to me." It could be anything from the most sensual, loving act to a strong and aggressive sexual activity. The goal is to say what you really want him to do.

Talking about what you're doing to each other takes sex to a different level. Part of it is verbalizing something that's not often put into words. Another piece is heightening your arousal by getting what you want and really focusing on what you are doing together. It's another form of sensory input to make sex the sensational experience it should be!

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